The Crew 2 – Closed Beta Review on PS4

The Crew 2 Closed Beta has finally opened its door for users to drive around the MotorNation to take to the hundreds of events scattered across the environment. Players are already begging for the opportunity to get a sneak peek at what the full game presents, even after just a few hours on the closed beta version.


The new features include the opportunity to pilot sailboats and stunt planes, in addition to already speeding across the streets in several racing disciplines. Ivory Tower, the development studio, has polished many of the best features from the original game that released several years ago. The closed beta is already receiving positive feedback, as the game apparently feels much more polished and offers users a complete racing experience.


The closed beta is just a tease of what the full game should represent, and players will have the opportunity to play the full game early if they preorder the gold or motor edition of the game. These versions come with some special in-game benefits as well as future downloadable content in the season pass.


The closed beta still has an entire weekend of opportunities to enjoy the various activities around MotorNation, although most of the premier content is locked beyond the basics. Still, exploration is a complete possibility in the beta since the entire map is open for the duration of the closed beta.