Why Wikipedia is one of the Most Reliable Digital Marketing Tools

Marketers are swiftly implementing Wikipedia in their marketing strategies and are reaping benefits within a short period. Attracting many users than other prominent sites, Wikipedia stands out as the most reliable marketing tool.

Steps for including Wikipedia into your marketing strategy

Wikipedia page creation: Services such as Get Your Wiki can be helpful

• Wikipedia backlinks

• Keep checking your online presence and note any significant drop or increase.

• Utilize Wikipedia’s sister sites such as Wikimedia and Wikitionary

Get Your Wiki

Get Your Wiki is a firm that offers experienced-based consultation on the best practices on Wikipedia. The company creates or edits high-quality articles or Wikipedia pages for businesses, nonprofit organizations, prominent persons, and other renowned agencies. Its team of experienced editors creates Wikipedia pages, support them with reliably sourced and well-formatted references, and write them according to the manual of style of Wikipedia. With Wikipedia being among visited sites globally, a Wikipedia page automatically becomes a valuable digital asset.

Reasons for hiring a reliable Wikipedia writing service

Starting a new business from scratch or operating an existing one can prove to be a monumental challenge. Without relevant experience, creating a user-friendly web page that displays your company or talents is almost impossible. Some business owners attempt to create their pages and end up with sites that do not give visitors the freedom to navigate through the entire web page. By hiring Get Your Wiki to create your Wikipedia page, you will be working with a firm that focuses on guaranteeing 100 percent customers’ satisfaction. Its team of Wiki editors will continue to monitor your web page to ensure only edits done with your consent are allowed.

How do businesses benefit from owning a Wikipedia Page?

Improvement of reputation and credibility

Today’s clients – specifically the young ones – usually conduct researches on companies prior to acquiring services or products. Their primary intention is to verify if a certain business exists. This habit is true especially for businesses that launch new products to the market at a particularly incredible discount. Shoppers are scared of scams, and possession of a well-optimized Wikipedia page will be instrumental in convincing clients that your firm is legitimate.

Fantastic online visibility

Leveraging Wikipedia for business assists in enhancing your visibility by delivering a sound, reliable results towards the leading organic searches. While a link to your homepage will be availed to visitors of your Wikipedia page, it is imperative to ensure the link is strategically positioned.

Barbara Stokes Building Relief In Communities

Barbara Stokes is the current CEO of Green Structure Homes of Alabama, LLC. Based in Huntsville, Alabama, they are a natural disaster relief construction company, providing homes to victims of natural disasters such as hurricanes and tornados.

Barbara Stokes offers a wealth of knowledge and is an expert in government contracting and disaster relief. She takes a great amount of pride in her work at Green Structure Homes of Alabama, LLC and aims to provide support to the United States Government and FEMA through her efforts. Follow Barbara Stokes on facebook.com.

Green Structure Homes of Alabama, LLC is currently expanding their locations and opening manufacturing jobs in Alabama, Florida, Louisiana, North Carolina, Minnesota, Texas, Virginia and Pennsylvania. Opening up the opportunity for these manufacturing jobs will help support FEMA’s recent contract with Green Structure Homes of Alabama, LLC. As a company they will be producing modular homes at each of these manufacturing facilities to aid in the relief from hurricane Harvey. Most of these homes will be shipped to Texas.

Barbra Stokes, CEO, says she is excited to invest in these eight communities with new job opportunities. Their goal as a company is to aide in supporting the local economy. Opening the manufacturing sites will provide each of these communities jobs and will accelerate directly and indirectly job growth in each of the areas. Each manufacturing site will be producing homes to be delivered to Texas where the people need them most.

Follow: https://www.linkedin.com/in/barbara-stokes-159a44147


Green Structure Homes of Alabama, LLC. was founded in 2008 by Barbara and Scott Stokes. As a disaster relief contractor they offer solutions to governments and the private sector as well. Together Barbara and Scott offer over thirty years of combined leadership experience in disaster relief. Using state of the art engineering, quality design and manufacturing techniques they produce a American made, top quality solutions. Learn more about Barbara Stokes at Crunchbase.

Lime Crime: Makeup with Global Integrity

In an effort to expand, LimeCrime, a makeup company focused on the development of vegan products and animal-free testing, has explored offering their products to global areas of the world, specifically China. However, with expansion, the company ran into a few snags that potentially could compromise their company integrity.

To their dismay, selling their make up products overseas in China would follow a different tactic for the company, including a mandate requiring that all cosmetics sold worldwide be tested on animals.

According to Kim Walls, the company’s Global General Manager, in order to avoid this requirement, they would need to ship their products from the United States, thereby causing more “hoops to jump through” in the form of complex transportation logistics, duties, taxes, handling international returns and language barriers from customers.

Not only that, the company discovered counterfeit replicas of their own product being sold through Chinese marketplaces the previous year.

With all these obstacles hanging in the balance, LimeCrime decided to use a different tactic – partnering with Revolve, the Los Angelas-based e-commerce fashion platform, a company that not only shared the same customers and product integrity perspectives, but was also looking to expand their company globally.

Together, both companies pooled their efforts to create an official company rollout in China, building brand awareness by encouraging potential customers who visited their respective social media platforms to visit Revolve’s e-commerce website.

In addition, they utilized a loyal segment of customers, termed brand influencers, who genuinely used and loved the products as a means to expand their audience and build brand loyalty.

Leveraging these influencers helped Lime Crime give their audience a voice, and this approach in turn, produced user-generated content that served as brand testimonials potential customers could use when making a purchasing decision. Not only that, influencers felt empowered to build their own identities and brands, thereby increasing the validity and staying power of the company in a global environment.

End Citizens United Says No to Big Money

There’s a PAC (political action committee) that has the main goal of doing away with Citizens United entirely. It claims that it’s going to put millions of dollars to good use during the upcoming 2018 midterms. The group’s objective is to help Democrats who believe in reforming campaign financing. It wants to assist them with the election process. The committee revealed on Tuesday that its main 20 focal points will be Representatives Duncan Hunter, Mimi Walters, Darrell Issa and Daria Rohrabacher, among others. These four figures come from a watch list that indicates California House members who are in any kind of danger.

Tiffany Muller is the executive director for End Citizens United, the political action committee that is behind all of this. She indicates that the Golden State is a symbol of many of the finest openings available. She also states that it has some of the most awful precedents out there, too. She acknowledged that Duncan Hunter is being investigated at the moment for possible campaign money misuse. She also acknowledged that Darrell Issa has been given donations from various telecommunications businesses.

End Citizens United was created back in 2015. The group used roughly $25.5 million during the election in 2016. Muller stated that the committee is getting ready to focus on voters who are independent. It’s going to focus on voters who make political money their biggest areas of concentration.

Information provided by the Federal Election Commission indicates that End Citizens United has gotten access to $115 million so far. This figure is accurate as of the end of October in 2017. Leaders for the organization refused to indicate the exact sum of money they think that they’ll be using to cover Caifornia’s four districts.

This committee has backed prominent people who are part of the Democratic party in the past. It has backed candidates including Hillary Clinton, Jon Ossoff, Elizabeth Warren, Beto O’Rourke, Russ Feingold and Zephry Teachout. End Citizens United had the distinction of being among the biggest external organizations to assist in the election processes of both Senators Catherine Cortez Masto and Maggie Hassan. This was for the election in 2016. The group put a total of $4.4 million in for these efforts.

End Citizens United was born out of the simple desire to stop the concept of political “Big Money.” It strives on a daily basis to turn around a United States Supreme Court decision that took place back in 2010. This decision was for a case called Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission. This decision took away regulation restrictions that applied to expenditure organization spending for certain candidates. End Citizens United keeps its attention on all different parts of the United States. It runs out of Washington, D.C.

Read More: twitter.com/stopbigmoney?lang=en

Jason Hope Is an Entrepreneur with a Big Heart

Many as an investor, philanthropist, futuristic and entrepreneur who always strive to give back to the society know Jason Hope. He always looks for ways of ensuring that humanity benefit from the things at their disposal. In his latest eBook “Understanding the internet-of-things revolution: A quick guide for thriving in the IoT era”, Hope looks at the internet of things as something becoming increasingly interwoven in the daily lives of human beings. He acknowledges that the IoT makes work easier for people and as a result, he believes that people need to understand the technology and its influence in education, homes, and other spheres of people’s lives. Through his prediction on future technology trends, Jason Hope believes that Internet of Things would play a significant role in the modern society.

Form the perspectives of an investor and entrepreneur, Jason Hope aims to highlight some of the benefits of the IoT as well bring the attention of people to the enforcement and regulations of IoT. Jason Hope succeeds in explaining to the readers what the internet of things entails, how people can utilize the technology in more responsible ways and ways in which people could protect themselves from the issues of cybersecurity vulnerability. This eBook forms part of Jason Hope’s other texts focusing majorly on technology and helping the population understand new technologies to enable maximize benefits.

About Jason Hope

Hope hails from Scottsdale, Arizona where he runs his own business concentrating on the mobile technology. Jason Hope is a reputed and skilled futurist with a clear understanding passion for technology. He utilizes this skill to observe the market and predict future trends to enable investors and other entrepreneurs know where and when to make investments. As a philanthropist, Jason Hope has a huge passion for technology and regularly participates in activities that give back to the community.

Jason Hope earned his degree in finance from the Arizona State University. He also holds MBA from W.P Carey School of business. At the beginning of his career, Jason Hope formed a mobile communication firm before majoring in biotechnology, philanthropy, and investing in new but promising startups. Within Scottsdale, Jason Hope engages with high schools where he mentors the high school students. He also develops grant programs for other business people. Jason Hope does not only engage in the business startups and philanthropy, he also engages in politics in matters concerning business. In both the national and State level, Jason Hope is active in ensuring that the business environment is favorable and promotes new business initiatives.

Jason Hope’s Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/jason.r.hope

OSI Industries: Leading Protein Food Product Manufacturer

OSI Industries has come a long way from just being a small meat stop. The company is now one of the leading and largest food manufacturing companies in the United States, supplying the country with high-quality protein products. They have also started exporting their products overseas, and with the opening of their overseas facilities, the OSI Industries is trying to dominate foreign markets. OSI Industries built their headquarters in Aurora, Illinois, and they also have satellite offices in 17 countries and more than 50 facilities under their direct control. OSI Industries have grown substantially since their foundation in 1909, employing over 20,000 individuals and generating billions in profits.

The company was the brainchild of Otto Kolschowsky, who is a German immigrant who decided to come into the United States during the 1900s hoping to get hold of his American dream. He brought his family with him, and because of the difficulty living as an immigrant in a foreign country, he decided to open up a small business to support their daily expenses. He named his company as Otto & Sons, and they are stationed in small open areas selling meat. They first opened their shop in 1909, and because of the quality of the meat that they sell, more people become interested in purchasing products, and Otto Kolschowsky started earning a decent amount of money. He decided to use what he made to open another shop in Maywood, Illinois, and this branch became successful as well.

Otto Kolschowsky decided to register the name Otto & Sons in 1929, two decades after its establishment. The growth of the company seems to be unstoppable, and more companies are signing deals with them for their high-quality meat products. Otto Kolschowsky never imagined that his business would be this big, but he never expected that his decision to partner up with McDonald’s Corporation in 1955 would transform his small business into a multi-billion dollar corporation. McDonald’s Corporation loved the quality of the meat from Otto & Sons, so they signed a business deal wherein Otto & Sons would be supplying them with burger patties are other protein needs. There were times when Otto & Sons thought that McDonald’s Corporation would be terminating their contract with them, especially when the meat freezing technology was first introduced, but it seems like McDonald’s Corporation have already trusted them, and the deal continued up until this day. McDonald’s Corporation and Otto & Sons, now known as OSI Industries, are still business partners today.

To know more visit @: www.monster.com/jobs/c-osi-group.aspx

Following the Example of Dick DeVos In Order to Succeed

One thing that can be said is that there were tons of lessons to learn from the last decade. One of the lessons that have been learned is that it is best to find ways to start a business as opposed to just looking for a job. Many people have put all of their eggs in one basket. They have looked to a regular job as their hope to building their lives and retiring. Also, instead of investing, some people have played the lottery with the hopes of winning one day. This has set many people up for failure in so many different ways.


It is better to follow a different example such as Dick DeVos’s example. Dick has looked into more than just a regular job. He has looked for ways to own a business that is successful. Dick DeVos has lived as a man with dreams, aspirations and goals. His dreams, while huge, were broken down into achievable goals. He has made a ton of achievements in his lifetime. Among his achievements is the ownership of the Orlando Magic franchise. His business skills have made sure that every company that he has owned has gained value.


Dick DeVos is also a philanthropist. He and his wife do everything they can in order to help the children of their community gain the education needed to make successful business decisions. One of the reasons that Dick and Betsy are very helpful is that they look to the long term for solutions. They have a vision of where they see their community going. They make sure that everything do is working towards their vision. Learn more: http://dickdevos.com/news/


One thing that Dick DeVos and his wife understand is that one of the best things they can do is hold off on some of the short term goals if they are not helpful towards the long term goals. With a lot of careful thought, Dick and Betsy has started a foundation that has helped them inspire people to make donations to education and other important things in the lives of the residents of their hometown. They are taking one step towards rebuilding their city.


Talk Fusion: You Only Live Once

Yes, it is true: you only live once. Since you only live once, it would be criminal and it would be a shame to live anything less than an extra special life. You are worthy of it and you deserve it.

Once people wrap their heads around that and once people embrace that, they can start to finally live and they can start to finally see all that life has to offer them. Read more: Talk Fusion | Crunchbase and Bob Reina’s Talk Fusion – Huffington Post

Life has a lot to offer, but it is about believing in yourself, following your dreams, and not waiting for things to happen. People have to make things happen and they make them happen by joining Talk Fusion, the video communications company with video newsletters, video conferences, video emails, and video chats. It gives them the necessary video applications to succeed.

It is a huge reason why they won the 2016 Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award (https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/talk-fusion-video-chat-wins-2016-communications-solutions-product-of-the-year-award-300315095.html?tc=eml_cleartime).

It is an award that shows the world what Talk Fusion is all about and what their intentions are as a company. They truly want to make the world a better place. It is why someone like Bob Reina made a million dollar donation to the Tampa Bay Humane Society. He truly enjoys helping people and being there for them in whatever way he can in his role as the CEO and founder of the company. Learn more about Talk Fusion: https://www.engadget.com/2016/12/02/does-the-talk-fusion-app-live-up-to-the-hype/

It is also why there are 30-day free trials for new customers out there that want to dip their toe in the waters of Talk Fusion. They can start to see how they can communicate with others and help get their business up and running.

The other perk of Talk Fusion is the fact they communicate with the customers throughout their time using it. This way, if they have any questions, concerns, or issues, they can be resolved right away and fixed.

They want people to understand how to use the product to the fullest and get the most out of it. It is how people are going to really take their business to the next level and start to work from home.

Rio de Janeiro Merger with Public-Private Partnership

The city of Rio de Janeiro under the leadership of Mayor Marcelo Crivella is aiming at developing 20,000 new daycare centers and 40,000 new pre-school places by 2020. In order to meet its objective, the municipality administration needs help from Public-Private Partnership (PPP). The PPP will play the roles of construction and maintenance of the institutions as well as servicing the educational equipment. The public administration, on the other hand, will responsible for providing pedagogical services and food programs in the institutions. According to Felipe Montoro, an infrastructure project expert, the PPP is currently in the feasibility study stage.

The partnership model will be similar to the first PPP project that built schools in Belo Horizonte, which is a mining area in Brazil. Felipe explains that the purposes of implementing the PPP are not new in the country. The PPP hired the International Finance Corporation (IFC) to provide consultation services for the project. IFC which is a member of the World Bank Group. It is the leading development institution in the private sector in the developing countries. IFC uses its financial resources, expertise, and global experience to assist their partners in dealing with the political and financial challenges facing them. IFC will also provide consultation services that will be essential in examining the feasibility of Rio de Janeiro’s Public Lightning PPP.

In 2004, Law 11,079 was implemented to facilitate public contracting. The law also outlined the general guidelines to be applied for bidding as well as contracting Public-Private Partnerships. The partnership between the public administration and private bodies is important in providing services and public facilities to the public. According to Felipe Montoro Jens, the contract is based on the agreements between the players in the public administration and the private companies charged with the responsibility of developing, constructing and operating the public products.

Greg Secker Teaches People How to Earn From Forex and Gain Passive Income

One thing that average people often face on their road to financial independence is the fact that they don’t have all of the tools they need. One of the tools that is needed for financial independence is passive income. One of the reasons that passive income is needed is so that people will be able to make the money they need to support themselves while they are taking time off. As a matter of fact, passive income can be thought of as some form of insurance. If anyone has to take a break from their own activities, their passive income can serve as a paid vacation.

The only thing for people to figure out when it comes to passive income is the source of passive income. One good source of passive income can be the Forex market. While people can actively trade in the Forex market, there are methods that call for a more passive method of trading. For one thing, people who trade more for long term goals are going to have a better chance at profiting, especially if they make smaller trades.

For people profit from Greg Secker instruction for trading, they have plenty of options for what they can do with their income. One thing they can do is put it back into the market and make another trade. Another thing they can do is make investments in order to set up other forms of passive income. People could also do what Greg Secker has done and set up foundations for different purposes. The Greg Secker Foundation was set up to bring help and assistance to people who are dealing with challenges. He enjoys using his money and resources to improving the world conditions for many people. Given that he is rich, he is highly involved in the different communities of the world.


Lime Crime Moves Into the Global Market

Lime Crime has always had a policy of no animal testing. As a vegan company that is devoted to providing quality products to the public in a humane manner, they ran into a hiccup when trying to interface with China markets. Transportation was another issue they faced regarding taxes and duties. Not only was it costly, but time-consuming as well.

Trying to get the product to the Chinese market was going to be a real struggle. LIME CRIME had to find another way through the situation. It needed help in order to be able to continue pushing forward. Kim Walls, the person in charge of the global market for LIME CRIME knew that a partner was needed. It would have to be a company that had prior experience in the field as well. That would be the key to success for any company that was breaking into the market.

The situation was resolved shortly after that realization was reached through a partnership with a Los Angeles based company who solved the issue. Social media online helped the company further by special promotions to the brand’s existing fans. The campaign was a smashing success. Bonus promotions for sharing coupled with incredible offers for free samples were the catalyst that helped the company not only extend to the Chinese market, but flourish as well. It was a successful campaign.

Orders were now coming in the way any business owner would dream of. It was a good line of business that has allowed LIME CRIME to become a major player in the world of cosmetics. Vegan products are in demand today more than ever before. According to market spectators, LIME CRIME has a market now that should be successful beyond their wildest dreams.

The future for LIME CRIME is one that looks bright. Fans of the company love the vegan products that have been so loyal to the vegan position that they spent above and beyond what most companies would. That shows the kind of dedication that people admire. LIME CRIME should be moving forward in the future to make advances for a brighter future for those internationally that can’t get enough of the brand’s product.

Find out more about Lime Crime: https://www.bustle.com/p/7-things-to-buy-during-lime-crimes-60-percent-off-sale-photos-49965