The Expertise Of Samuel Strauch In Real Estate

Samuel Strauch has over 14 years of experience in real estate. He lives in Florida. Samuel Strauch is a licensed real estate dealer. Currently, he is with the Affinity Realty Group Inc based in Miami Beach.

Samuel Strauch has various transactions in several areas over here. These are in places such as Miami Beach, Hollywood besides Aventura. He has completed transactions in Miami, Margate, and even the Sunny Isles Beach. He has expertise in this area and knows this business well. He has been ranked by HomeLight of being among the top 12% agents who are based in the Miami Beach area. His expertise is in selling off homes in this area really fast.


Samuel Strauch is considered to be an authority in this area. Mr. Strauch’s opinion in this field of real estate is valued by all. According to him, Mexicans are looking forward to investing in real estate in the US. He made this statement after a lot of research was conducted in this area. There was a survey that was conducted by the Association of Foreign Investors in the real estate sector.


He has also mentioned that the property prices in places like Miami Beach are on a steep rise. The reason behind this can be that the place is being considered as a place for holidaying and leisure and even as a business destination. Due to these reasons investments have poured in from Latin America.


People from Mexico wish to enhance their investments and protect their assets too. There is insecurity in Mexico. Next is the global economic crisis. This is why many Mexicans are keen to invest in places such as Miami and New York. But this does not mean that there are no challenges here. There are issues regarding integration options as well as the business model that can impact investments being done by Mexicans. Still, it is a good option.