Why Wikipedia is one of the Most Reliable Digital Marketing Tools

Marketers are swiftly implementing Wikipedia in their marketing strategies and are reaping benefits within a short period. Attracting many users than other prominent sites, Wikipedia stands out as the most reliable marketing tool.

Steps for including Wikipedia into your marketing strategy

Wikipedia page creation: Services such as Get Your Wiki can be helpful

• Wikipedia backlinks

• Keep checking your online presence and note any significant drop or increase.

• Utilize Wikipedia’s sister sites such as Wikimedia and Wikitionary

Get Your Wiki

Get Your Wiki is a firm that offers experienced-based consultation on the best practices on Wikipedia. The company creates or edits high-quality articles or Wikipedia pages for businesses, nonprofit organizations, prominent persons, and other renowned agencies. Its team of experienced editors creates Wikipedia pages, support them with reliably sourced and well-formatted references, and write them according to the manual of style of Wikipedia. With Wikipedia being among visited sites globally, a Wikipedia page automatically becomes a valuable digital asset.

Reasons for hiring a reliable Wikipedia writing service

Starting a new business from scratch or operating an existing one can prove to be a monumental challenge. Without relevant experience, creating a user-friendly web page that displays your company or talents is almost impossible. Some business owners attempt to create their pages and end up with sites that do not give visitors the freedom to navigate through the entire web page. By hiring Get Your Wiki to create your Wikipedia page, you will be working with a firm that focuses on guaranteeing 100 percent customers’ satisfaction. Its team of Wiki editors will continue to monitor your web page to ensure only edits done with your consent are allowed.

How do businesses benefit from owning a Wikipedia Page?

Improvement of reputation and credibility

Today’s clients – specifically the young ones – usually conduct researches on companies prior to acquiring services or products. Their primary intention is to verify if a certain business exists. This habit is true especially for businesses that launch new products to the market at a particularly incredible discount. Shoppers are scared of scams, and possession of a well-optimized Wikipedia page will be instrumental in convincing clients that your firm is legitimate.

Fantastic online visibility

Leveraging Wikipedia for business assists in enhancing your visibility by delivering a sound, reliable results towards the leading organic searches. While a link to your homepage will be availed to visitors of your Wikipedia page, it is imperative to ensure the link is strategically positioned.

Glen Wakeman’s Startling Personal Details

Glen Wakeman is a person who holds various positions within the business domain. He is an executive mentor, investor, public company CEO, small business owner, board member and a prominent financial service executive. Successful management of running the operations within these positions is attributed to the experience he possesses. As such, Mr. Wakeman has about twenty-one years’ management experience in P&L roles and business development.


Mr. Wakeman is the founder and CEO of LaunchPad Holdings (NewsSky). This is an organization which deals with automated software service which is utilized by early-stage entrepreneurs to organize and manage their ideas into a workable plan. The toolkit of LaunchPad is made up of numerous suggestions and tips to guide entrepreneurs in the formation of their businesses. It is supported by various advisors and capital providers.


In addition to leading LaunchPad Holdings, Glen Wakeman also served as the founder and president of a company named Nova Four. This company provides capital access and strategic advice to developing organizations. His other duties involve board functions and coaching CEOs as a way of bringing sustainable improvements. He also worked as the president and CEO Doral Financial Corporation and also as the chairman of Doral Bank. The company plays a role in retail banking, insurance agency operations, commercial banking and institutional securities.


The main achievements of Glen Wakeman while holding these positions include recapitalizing and transforming Doral Financial Corporation from inefficient, non-compliant and mono line Bank Company into a community bank. Based on his incredible leadership, he won several awards at local, national and even global level. These awards recognized the dedication of Mr. Wakeman to corporate social responsibility.


Glen Wakeman expertise and ability to manage people from different calibers in life is attributed from the many countries he has lived and worked in (https://affiliatedork.com/glen-wakeman-inspires-entrepreneurs). As such, he has lived in six countries and ensured efficient operations in over thirty countries. This is one of the reasons behind recognition of Mr. Wakeman by GE’s Board of Directors as a role model for Growth leadership. Mr. Glen education background traces back to Chicago University where he attained an MBA and Scranton University where he attained a BS in Finance and Economics.


Israel Has Never Had A Diplomat That Is Of Daniel Taub’s Mettle

Unless you are an ardent follower of the happenings in the sector of international diplomacy, you might not be aware of an Israeli diplomat to the United Kingdom called Daniel Taub. Taub’s career in international diplomacy has led to the strengthening of the ties between Israel and other nations.

Not until recently, the diplomat held the position of Ambassador of Israel in the UK. Daniel Taub leaves office having left the international ties between the UK and Israel better than he found them.

During his tenure as an ambassador, Daniel Taub spent most of his time coming up with strategies that could increase the business exchanges between the two nations.

Daniel Taub succeeded in this quest given that during his term, the amount of trade between the UK and Israel doubled. Both the UK and Israeli governments have a lot of praises for the diplomat.

Due to the good business relationship that Daniel Taub helped foster between the UK and Israel, several hundreds of companies were able to set shop in the UK and vice versa.

The Chamber of Commerce in the UK indicates that over the period of 4 years that Daniel Taub was heading the Israeli diplomatic mission in the UK, the trade between the two nations hit a new high of $5.5 billion.

Daniel Taub managed to perform excellently in his job partly because he was raised in England and understood the political landscape of the UK. The diplomat attended a University College in Oxford before joining the prestigious Harvard University.

His peers and professors couldn’t help noticing the leadership traits in Daniel Taub and knew that he was destined for greatness.

After completing his education, Daniel Taub relocated to his homeland to serve as a medical expert in the combat unit of the Israeli armed forces. Taub also served as a reserve officer in the International Law Directorate. His career hit the peak when he was appointed to serve in the ministry of Foreign Affairs. Read more: Daniel Taub | Wikipedia and Daniel Taub – Crunchbase

During Taub’s tenure as an Israeli diplomat in the UK, he was able to meet the Queen on several occasions. His devotion to the strengthening of the ties between the UK and Israel made him one of the most respected individuals in his home country.

With the constant castigation of the countries in the Middle East, Daniel Taub always strove to ensure that people got a better understanding of the Jewish nation.

Susan McGalla is an executive consultant with a passion for professionalism

Susan P. McGalla is the former president and CMO, Chief Merchandising Officer at American Eagle Outfitters. She began working there in 1994 and she is in her 40’s. She previously worked at the department stores of Joseph Horne Company. At American Eagle Outfitters, she was in charge of marketing, merchandising and designing of the American teen brand. Susan grew up on the east side of Liverpool and in her bringing up, there was no distinction in gender, each person was viewed as an individual. Her family has played a big part in molding her success through instilling confidence in her at a very young age. Susan has never played the woman card to get things her way, she has rightfully earned her position in the business world through her hard work and interest in various things.

Susan through her experience formed P3 Executive Consulting. She consults on the management of talent, branding, operational management for efficiency at work and marketing strategies among others. She has been part of the people who have encouraged the rise of women in the business world through her talks. Some of the talks she has conducted were based at Carnegie Mellon University and the Women and Girl’s Foundation of Pittsburgh. When women seek to be referred to as professionals it is encouraging. The evolution of this want is continuously spreading globally. Susan was the only girl in a family of two boys and a football coach for a father. She did not get any favors because she was a girl, instead, it shaped her into an admirable individual who has worked her way up to her success through her innovative ideas.

Susan P. McGalla attended the Mount Union College where she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts. After her college is when she joined the Joseph Horne Company to begin her career. Handling 3 billion dollars’ worth of revenue, managing 4 different brands and an e-commerce site and to top it up a responsibility of profit and loss for the American Eagle, Susan is an exemplary figure head. She has excelled in her career and she is not stopping. She is aiming for higher achievements as she pursues her passion in the world of retail.

Susan is based in Pittsburgh where she offers her expertise in consultation at different capacities. She is a member of the Magee Women’s Hospital Research Institute and Foundation and the HFF Inc boards. HFF is a company that focuses on real estate commercially. She previously held the director position at Allegheny Conference and was a University of Pittsburgh trustee.


Read more about Susan McGalla:


Financial Advisory and investment Company-madison Street Capital

Madison Street Capital can well be described an International expert in financial advisory. The financial company is located in Chicago and since the establishment, it has been in the forefront of assisting their clients to conduct complex financial deals, have access to credit, as well as make insightful investment decisions. Other services that Madison Street Capital has been offering include; mergers and company valuation. Ever since the inception of the organization; they have been able to build a positive reputation which was accomplished by delivering quality financial products as well as services to various top companies.

In 2014 Madison Street Capital made an important announcement that it has offered advisory services to Vital Care Industries which is an Illinois company. Madison Capital assisted the medical firm to fin d a suitable lender and they finally acquired a loan. Vital is a medical organization which has been manufacturing sterile medical products since 1984, and the Chief Executive Officer of the group was thrilled to work with Madison Street Capital. Madison Street Capital is led by effective leaders including the co-founder Anthony Marsala who was honored by Under 40 Award (https://www.linkedin.com/company/madison-street-capital-llc). The program honors young people who have made and are making a difference in their organizations. Mr. Marsala is the Chief Operating Officer of Madison Street Capital.

Madison Street Capital is one of the leading investment banking groups in the United States of America. The financial facility is built on strong values of management, superiority, reliability, as well as service delivery. Ever since their inception; the firm has been distributing their financial services and products to both private and public groups. The Mergers values their customers and to serve them better they have been able to respond to opportunities very quickly and also making sure that both investors and business owners benefit from their services. Madison Street Capital is an expert in various fields which include;

Corporate Advisory; under this category, the firm offers the following services and products.

  • Buy out advisory
  • Corporate governance
  • Private placements
  • Merges & Acquisitions

Business valuation; includes services such as

  • Tax compliance
  • Company valuation

Financial options

  • Solvency and capital adequacy
  • Independent third party fairness opinions

Since Madison Street Capital began their operations; they have been able to assist thousands of their clients to accomplish their goals. The group has been expanding their services to other nations including; Africa, and Asia. More information about the investment bank can be found on PR.com.

End Citizens United Raises $4 Million In The First Three Months

Before 2008, James Bopp was just a lawyer with no significant influence in the American politics. However, this status changed faster than most people had anticipated. In that year, Bopp and his organization, Citizens United, filed their first case with the Supreme Court. The group was seeking the right to air a film named “Hillary: The Movie.’ Before then, it was against the law to air such content, as there was no indication of who paid for its production and airing. The movie was based on claims that Hillary Clinton was a ‘European Socialist’ and had no space in the American political scene. The court ruled in the favor of Bopp and Citizens United.

The success of the lawsuit was laughed upon, but created the ground for the lawyer to push his agenda forward. His goal was to redefine campaign finance laws in the United States. Before 2014, corporations were not allowed to contribute to political campaigns. Such money could only be derived from individuals. In that case, Bopp and his organization successfully argued against this claim noting that the laws of the United States laws recognize corporations as ‘individuals.’ The lawyer won the campaigns allowing for the formations of super PACs in the run up to last year’s presidential elections. James Bopp has been involved in significant cases such as the right-to-life case in 1982.

However, Citizens United is not enjoying an easy life despite its previous success in the courts. End Citizens United has been founded to counter the activities of this group and prevent the flow of ‘dirty’ corporate money into US politics. The group, now two years old, has been involved in active campaigns seeking to reverse the ruling passed by the Supreme Court that allowed for the creation of a super PACs. End Citizens United hopes to achieve this objective through sending friendly candidates to both the Congress and Senate. This approach saw the group launch a strong online funding drive that helped in raising over $4 million in the first three months of the campaign. End Citizens United targets to raise $35 million before the 2018-midterm elections for the congress. This money will be used to finance the campaigns of democratic candidates who are supporting their constitutional amendment goal.

End Citizens United needs the support of at least 2/3 of the both Congress and Senate to achieve this constitutional amendment that would ban corporations from financing political campaigns. Although the last constitutional amendment in the United States was conducted in the early 90s, the group is confident that it will achieve this goal. The organization’s president and executive director, Tiffany Muller, noted that many people continue to support End Citizens United's objectives. Out of 100,000 individuals who have already donated to the group this year, 40,000 are new donors. He promised donors that the money would be used strictly towards financing the group’s goal.

This information was originally mentioned on USA Today as outlined in the following link https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/onpolitics/2017/04/04/end-citizens-united-pac-raises-4-million-/100000662/

Dick Devos: The Man and Philanthropy

The contributions that the Devos have made over the years are estimated to be about $139 million. The amount the family has donated to political campaigns surely pales in comparison to their charitable donations made in support of humanitarian agendas. The Devos in the year 2015 made incredible charitable donations as reported in the family foundation. The foundation donated $ 11.6 million; this is interestingly twice the amount the foundation has contributed in campaign donations. This became apparent during the vetting process that Betsy Devos was subjected to before being confirmed as education secretary.


The Dynasty and Education


The family, according to Forbes, is listed as being among the top 24 givers in America. A close calculation of the contribution the family has made over the years to charity, Forbes came up with the figure $1.33 billion. This is a quarter of the total wealth the family is valued to be worth. Dick DeVos and his wife have over the years generously contributed to education related causes. In 2015 alone, 26% of their charitable contributions went to education related projects. Indeed, 3% of their charity went to groups that were championing education reform. According to DeVos, children born outside the appropriate ZIP code are not able to realize their potential and hence have no real chance at the American dream. DeVos have supported vouchers as well as charter schools which challenge the ‘one-size-fits-all’ public education system. While the system is criticized, DeVos are careful not to vilify the staff of the public schools saying that they are talented educators who need to be empowered and enabled to reach the many deserving children in America.


Major Beneficiaries


In education alone, the major beneficiaries of DeVos charity in 2013 include: ‘Compass College of Arts’, Grand Rapids, the ‘Ferris State University’ and ‘Detroit Charter School’. These institutions got $50,000, $100,000 and $25,000 respectively. Dick’s Alma mater: Northwood University, Midland received $200,000 while a New Mexico school known as Rehoboth Christian School received $50,000. Potter’s House, Wyoming received $ 301,000 while ‘West Michigan Aviation Academy’ got the $ 315,000.


More Charity


The ‘DeVos Family Foundation‘ is a dedicated to helping members of the community. The charity the foundation dole out is at the core of the family believes. At the heart of their charities is the community, education, arts, justice and leadership. In education for instance, the foundation purposes to improve access to K-12 opportunities.


In terms of arts, the foundation’s charity is dedicated to creating capacity and helping in managing and leading organizations of art. The foundation also has a soft spot for matters of justice. It consequently helps organizations that deal with the oppressed and vulnerable people. The foundation is also determined to support in the development of leaders.


Follow Dick DeVos on Facebook.

Secrets of An Entrepreneur: Doe Deere

Anyone who keeps tabs on beauty trends on social media knows about Doe Deere. She is the founder and CEO of the indie makeup company, Lime Crime. Lime Crime Cosmetics is a well-known innovative brand that changed up the way women think about makeup. From rich, matte lip shades called “Velvetines” to a wide array of unusual, brilliant, hair colors, Lime Crime is setting trends online with over 2.6 million Instagram followers. During these days of downsizing, outsourcing, and high unemployment, many individuals are following their hearts and trying to start their own business.

For anyone who does not know Doe Deer’s backstory, she came to New York from Russia as a teenager. She explored the New York music scene, performing with a band. Then she began taking her love of makeup to the next level by starting her own company with little money and a big dream. The story of this woman, an immigrant to the United States, who built her own beauty empire is inspiring. Although every individual’s path is unique, Doe Deere is quick to share advice and encourage others to follow their own dreams. Learn more: http://inspirery.com/doe-deere/


A recent interview with Doe Deere on frenchtribune.com, titled “How The Controversial Doe Deere Became a Successful Entrepreneur”, http://frenchtribune.com/teneur/25362-how-controversial-doe-deere-became-successful-entrepreneur, gives a glimpse of what it takes to build and run your own company.


First of all, Doe Deere recommends finding your passion. She advises that you have to be dedicated and passionate about your vision and goals. Often the road is hard and entrepreneurs need to make sacrifices and do what it takes along the way to get where you want to be.


Next, is honing and developing your skill set. Ms.Deere advises that everyone has talents and skills. You just need to develop them. She cites that doing what you can naturally do well and have an aptitude for is easier than trying to invent or learn something completely new. Case in point she started with a love of makeup and artistic talent and took parlayed that into a business.


When problems arise (and they always do) Ms. Deere advises to tackle them head on. Mistakes can also be an opportunity for learning and growth. There is wisdom to be learned from others so pay attention to what is trending in your type of business and use successful entrepreneurs as role models.


To be successful in business, a certain amount of fearlessness is involved. You have to take risks for rewards. That means thinking out of the box, and daring to be a rebel of sorts, like Doe Deere. Playing it too safe is risky for entrepreneurs.


Doe Deere made her name through hard work, perseverance and a creative spirit that refused to give up when the going got tough. To live a dream means doing what you love, and Ms. Deere loves selling high-quality cosmetics to her “fearless pack of unicorns” who adore her beauty products. To learn more about Lime Crime cosmetics, visit https://www.limecrime.com/.

‘I Did Not Always Have It Easy’ Says Nick Vertucci

Success was not handed to Nick Vertucci on a silver platter. On the contrary, he had to work his way to the top and defy all odds that said no to his success. Nick’s journey was marked with hardships, debts, doubts, and pains, but he eventually beat all of them and used his lessons to pick others up.

At the tender age of ten years, Nick Vertucci lost the father and was left in the care of the mother, who had to work very hard to provide for her children. Nick confesses that he hardly saw the mum indoors as she always came late from her job. The mother took several jobs and the last shift ended late in the night when the kids were already asleep. At the age of 18, Nick was a senior and he had to leave the mother’s house. He lived off a van; he says at that point life was very hard and low.


However, Nick’s life took a positive turn when he started selling computer parts. The business was very successful but unfortunately, Nick forgets to save for his future. At this point, he had a wife with whom he sired three pretty daughters. As technology would have it, the dot com crash brought the computer business on its knees. Since Nick Vertucci had not foreseen this, he was hit hard and was forced to close his business. Nick had no money saved and for 18 months he had no income yet he had a family to support. To salvage the situation, Nick borrowed money and sank into deep debts that he could hardly pay. He also lost most of his property and only his house remained.

Real Estate

However, Nick Vertucci took a new path in life, when his friend invited him to a real estate retreat that would take three days. Although Nick did not want to waste a whole weekend, he reluctantly went to the meeting; luckily, that changed his destiny. As the speaker taught, Nick knew that real estate would be his next venture. Although he did not understand everything that was said, he felt that this was the way out of his debts. In ten years, Nick studied a lot on real estate and then ventured into the business with the best strategy on how to make cash. Currently, Nick Vertucci is a millionaire and him alongside his staff teach people about taking a successful career in real estate.

Suitability of Market America Products on Human Health and Beauty

Market America offers products which improve the human health. Market America products are meant to enhance health and beauty. Other products which are offered in the include cosmetics items, baby products, and the products for losing weight.

Market America products are made up of Makeup Remover Towelettes, Luxe Precision Eye Line, and Makeup Setting Spray. Makeup Remover Towelettes are used for wiping the skin gently. The product wipes out any type of makeup on the skin and it does not leave behind any oily residue after wiping. Luxe Precision Eye Line contains moisturizing water and liquid liner which are used to draw the lines on the eyes with precision. The product ensures that the eye looks freshly lined. Makeup Setting Spray applies mists on the skin to ensure that the makeup does not smudge or settle into fine lines. Market America products make the skin glowing, vibrant and enhance the youthful complexion.

The cleaning agents are also contained in the Market America products. The market has triple Enzyme 3X Laundry Detergent which removes the toughest stains. The cleaning agent is gentle on the clothes and is 3 times stronger than the common detergents. The detergent contains an enzyme which removes the layers of grime. The market also sells Dishwashing Liquid which cleans the toughest grease and grime. The detergent ensures that the skin does not dry up while cleaning. Market America products include the Home & Shop Cloth which removes the paint and rust from any material surface. Market America products guarantee modern beautification and cleanliness.



How The Power Of Customer Feedback Made Fabletics Beyond Famous

Kate Hudson, the beautiful star of “Almost Famous,” has been a household name as a Hollywood star, and now, also as the co-founder of the leading athletic wear company, Fabletics. As a well-known Golden Globe winning actress, Kate Hudson has continually been in the spotlight for her lean and toned figure. Naturally, Hudson’s active lifestyle gave her ample opportunity to try out a variety of workout clothing before becoming co-founder of Fabletics.


As a public figure that embodies a fit lifestyle, Kate’s first hand experience gives her a unique advantage to the competition, because she is aware of the common issues faced by women when purchasing workout clothing– if the outfit is stylish, it’s not comfortable. If it’s comfortable, the colors may be boring or dull.


While Hudson’s personal style and active involvement with Fabletics has successfully positioned the company as a fashion-forward yet approachable alternative to overpriced athletic wear, the company’s success rests on its ability to listen to the crowd.

Fabletics heavily relies on customer feedback to plan everything from product design to inventory. Hudson’s keen ability to listen to and leverage the feedback from customers ensures that Fabletics will continue to produce high quality pieces that their customers want.


Additional data derived from Fabletics’ parent company, TechStyle Fashion Group, gave Fabletics more insight for suggestions to implement in their product offerings.

As online shopping continues to increase, consumers rely heavily on customer reviews when making their online purchase decisions. Potential customers scan other customer reviews, and then weigh the pros and cons when making their decision.


Fabletics understands the power of consumer feedback, and encourages reviews from their customers. More importantly, Hudson reviews the data and listens to the customers by implementing their suggestions, creating brand loyalty and customer retention. Consumer reviews also boost a company’s search engine ranking, resulting in higher visibility and increased sales.


Kate works closely with team at Fabletics, and helps make decisions ranging from social media strategy, design, and raw sales data to determine which pieces are bestsellers. With this data, consumers get matched with their perfect outfit after entering information about their style and preferences.


By analyzing customer feedback, Hudson and the team at Fabletics are able to determine the demand for each piece, which helps plan inventory requirements as they go from design to production.


Fabletics has experienced high levels of success because of their responsiveness to customer reviews and feedback, resulting in more reviews, and more raving fans.

Because the brand is a direct reflection of Kate’s style and vision, it is easy to picture her wearing these outfits to her workout sessions and while running errands.


More importantly, with all the styles available, you can visualize yourself in those outfits as well. Give the lifestyle quiz a try right now, and say hello to your new favorite outfits!