Securus Technologies’ Launches a Video Visitation Advertisement Campaign.

Securus Technologies is one of the United States’ leading companies that offer technology solutions for the correctional institutions. The firm recently informed the public on its plans to launch a campaign to display to the public the advantages of using the remote Video Visitation product. The application will be commercialized for the next one months in different parts of the United States. The chief executive officer and chairperson of the Securus Technologies, Richard A. Smith, said that the advertisement of the software is important since it will allow people to learn the advantages of using it and its efficiency in connecting people.


The company believes that its Video Visitation application is dedicated to ensuring that individuals can see their loved ones regularly, and it is not meant to change the normal face to face visitation of inmates. The program has various advantages, and they include minimizing the expenses that are incurred when traveling to the correctional facility and the time that is spent there. Various critics have been comparing the software with Skype and other video chats. It has various unique features such as automation, security, registration, organizing, and high-quality technology. Mr. Smith is aware that sheriffs and wardens have security responsibilities that are appreciated by Securus Technologies but are not recognized by many people.


The company provided data on the performance of the video visitation program in the market. It showed that approximately 178 agencies in the United States use the application. It attracts about 160,000 users per month and 2 million every year. The video visitation has also gotten a total of 232,000 and 110,000 users use the software regularly. The average charge that is paid by the users is $2.72 per visit. An individual saves more than $100 whenever he or she uses the video visitation program. The Securus Technologies’ product offers options that people can use to keep in touch with their loved ones.


Social Gaming Will be the Next Feature of Facebook Messenger

One of the most active digital properties managed by Facebook is its Messenger application, which is used by more than a billion users around the world each month. Since 2011, the Messenger app has become a very powerful platform as well as an extension of the Facebook brand.


The latest feature being explored by Facebook for its messenger app involves social gaming. Instant Games is currently being tested in New Zealand by the developer responsible for the wildly popular Candy Crush series, King Games. The current title is Shuffle Cats Mini, a cute shooting gallery game that can be played along with other users of the Messenger app.


The Instant Games for Messenger will be coded in HTML5, which will allow developers to include features such as asynchronous play and head-to-head challenges. Since these will be social gaming titles, players will be able to communicate through Messenger, earn badges, see their status on leader boards, invite their friends to play, and challenge other players.


The social gaming titles that users will be able to play on Messenger may also include small mobile versions of major video game franchises such as Call of Duty.


Facebook intends to draw income from various revenue sources that can be supported by the Messenger application, and this is certainly the case with Instant Games. Many of the planned titles will feature in-game purchases that Facebook can get a cut from. The social media giant already draws revenue from the money transfer system it added to Messenger a couple of years ago.


Betting Tonight’s North Carolina And Indiana Game

Wednesday’s biggest NCAA basketball game is going to be a classic match up between the North Carolina Tar Heels and the Indiana Hoosiers. The Tar Heels are 7-0 for the first time in nearly a decade and are ranked no. 3. The no. 10 Hoosiers are just as strong as they’ve been for decades, and their match up at the ACC/Big Ten Challenge will be one for the ages.

So how do you bet this little beauty? Do you automatically go for the higher ranked team or do you take a shot on the Hoosiers? With teams of this high caliber, you never know what to expect. Right now, the Tar Heels are considered four-point favorites against the Hoosiers, a one-point jump from their initial spread. How can you bet this game to come out ahead?

Beating The Spread
Covers has released a variety of betting guides for college basketball odds, and quoted Roy Williams (North Carolina’s coach) as saying “I’m not jumping on any boat trying to figure out how great we are…We stink it up with the rest of them. We’ve just got to get better every day. I’ve never seen a national championship won the day before Thanksgiving.” While this attitude is likely a part of the “respectful” approach taken by many coaches, it indicates an uncertainty in the North Carolina camp.

As you’re probably aware, a four-point spread isn’t much in a game like this. All that needs to happen for you to lose a bet against Indiana is to have them come within three-points of winning. That kind of risk is high in a game like this, which makes it a wise decision to bet a small amount on North Carolina to avoid a total loss.

That said, betting on Indiana to beat the spread isn’t a bad bet in this particular scenario. But how much should you bet them to beat it by? First of all, they need to lose by no less than three points to beat the spread. However, if you bet on them to win, you need to choose a reasonable spread. In a tight game like this, a spread of more than five or 10 points isn’t a wise bet. Try to choose one a little closer to

Injuries That Will Play A Part
There are a few injuries that you need to take into account before making your bet. North Carolina will likely be playing without Pinson, who is out until February with a foot injury. Maye’s ankle is still questionable after rolling it recently. These two power players are key to the Tar Heel’s success, and losing them could give Indiana an edge.

That said. Indiana has suffered a few injuries of its own. Blackmon is probably out for the game due to a knee injury while Hartman is “out indefinitely” with his own knee injury. Lacking these two players could balance things out again for North Carolina, which explains their current four-point spread.

Currently, North Carolina is getting about 54 percent of the betting action from Covers. Take that anyway you want. Whichever team you choose, make sure to tune into to ESPN at 9:15 tonight to see the result.

Social Gaming Could Improve Existing Business Models

A strong social media presence is an important aspect of modern business, but increased competition is moving some companies to offer their clients and customers an even more engaging experience through the concept of gamification.


As a modern business practice, gamification has its roots in the advergaming efforts of the late 20th century, which started with promotional tie-ins, endorsements and product placement. By the early 21st century, brands were using the web to release their very own promotional games coded in Java and Flash.


Gamification in the business world consists of borrowing elements from games to integrate into branding and marketing efforts. One classic example of gamification is to show customer appreciation through the issuance of points or digital rewards such as badges. Advanced gamification incorporates social gaming elements such as integration with social networks, chat windows, and being able to join groups.


Some of the most successful implementations of social gaming have been conducted by online casinos that simply added chat functionality and the ability of following players from one game to another. Internet and wireless service providers are also getting into social gaming by reminding customers that they can join a digital game community while they wait to get technical support.


For the time being, business owners are better off following the established formula of commissioning social games to promote their brand and offering digital rewards to their customers. Leader boards, badges, electronic currency, and chat windows are also ideal at this time, but more advanced features such as exclusive social networks for customers should only be attempted by companies with significant budgets.



Jason Hope Works With Businesses to Help Cultivate Next Generation of Entrepreneurs

Jason Hope, a successful entrepreneur from Tempe, Arizona, has recently collaborated with a number of Arizona businesses in an effort to develop entrepreneurial characteristics in the future generation of business leaders. These collaborations are not new to the Scottsdale entrepreneur. Jason Hope has become widely known for his enthusiastic training of young professionals in Arizona.

The businessman has often discussed his passion for cultivating an entrepreneurial spirit in business leaders. During a discussion with the Scottsdale Press regarding his training of local businessmen, Hope stated that he hoped that his training of future business leaders would serve to educate young professionals about the perseverance and work ethic that will be required in order to establish a reputable business, mentally prepare professionals for the responsibility that will be theirs, and to help businessman to create opportunities for themselves that they would not have possessed ordinarily.

Education of Young Professionals In Aspects of Perserverance and Work Ethic

Jason Hope believes that future entrepreneurs should be thoroughly educated in aspects of perseverance and work ethic before they attempt to create new businesses. During his training sessions with local businessmen, Hope often emphasizes the role that work ethic and perseverance will play in the development of new businesses.

The businessman discussed the fact that there are many young professionals who are skilled in their specific vocational arena but lack work ethic and perseverance. These professionals usually fail in their attempts to build a reputable business because extraordinary skills and talents are not enough to operate a functional and profitable businesses on a day-to-day basis.

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Mental Preparation of Professionals for Additional Responsibilities

Hope also emphasizes the fact that young professionals should be mentally prepared for a high level of new responsibility upon opening a new business. Entrepreneurs are often amazed by the level of responsibility that is required during the launch of new businesses. A shift from an employee mindset to a entrepreneurial outlook requires mental preparation and adequate training.


Creation of New Opportunities

Jason Hope stated the creation of new opportunities for future professionals was extremely important to him. The entrepreneur expressed his concern that businessmen who are currently experiencing success in their particular fields were not investing time into the lives of future entrepreneurs. Hope believes that his merger with local businesses and training classes will help to close the gap between the heads of companies and their employees in a drastic way.

Learn more about Jason Hope’s philanthropic activities here.

The Growing Admiration for Keith Mann

A recent article by Ideamensch, found at: provided a question and answer with Keith Mann. The questions delved into his successful past. The interview also brought up his success with Dynamic Search Partners as well as what his typical day consists of doing. It is in this article that uncovers who Keith Mann is as a businessman and above average individual who strives to find success in everything he does.

Although Keith Mann is known for his success as a Managing Director of Dynamic Search Partners, he begun his career at Dynamic Associates as the Manager of the Alternative Investments Division. He rose through the ranks, as one article described, creating a name for himself. He would eventually become co-founder of Dynamic Search Partners in 2001, a business now admired as one of the largest databases of investment executives around the U.S. He is currently the CEO of DSP, as the article mentions. Some of his responsibilities include acting as an investment advisor, providing marketing strategies, as well as many other responsibilities

The article that included the interview about Keith Mann offers insight into the successful mind of Keith Mann. One of the initial questions pertained to where the idea of DSP came from, in which he talks about really enjoying being his own boss. The following questions relate to his work ethic, where he finds inspiration and joy in his work. Mann believes his ability to maintain success is with a high focus as well as daily exercise. He then goes on to discuss the importance of fulfilling the clients financial needs or the businesses needs. He also tells of the importance of incorporating technology in his business. It has helped him save time when it comes to interviewing. Another question in the article focused on his failures as an entrepreneur, a question he humbly responds to. His response entailed a poor hiring decision, which he eventually learned from. The last couple of questions provide a glimpse of Mann’s personal life. The article ultimately portrayed Mann as an individual that one should admire to be.

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Talk Fusion Works for Businesses

When you are looking at your business, you want things that will work for you. You might think that you can’t find a video chat service that is going to be best for you. The good news is that Talk Fusion can change the way you do business forever.

Video Chats for Business
If you are working with others in your business, you might want to communicate with them while looking at them. Video chats are some of the best ways to do this and can help everyone feel more connected in the business. You can use video chatting for brainstorming sessions as well as to talk about plans within the business. You can have a conversation like they are right there with you and not have to worry about traveling first.

Video Emails
These are great for businesses that might need to tell their employees information that pertains to the business. They might want to give announcements this way as well as any recognition to employees that have done more than they were asked to do.

Another great way to use video emails is for games that you might play with the employees that you have. These can be about goals that employees need to meet and rewards that may be given for these games. They can send videos of themselves finding items that may be used within the business to make working there more fun.

Using Talk Fusion for business can be a great way to keep employees feeling like they are a part of the business they are in and help them to work harder. They might just need a little motivation in their work to do better than they ever thought they could. Take a minute and look at how easy this software could change the way you do business and the way you can talk to those that work with you. Take the time to show them you value them and the work they do for you. Talk Fusion will help improve performance and the money you are making within your business. When you all work as a team, you all benefit.

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John Goullet And Diversant Have A History Of Success

Diversant LLC is a fully certified Minority Owned Business Enterprise, and it also happens to be one of the largest IT staffing and solution firms in the entire US. They focus on It solutions for their clients, and work to find the right talent for hiring at others companies as well. There are a few things that make Diversant unique and stand above the rest of the competition on the market. First of which is their principal, John Goullet, who not only has decades of experience and knowledge in the industry, but a strong ideology for the business. He advocates for diversity and teamwork, which goes a long way in matching professionals with the right talent they need, it also helps them meet quotas.

Diversant offers many opportunities for their clients and the professionals they look to hire for their customers. Through the collaborations and networking with other companies, Diversant has no troubles finding talented professionals, especially with John at the helm of the company, as he has a strong eye for matching the right individuals with the right companies in order to bring them more efficiency and growth. John is an advocate for teamwork, and working hard in order to had the best results possible. John believes that being highly diverse in ethnic backgrounds also goes a long way in helping customers receive the services they want.

As the current principal for Diversant, John has been spreading his philosophies to the team as well, which has gone a long way in improving their total customer satisfaction with their clients. It’s also fair to say John knows very well what he is doing, as he has been in the industry and gained a considerable amount of experience, knowledge and wealth from his success. His former company, Info Technologies, became one of the fastest growing companies within the US in a few short years after starting up. John used his same principles and took them to Diversant, which has become a top competitor in the market thanks to his efforts.

Wen by Chaz: Your Hair’s New Favorite Product

Wen Hair CareWen by Chaz is a popular as seen on TV product. It is a three in one cleansing container that has shampoo, conditioner and also a styling treatment all in one bottle. Wen Cleansing Conditioner is marketed as an amazing product that works wonders on hair and transforms locks into shine easy to manage strands. There are several different formulas available and each formula is geared towards a different type of hair.

The directions on the bottle of Wen by Chaz say to use 10-16 pumps for short hair, 16-24 pumps of product for medium length hair, and 24-32 pumps for longer hair. A larger amount of this product is needed to clean your hair compared to other shampoo brands. The directions also say to work the product evenly through your hair and massage into your scalp. The product should be left on hair for a few minutes before rinsing out. This way it will penetrate each hair evenly. published a review of this conditioning shampoo. The author of the article said that after using Wen hair care her hair felt thicker and looked shinier. She also enjoyed the fact that she seemed to be shedding less hair out.

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Overall Wen hair care is a great product if you want softer and shinier hair. It works well for those who wash their hair on a daily basis and it will help reduce the amount of hair that she shed each day. More of the product is needed than standard shampoos, but the end results are better looking hair. If you are looking for a new hair product to try, check out Wen by Chaz on Facebook or their website. There is sure to be a formula to meet the needs of your hair.

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Lime Crime: A Company Created For Bold Women


Doe Deere, a female entrepreneur and creator of Lime Crime Cosmetics, is far more than a model of her own make up. She is a strong business woman who has created a brand that inspires her customers to be themselves and expose their inner beauty. Deere was recently interviewed by Galore Magazine, where she offered up more insight on being an entrepreneur and the positive vision of her company.

Deere grew up as an artistic and imaginative child in New York. She had a true passion for color as a child and was able to turn that into a long-term career. While Lime Crime currently focuses on makeup, Deere hopes to expand that soon into other products and ideas.

Deere first found her love for makeup at the age of nine, during a slumber party with friends. While playing dress-up, Deere was inspired to put on colorful makeup to match her costume, which then led her to find the experience to be more authentic. Deere does admit that her makeup skills left much to be desired until she was in her 20s, but to her, the purpose behind makeup was to express yourself, not to have perfect lines.

With her experimentation with colors, Deere’s online following exploded on her website with traffic sky-rocketing as girls flocked to her site to check out her new ideas. This led to the basis of her brand, which is experimentation, self-expression, and fun.

Deere came up with the name of her brand in 2004, when she needed a name for her eBay store. Her favorite color is Lime, and came up with the word “Crime” to rhyme with it. Lime Crime was then born, and twelve years later, the name represents a color revolution and the idea of breaking society’s ideal beauty rules.

Deere believes having an internet based company has both its advantages and challenges. She loves the ability to receive immediate feedback online, as she prides herself on being a brand that is very connected to her customers. When faced with challenges stemming from having an online business, Deere learns to grow and improve her business from any hurdles, and finds these challenges to be a part of her entrepreneurial journey.

Doe Deere feels so close to her Lime Crime customers that she refers to them as her “unicorns” on Tumblr. To Deere, this represents people who are proud that they were born different. She believes it takes a special person to be able to wear her colors of makeup with pride.

Doe Deere feels great to be recognized as such a successful entrepreneur. She hopes to one day be a positive role model for other females who are looking to start their own business.  Shop Lime Crime on popular websites like Glambot, or find them at an Urban Outfitters near you.