Is Social Gaming Doing Away with Social Anxiety?

Social games like World of Warcraft and Evony are changing the way people interact with one another. We’re all used to growing up with console games that are played as an individual, but the world is being overtaken by a concept known as MMO. Massive multiplayer online games allow people to create a character and roam a large virtual world that offers goals, tasks and quests. Along with the actual game play, the MMO provides an interactive messaging system that players can use to talk to one another either through text message or microphone chat.


The beauty about massive multiplayer online games is their ability to take an otherwise socially awkward person and give them the opportunity to talk with other real people from all over the world. Kids and teens who suffer from social anxiety disorder find it’s easier to talk to others through a game than face-to-face. Some doctors even believe that these games are encouraging kids to become more social, breaking through the tendency of wanting to isolate themselves.


This isn’t to say that playing a game like World of Warcraft will change the way you interact with people on a daily basis, but it will allow you to make friends and talk to other individuals in a more relaxed manner. Unfortunately, some studies have suggested that massive multiplayer online applications actually discourage outside interaction because they become addicting to play. A good majority of WoW players claim that they do not get out as often as they once did because the game is too addictive. When it concerns any type of game play, whether it is done online or through a gaming console, it needs to be done moderately. These games are great for breaking through the social anxiety barrier, but they can make things worse if game play is taken too seriously.


User Made Content is Finally Coming to Xbox One

When the Xbox One gaming console was first announced, long-time fans of the platform were excited to find out that users would have the ability to self publish games on the console’s dedicated marketplace. Many years and disappointed customers later, it looks like Microsoft is finally making good on its promise. The software giant announced last week that it will soon allow all users to sell games on the marketplace, a move that has left many people curious as to why the company is finally embracing user generated content.


Traditionally, making and selling video games has been strictly the domain of large studios and media conglomerates. It was considered common sense that video game consumers wanted flashy, gargantuan, Ziegfeld-esque productions, and the only companies that could produce the accompanying amounts of programming and marketing content had at the very least hundreds of employees at their disposal.


This game-making model has significant advantages. Creating and interweaving the assets, coding, and writing that go into big-budget games is a process that requires a lot of care and attention to detail, a requirement which is well satisfied by the many levels of oversight already built into large media companies. Large studios can also broker more advantageous contracts with distributors, which meant that they often have almost exclusive access to customers who buy their games physically, rather than online.


These factors kept large production games lucrative, even though they were massively expensive to produce. Big studios offset costs by claiming the lion’s share of the market, until small-budget indie games began to catch up. These games were less polished and more humble in scope, but could be produced quickly and therefore better matched consumer tastes upon publication.


The success and subsequently growing market share attributed to indie games have put larger game studios on the back foot. Microsoft’s latest announcement is emblematic of the efforts larger game studios are making to integrate independent game making into their media production strategies as they look toward the future of game design.

Thriving Goettl merges with other local HVAC services, increases services

Goettl Air Conditioning continues to thrive. They just acquired a few companies named Las Vegas Air and Paradise Air. They also acquired a few more companies in the Las Vegas area. Goettl got 20 new workers and now has gained more influence over the residential air conditioning industry.

Another advantage to this merger is that the companies will now have the opportunity to diversify their services. Before merging, Las Vegas Air and Paradise Air were only doing HVAC services. Now that they have merged, they will also be providing plumbing services. Additionally, Goettle will now be servicing the commercial HVAC sector as well.

The Las Vegas Goettl reopened their office in June of 2016. The company left Nevada in 2008 but later returned and are now under new management. They offer many different services, ranging from A/C repair to HVAC management and installation; they also provide sales of heating and air conditioning units and do furnace repair.

Goettl Air Conditioning has been in business since 1939. It was founded by the Goettl brothers. They started their venture in Phoenix, Arizona and eventually moved to Las Vegas, Nevada to take over operations.

Prior to starting their business, the Goettl brothers lived in Mansfield, Ohio in 1926. The brothers, Adam, Bill, and John were hampered by The Great Depression and decided to move out west to Phoenix, Arizona. In 1939 they started their venture, and they haven’t looked back since.

In the beginning of 2017, Goettl Air Conditioning was declared to be the best HVAC Company in the State of Arizona. A local magazine recognized the best businesses in Arizona, and Goettl was the winner in the HVAC category.


Equities First Holdings: An Innovator in Investment Banking

Equities First Holdings is a pioneer in stock-based lending, a unique method for raising non-purpose capital. Stock-based lending is available to both companies and high-net worth people and has several advantages over other forms of credit. One of the many pluses of working with Equities First is the fact that the firm is always squarely focused on a single transaction at a time, so they can help their clients get funding quickly through a bespoke process.

Simply put, securities-based loans come with fewer restrictions and strings attached. Equities First loans are backed by securities as collateral. At the end of the term, the borrower simply receives his or her securities back. The real advantage of these loans is that loans can be used for any purpose and offer loan to value ratios of up to 75%, terms that would be nearly impossible to secure from a bank.

With rates as low as 3%, securities-based lending is an excellent option for re-financing more expensive debts. In addition, the only assets at risk to the borrower are the pledged securities since the these loans are non-recourse loans. Another incredible advantage of stock-based lending is speed. The entire funding process can take as little as a week, another huge advantage over conventional bank loans.Equities First is a trendsetter as one of the few companies who specializes in securities-based loans. As credit becomes increasingly difficult to secure, these loans are an attractive option to businesses and individuals seeking maximum flexibility and the lowest rates.


Donald Scott NYC is the Go-To for Razor Artistry

Donald Scott NYC is the founder and chief hair artist of Donald Scott. He was born and raised in a family of barbers and hairdressers. Donald Scott NYC worked with Paul Mitchell who trained him and made his career come true; Paul Mitchell is a core mentor of Donald Scott NYC.

Scott NYC is a company that is dedicated to professionally train artists how to work and uses of their style, razor artistry. Donald Scott NYC invented a tool by the name craving tool; it is used to make over seventy variety hair styles. Donald Scott NYC missionary supports and inspires the hair artists in using the Donald Scott NYCs razor haircutting tools ( to make their passion come true. Scott NYC, being a company that comprises a variety of businesses, it has a website where they advertise their products, services, and courses.

Donald Scott NYC has earned his popularity for the invention of carving tools and modern techniques for all artists, and the foundation of DSNYC Barber Edition which has a range of new blades and razors tools for every barber satisfaction.

Instagram: @donaldscottnyc

Betsy DeVos Believes In Educational Choice For All

Betsy DeVos is a billionaire who is also a philanthropist. Her primary activism has been in the field of education. I understand that this comes from the premise that Betsy DeVos has sent her kids to private schools. She has understood and appreciated how studying at private schools has impacted her kids.

Now Betsy DeVos would like to extend the same facility to other kids too. She is calling it as “educational choice.” I believe that this is her way of diverting public funds to private as well as religious schools. She is trying to privatize school education this way. One way of doing this is by installing the school voucher programs that can divert public funding.

I understand that this activism of Betsy DeVos has prompted Donald Trump to appoint her as education secretary. She is going to head the Department of Education in his Office. She will be responsible for setting up the education policy. I am well aware that Betsy DeVos believes in providing equal opportunity for education to all and this will be well reflected in the education policy set out by her.

Betsy DeVos has been a social activist and done philanthropy since long. It started in Michigan when she started helping students. This was at Potter’s House Christian School. She helped individual students for whom paying the tuition fee was a big difficulty. Slowly this number of students grew. Betsy DeVos was well aware that she could afford to send her kids to any school they wanted to. But everyone is not so lucky. Hence she decided to do her bit for them.

She is a proven leader as well as an innovator besides being an advocate. Her work in education, business and even in politics has been to remove barriers. She looks forward to enacting change and creating environments where people are able to thrive.

Betsy DeVos had earlier been the Chairman of The Windquest Group in Michigan. This is an investment and management firm having a highly diversified consumer product and service portfolio.

Betsy has been active in politics for over 35 years now. She has been elected as chairman of the Michigan Republican Party exactly four times. Today all her political efforts are primarily focused towards making advancements in educational choices.

Betsy has been the former chair of the American Federation for Children. She was also chair of The Philanthropy Roundtable board of directors. She has been on the boards of ArtPrize, and the American Enterprise Institute, besides the Foundation for Excellence in Education, as well as the DeVos Institute for Arts Management.

Betsy DeVos is married to entrepreneur and philanthropist Dick DeVos. They are the proud parents of four children as well as five grandchildren.

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Financial Strategist and Attorney, Sam Tabar

Sam Tabar is a legal and financial professional who has specialized in both law and finance. He is the current chief operating officer at the Full Cycle Energy Fund, a position he has held since December 2015.

He has helped the company achieve its missions of ending the use of costly energy which is harmful to the environment and embracing cost-effective energy solutions that are friendly to the environment. He mainly supervises the fund management policy of the firm.

According to, Sam Tabar has also had an expansive career in financial industry and worked for the Bank of America’s Merill Lynch where he managed the bank’s capital strategy.

He facilitated meetings between the fund managers and institutional investors, including funds for funds, endowments, pensions, and institutions.

As an attorney, Mr. Sam Tabar has worked with various law firms like the Schulte, Roth &Zabel, the Skadden, and the Slate&Flom. He graduated from the Oxford University with a bachelor’s degree in art and acquired his master’s degree in Law from the Columbia Law School.

The Huffington Post

Sam recently wrote an article on the Huffington Post website titled “When Should a Parent Stop Supporting Their Adult Children?” He starts by recognizing how natural it is for parents to want the best for their kids. However, there should be a clear line on when to stop paying their bills, rents, expenses, etc.

According to the Fidelity survey on Millennial, 47% of youths aged between 18 and 35 years admitted that their parents still pay a portion of their expenses. The expenses included cell phone bills at 21%, clothing at 16%, groceries at 20%, rent or mortgage at 12%, and utilities and entertainment at 14%.

The Federal Reserve has also indicated that 50% of all Americans save below $400, while the millennial surveyed saved an average of $9,100, far more than the national average. This means that as much as the millennial are doing well in savings and even investing for their future, the parents supporting their adult children are sacrificing their financial wellness for the good of their adult kids.

Sam Tabar suggests that parents should have an honest look at their financial standing with regard to their retirement preparedness. Some parents may have stable future investments and adequate savings and are only spending their extra income to help the children.

But from the statistical surveys, it is clear that over half of the adult population have less than $400 in savings. It is very likely that most parents are hurting their finances to foot children’s expenses. Learn more about Sam Tabar:

Parents who choose to have a better financial future should have honest discussions with their adult children and let then take responsibility for their own lives.

If for example, they can save up to $9,100, then they are able to manage their own bills. They may struggle initially to adjust, but they will soon stabilize for the good of both parties.

Brown Modeling Agency: Discovering and Enhancing Talent

In 2015 prominent agencies Wilhelmina Austin and Heyman Talent-South merged to form the Brown Agency in Austin, Texas. Wilhelmina Austin brought its modeling expertise to Heyman Talent-South’s acting expertise and created a dynamic, multi-faceted agency. The Brown Agency accumulates talent from an array of backgrounds ranging from children to adults over 30. Because the Brown Agency is a combination of two well-established agencies, it has access to celebrated brands like Louis Vuitton and L’Oreal as well as access to high fashion, commercial, and theatrical platforms.

The Brown Agency offers respected opportunities for its talent. It also fosters a community atmosphere solidified through experiences like launch parties and roof-top fourth of July soirees! This agency understands that it is only as good as the people they represent, so they work hard to discover great talent and to retain it by providing interesting jobs, cultivating camaraderie, and building careers.The Brown Agency does more than mentor and develop talent. They are also active in the Austin, Texas community. They are not afraid to take a stance on socio-political issues affecting the industry. They prioritize hiring local designers to style their runway shows.

For owner, Justin Brown, modeling is not just a job but a line of work that he knows intimately. Mr. Brown worked his way through college by modeling, so this gives him a unique perspective because he knows what it’s like to be a model and has grown to effectively understand what it takes to manage modeling talent. Utilizing his experience in New York and Los Angeles, Justin Brown continues to develop a growing community in Austin, Texas.

The Brown Agency offers experience, mentorship, camaraderie, and a plethora of opportunities for its models and actors. This is an agency that can help develop your career and your talent!

Dr. Jeanmarie Guenot’s Efforts to Eradicate Deadly Diseases by Developing Innovative Drugs


Jeanmarie Guenot  has the privilege of working with firms of all stages, ranging from pharmaceutical R&D, business development, corporate & commercial development, and venture capital. Guenot has unsurpassed expertise and talent in creating and recreating companies. Today, she is the head of Amphivena Therapeutics, Inc., a prominent firm that is creating unique bifunctional antibody medicines for the management of hematologic malignancies. In 2013, Amphivena Therapeutics conducted a Series A funding headed by MPM Capital and managed to raise a record $14 million.


Contributions to the expansion of pharmaceutical sector


Jeanmarie Guenot launched her professional business career at the renowned Atlas Venture, where she oversaw venture capital investments and established life science firms. She commenced her career as a researcher and scientist after joining the Hoffmann-La Roche’s Preclinical R&D as the principal scientist. Guenot led a team of researchers in discovering and creating medications for autoimmune diseases, metabolic diseases, oncology, and inflammation.


Jeanmarie Guenot offered business advisory services to Hoffmann-La Roche in Shanghai and Basel. At a particular time in her career, Guenot was the VP of PDL Alliance Management in charge of managing commercial product portfolios. She oversaw and led the negotiations of the Biogen Idec-PDL 50:50 co-design and co-commercialization partnership that comprised of three Phase 2 drugs for the treatment of autoimmune and cancer. Guenot has a diversified portfolio consisting of extensive experience in project and partnership management, especially in the specialties of cardiovascular diseases, neurology, oncology, ophthalmic disease.




Guenot is a creative individual behind several well-performing medications and state-of-the-art equipment. She incepted, developed, and operated SKS Ocular, an innovative ophthalmic company incubator that concentrates on dry AMS, macular degeneration, reliable ocular drug delivery techniques, and ocular inflammation.





Guenot is a trained scientist in the fields of medicinal and physical chemistry. She has specialized in semi-empirical as well as quantum mechanical techniques for protein structure prediction, drug development, molecular dynamics, and refinement of NMR and X-ray. Guenot studied at the University of California and obtained her Ph.D. She attained her MBA from the celebrated University of Pennsylvania’s The Wharton School.

Finding a Great App to Enjoy

Whether you’re on an Android or iOS device, you’ll find that there are millions of apps to download to your device. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to find a worthwhile app that you’re sure to enjoy without it taking up a lot of space and being a waste of your time. In the app world, there is something known as a pay to play game. These pay to play games are often free to download, but in order for you to advance at all in the game, you’ll need to pay real money to convert to gems, diamonds or another type of currency the game utilizes.

These pay to play apps can be fun and you can often advance in the game without spending anything, but it’ll be a long and grueling process. When looking for a good quality app, look to see how many downloads the game has. If there are millions of downloads, there’s a pretty good chance that the game is worth your time and has some potential. This isn’t to say that brand new games with just a few downloads aren’t any good, but they may still have bugs and issues that need to be fixed within the game.

Reading reviews on any particular app is another way to find out if you should be downloading the application to your smartphone or tablet device. If you notice a lot of negative reviews on an app, there’s a decent chance that it’s not going to fit your needs and interests. Some applications have a lot of internal errors and problems, making game play almost impossible. These apps should be avoided to save you the trouble of having to download them only to find out that you can’t even play without your device freezing up every two seconds.