World of Warcraft Makes Updates, Energizes Fanbase.

Blizzard is a pioneer in the world of gaming. The legendary company essentially invented the massively multiplayer online gaming experience that we know of today and their work with World of Warcraft will go down in gaming history. Over the past twenty years, World of Warcraft has done many great things and Blizzard has been committed to bringing consistent updates that keep their players engaged and ready to play. Now, Blizzard is making headlines thanks to a brand new update that is changing a core, if small, aspect to the game — how orcs stand.

No, we aren’t joking. One of the most iconic aspects of the World of Warcraft gaming experience is the cartoonish graphics of the primary races. The Orcs, one of the most popular Horde races, are known for their wide shoulders and slight hunch. These monstrous creatures have become fan favorites and were even the highlight of the World of Warcraft movie (that did not do well, financially speaking). Now, one of the most iconic aspects of the Orc race is going to change. News broke when data miners sifted through an upcoming World of Warcraft patch to find that Orcs are going to be losing their hunch — literally.

Blizzard has constantly been putting in the effort to adapt their game over the years and this change is just more of that concept brought to life. Orcs will be able to stand up straight for the first time ever and we have no doubt that fans are going to be vocal in their response.