Good Leadership at Innovacare as Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides

Innovacare has made a name for itself as one of the best healthcare service provider in North America. For the longest time the company has been keen and insistent on the importance of quality service, which in turn helps, them provide excellence medical care for all their customers. This they have been able to achieve through the type of leadership that the company has had. The success of this is owed to excellent leadership under the head of Rick Shinto the CEO. Shinto has over two decades of experience in medical services hence his ability to steer the company in the right direction.

He has gained experience over the years because of adequate mentorship from some of the best doctors in the world who have all contributed to his excelling career and even equipped him with necessary skills to make him one of the best pulmonologists in the country. Through this experience he has also been able to achieve a lot as far as gaining skills to run medical practices. He also has great sense of judgment on what facilities need to be able to provide adequate service to their customers because he has been in a position where he has treated so many patients before. Innovacare has been able to grow extensively under his care to the leading position it holds today as a health care service provider. Dr. Shinto has both medical expertise and managerial expertise, which makes it possible for him to handle the administrative part of the company effectively. Visit for more info on Penelope Kokkinides.

Shinto has been able to transform Innovacare and make it a dominant brand in the highly competitive sector. He is focused on continuing to provide customers excellent quality treatment through educating patients on the diseases and other conditions that could be affecting them. He acknowledges the different treatment plans depending on their issues. This is the reason why he came up with different medical cover plans for every individual.

Dr. Shinto also works hand in hand with Penelope Kokkinides who serves, as the chief administrative officer. Penelope Kokkinides has been a significant influence on the success of the company. She has a wealth of experience gained from working with medical institutions especially on the organization of these institutions. She has served in several board of executives for several medical organizations including the center light health care. The experience she gained from these organizations has come in handy I helping her attain the high qualities Innovacare works to attain. Learn more about Penelope on Bizjournals.

Casino Social Gaming on Mobile Devices Helps Pass Time

Social gaming is usually thought of in terms of pop culture-oriented concepts. Space and fantasy games seem to dominate social gaming. Well, that is not entirely correct. Gaming is a rather broad concept and includes games of all concepts. Casino gaming definitely falls under the category of social gaming. When taking part in multi-player casino games on a social platform for fun and without wagering, the whole adventure is a social one. It can also be a proverbial time killer.


An interesting fact reveals why people may choose to invest time in social casino gaming. It would seem mobile devices are significantly used by such gamers. Once again, this could be due to a desire to just flat out kill time.


In the United States, casino social gamers truly do prefer mobile platforms. Maybe this is because mobile devices are the only ones available when waiting for the train home from work or waiting until a lunch break is over.


Everyone has to let time go by smoothly at one point or another. Is there a reason why casino games are seemingly more appealing? Why wouldn’t fantasy or sci-fi games be popular to the same degree casino social games are?


Likely, there are age-related reasons why people like casino gaming when trying to pass the time. Older people might not be too hip with pop culture games, but they are probably fairly familiar with casino games. Most casino games are easy to play. When no money is being wagered, there is no risk to playing either.


Focus on Ubuntu Education Fund Targeting No-Strings Attached Funding and Andrew Rolfe

After getting significant donations of money and giving speeches at glamorous events like the World Economic Forum in Davos, Ubuntu Education Fund’s CEO and founder, Jacob Lief realized something. Jacob states that he realized that all of this was just not making sense at all as the fund was getting a lot of money but they were not changing the lives of people. Ubuntu Education Fund takes care of at risk children based in the Port Elizabeth area of Eastern Cape Province in South Africa. Mr. Lief changed his strategy and began saying no to any donors whose grants were followed up with certain restrictions on how the money was to be spent. He focused his energy to finding better ways to offer support to the children who were the main reason why the charity was set up.


New Strategy


Jacob Lief revealed that the Ubuntu Education Fund targets family foundations or wealthy individuals who know that restricted funding is no longer their cup of tea. He added that currently, the education fund has a smaller budget but it has managed to achieve more than before. The organization uses the “Ubuntu Model” that favors working closely with the communities and families to come up with individual plans for every child to offer them the education, health and stability they require to escape from poverty. For such non-profits it’s a challenge finding donors who offer help without any strings attached. A lot of donors try to get personally involved in an organisation’s running and strategy thereby causing friction.


About Andrew Rolfe


Andrew Rolfe is the chairman of the Ubuntu Fund’s board of directors. He is part of a larger mission that sees to it that donations are given without any restrictions. Andrew Rolfe has volunteered his time to ensuring that vulnerable children in South Africa get to access the education they ought to have. Andrew Rolfe helps in running the education fund that offers funding to several programs and schools in South Africa that support children. Andrew Rolfe and other compatriots at Ubuntu Education Fund believe that vulnerable children stand to benefit more when they get education without worrying how or who is funding it.


A New Way To View Social Gaming

In partnership with Westfield Corporation, I am excited to work on a new project that will propel me to greater heights in my profession. I have also worked with this company in many other projects. However, this is one-of-a-kind project that is not like any of the previous projects with other companies. I am also excited that I got this rare opportunity to become part of the driving force towards strengthening the capabilities in the human nature. People are seeking better business development skills. For this reason, they will end up working to attain management portfolios in a manner that is not paralleled in the industry.


This project is geared towards evaluating the performance of particular malls, retail outlets, and having a clear run on what is going on in the social media platforms. For those who need to understand more about this topic, you can continue reading below. ESC is the only organization that has stood with us on the end of these impediments. For this reason, we might consider working to attain better business capabilities in a manner that is not paralleled in the industry. There are many companies and small business enterprises. The retail experience out there is very daunting. For those who seek financial overview capabilities, they must seek better business entities in a manner that is not paralleled din the industry. ESC was founded in 2015 to become the leader in developing business relationships and models. For this reason, they have developed the most sophisticated entity in this platform.



Eco Friendly Vacation Spots

Now that conservation has become a concern for many, there are plenty eco-friendly hotels around the world. A continent that has recently become more eco-conscious is Africa. A popular tourist attraction for Africa is the safari lodges. There are several eco-friendly African safari lodges and they are popular destinations for tourists that enjoy animals and nature. Below is a list of the most eco-friendly African accommodations:

  1. Elsa’s Kopje in Meru, Kenya

The lodge runs on LED, solar power, and energy-saving bulbs. Another unique feature about the lodge is that it supports local schools.

  1. Serena Cafema in Kunene, Namibia

It is a remote African lodge that is owned and operated by indigenous Himba people. Also, the lodge works with the Namibia Sea Turtle Project which works with the government to protect turtles in the Kunene river.

  1. Sindabezi in Zambezi River, Zambia

The lodge is locate close to Victoria Falls and runs on solar power. The hotel products are biodegradable and uses a Vivreau still and water system. This water system allows the lodge to save annually 20, 000 plastic water bottles.

  1. Mombo Camp in Okavango Delta, Botswana

This lodge has multiple conservation efforts. One of the conservation efforts is the Botswana Rhino Reintroduction Project that works on improving the white rhino population in Botswana. Also, the lodge works on solar power, thermodynamic geysers, rainwater harvesting, and passive environmental architecture.


An organization that is dedicated to conservation and teaching others is Wild Ark. The organization provides eco-friendly and sustainable experiences in multiple areas of the world. Most of the tour destinations provided are in Africa and allow for people to learn more protecting the wilderness in these areas.

One of the trips that is advertised on the Wild Ark website is the Botswana Mobile Tented Safari; that offers a camping experience through the best locations in Botswana including Okavango Delta, Victoria Falls, Chobe National Park and more. The experience is fairly priced and provides staff to take care of all the difficulties of camping. All tourist have to do is sit back and relax.


Follow Wild Ark on Facebook for updates.

Video games can mitigate defensiveness resulting from bad test Scores

One of the worst feelings in life is to feel inferior. The inferiority complex affects people with low self-esteem. If you are highly-esteemed, you might consider working to attain better self-control management. If you are that person who does not feel for others, you can end up working to attain better innovation capabilities. For those who have children playing with video games, they understand what it takes to win. If they fail, they may remain moody for the remaining part of the day. If this case continues in the future, the children will view themselves as failures. Therefore, they will attain better innovation capabilities in a manner that is not paralleled in the industry.


If your children fail in an exam, they will not realize that they were unprepared. They will just feel inferior before the rest. For this reason, people working to become worst enemies will act as the best source of innovation and strength. The society also does not concentrate on the failures. However, they focus on those who are working hard to do business through innovation and capability. Video games prevalence is imitating its platform of activities. Therefore, they will work to attain its management levels through capacity development.


The video games mitigate the effects of losing in life. This is one of the main benefits of video games and other entities in this animated life. Their abilities are re-affirmed through innovation and strategy. If you are engaged in business, failure is also the worst feeling in this industry.

Social Gaming Company Earns Big Capital Raise

While many aspects of the world have been changed due to the increased use of social media platforms and online social networks, one area that has changed more than most is online gaming. Today, many of the most popular online gaming platforms are social gaming platforms in which players can play with and against players from all over the world. Due to the popularity, providers of social gaming services have also been very popular with private equity investors. This week, another top gaming company earned a big capital raise (


The popular online gaming platform,, recently raised nearly $75 million from a variety of different venture capital and private equity funds. is currently one of the leading online gaming platforms in India, which continues to be one of the strong emerging markets in the world. The company states that it currently has over 8 million users all over the country and is continuing to see significant growth. is well known for providing a variety of online card games. Some of the most popular include rummy, golf, and some types of poker. The company is just the latest social gaming platform that has raised a lot of money or seen a big valuation. Many prominent online companies, such as Facebook and Google, have invested heavily or purchased social gaming platforms. There are also several types of platforms that allow aspiring gamers and game creators to develop their own games for use on the platforms, which has allowed of a new diverse gaming set.


The Reception of Nintendo Switch in the Gaming Market

Nintendo Switch has finally become the best-selling social gaming console in Nintendo’s history. Over 2.7 million pieces of the console were bought in March, which is also the first month after its launch.


The company’s profit estimate of $583.9 million for the next financial year was way below the market forecast. Nintendo has to battle the stiff competition from the evolution of smartphones as a new gaming platform.


Nintendo might be more vulnerable to the rising Smartphone trend than its competitors, Sony and Microsoft. This is because the company’s flagship sales rely solely on the games and consoles.


The Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima is, however, optimistic after having seen the great reception of the Nintendo Switch just a month after its launch. He dismissed the criticisms that said their forecast was too low by commenting that the cash spent on marketing the Switch took some part of the profit.


The company was looking to sell 10 million pieces of the gadget by the next financial year March 2018. That was prospected to be the company’s largest sale after the introduction of Nintendo Wii in November 2006.


The switch has the aesthetics of a tablet computer and has Joy-Con controllers attached to its sides. It came with a variety of games which some critics have complained to be too few.


The most popular game with the Nintendo Switch is The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It has contributed to most of the sales. The only problem experienced by the Switch is dead pixels which create rather distracting tiny patches on the screen, as witnessed by a few social gamers.


Disney Interactive Lays Off 700 Employees

Gamers often provide the most conspicuous bunch of individuals. For them, they worry not bout business but their entertainment. For this reason, you might seek more profit from them if you understand how to treat their business deals. You must also attempt to remember how you never scroll from Facebook. If you are on Facebook, you might not believe you are in a better position to determine the fate of your business. If you are also working without the social media platform, your business is at a high risk of failing to accede the better business capabilities in a manner that is not paralleled in the industry.


Many games in social media have attracted the attention of the people games such as FarmVille have brought out the true nature of these games. For those who are not intending to initiate better business capabilities, they must seek the attention of most to achieve better rule through their initial skills. As a matter of fact, no one has better information criteria to achieve better success in a manner that is not paralleled in this industry. Games such as Candy Crash are achieved through the influence generated through capability management platforms. Disney Interactive is the only company that achieved better business through the achievement of information technologies.


Disney has also decided to lay off more than 700 employees working under their online gaming platform. The company has decided to lay them off due to their impending criterion that is achieved through profitability and loss.



Is Facebook Moving Into Social Gaming?

Why is Facebook so successful? The massive social media platform truly is managed well. One sign of the solid approach to management is Facebook’s consistent efforts to stay “hip” and appealing. The company is always looking to add something new to its platform. Veering into the world of social gaming is one way Facebook seeks to do this.


A solid following for esports and game videos exist on the mega platform. Facebook has looked at social gaming and is focusing on the social part. Facebook simply wants to make esports and game videos a lot more social. Supporting such interactions could yield a host of positives.


A lot of money could end up rolling into the Facebook company accounts. Facebook is an entity that stays solvent thanks to advertising dollars. The more time people are exposed to the various pages on Facebook, the more ads they come in contact with. Keeping players more engages with Facebook does help the cause of getting more ads in front of more eyes. Hopefully, this will lead to more sales for advertisers. Everyone benefits when these results are achieved.


Instant games on Facebook absolutely are popular. About 800 million people and growing play games on Facebook. The experience is not exactly social, though. Facebook recognizes this somewhat fatal flaw.


The lonely experience of playing games on Facebook can be tweaked to be anything but lonely. Enhancing the social interaction part may be all that is required to yield nice changes. Maybe that 800 million figure will end up skyrocketing with the right social approach.