The Innovative Equities First Holdings UK

Equities First Holdings-United Kingdom subsidiary, established in 2013 is headed by Al Christy, Jr. as the CEO. He is assisted by a team of five active directors, with no secretaries. Under the able leadership of Al Christy, the Equities First Holdings-UK that works under the watchful eyes of the Financial Authority of United Kingdom has been successful due to the innovative nature of the financial solutions that it offers. This company has moved away from the traditional securities-based lending to offering equities-based lending. This form of lending has become popular with businesses because it marries with their natural cycle of business operations.

Equities First Holdings offers the lowest interest rates on loan products in the global market. The products are available to both individuals and financial institutions, at competitive rates that have led to the success of the company. In addition, it has also formed important partnerships with firms in the field of finance and law that are crucial in closing sales.