The Best Social Gaming Apps Thus Far in 2017

Social gaming has come full circle in 2017 in terms of popularity and market consolidation. There is no longer any doubt as to the type of games that make up this particular segment; social gaming titles must have their own smartphone app on at least one major mobile operating system, and they must also feature social media features that allow players to connect with their friends. To this effect, here are the best social gaming apps as of April 2017 according to NewsWatch TV:


Clash of Clans


Most real-time strategy games based on fantasy realms are ruled by an energy or health bar indicator that determines how long a player can stay in the game. Clash of Clans does away with this feature and instead uses an inventory meter that displays how much magic elixir and gold players have. This game is very attractive on both iOS and Android, but it can quickly drain batteries if left running in the background,


Island Empire


This relatively new game is only available for the iPhone and the iPad, and it is actually a bit limited in terms of social media features. As its name suggests, Island Empire invites players to build settlements that have thriving maritime ports for commerce. The various game mechanisms make Island Empire a very addictive games, but players can only interact by means of chatting and getting to know each other. Strangely, Island Empire does not have a search feature to look for friends, but socializing is highly encouraged.


Mafia Wars


This classic Facebook game keeps getting better despite the financial woes of parent company Zynga. Mafia Wars is an old-school title that does not allow players to freely chat while they play; discussion of the game mostly takes place on Facebook and Facebook messenger, which is one of the objectives of the game anyway. Mafia Wars is a very polished game, but there is an issue with the in-game enhancements that must be acquired with real money: players really have to control their spending since this is a very addictive title filled with emotional rewards.