The Luck of the Vikings!

As I walk to the refrigerator for another cold soda I glanced back at the television to see what the next play would be between the Vikings and Saints. I was ready to throw in the towel and settle down for a Sunday T.V. drama because the game was pretty much over. The Saints had turned the game around and were in the lead with only a few seconds left in the 4th quarter. Everyone in the room had made their mind up that the Vikings would be the next team to go home for the season. Until, the most prolific moment I had ever seen in NFL history was pulled off in the matter of seconds. Now, you could call it dumb luck but whatever you call it, it changed the Vikings to Super Bowl contenders when Keenum found Stefon Diggs and threw to a touchdown and won the game. Seen in the clip, it had become the biggest play of the night and of the playoffs this season. The Saints had just lost a game that they held in their hands comfortably, and all they needed was a few seconds to hold it together. I was in the living room full of people that stood still in shock, we couldn’t fathom what had just happened, literally in disbelief. From cheers to gasp, it was a moment in NFL history that won’t be soon forgotten.