How Market America Supports UnFranchise Owners

Market America is a company that was founded in 1992 as a product brokerage company. Its products are sold on the internet through two avenues, social shopping and one-to-one marketing. They help entrepreneurs sell products and create an income stream while at the same time giving consumers a superior way to buy products. Their shopping portal is and it has become one of the biggest online retailers in the world. There are over 35 million products and services on including brands exclusive to this website as well as nationally popular brands.

This company is based in Greensboro, North Carolina. They employ over 800 people throughout the world and have additional offices in Taiwan, Singapore, Australia, Spain, Canada, Mexico, Hong Kong, and the United Kingdom. To date they have sold more than $7.3 billion in products and services through their network of UnFranchise Owners and those entrepreneurs have earned over $2.4 billion in commissions.

One of the way that Market America’s UnFranchise Owners can receive training is through the Motives Beauty & Business Academy. Through this organization Market America holds training events around the world with events occurring soon in Richmond, Virginia, and Toronto, Canada. These types of events last for four days and can be attended in either two day or four day packages. In the fall of 2018 they are also planning on having an event in San Francisco, California. These events teach people about Motive Cosmetics and how to sell their products. Participants in these events get hands-on experience with these cosmetics so they can see the benefits Motive Cosmetics offers first-hand.

Market America also operates a coupon program that their UnFranchise Owners can offer to their customers. These entrepreneurs can offer their preferred customers these coupons so that they can save substantial amounts of money buying products and services through them. The coupons are between 10% to 25% off. UnFranchise Owners should be aware, though, that these coupons come out of their retail profits so it is important to only offer these to their best customers as a way of saying thank you for your business.

Suitability of Market America Products on Human Health and Beauty

Market America offers products which improve the human health. Market America products are meant to enhance health and beauty. Other products which are offered in the include cosmetics items, baby products, and the products for losing weight.

Market America products are made up of Makeup Remover Towelettes, Luxe Precision Eye Line, and Makeup Setting Spray. Makeup Remover Towelettes are used for wiping the skin gently. The product wipes out any type of makeup on the skin and it does not leave behind any oily residue after wiping. Luxe Precision Eye Line contains moisturizing water and liquid liner which are used to draw the lines on the eyes with precision. The product ensures that the eye looks freshly lined. Makeup Setting Spray applies mists on the skin to ensure that the makeup does not smudge or settle into fine lines. Market America products make the skin glowing, vibrant and enhance the youthful complexion.

The cleaning agents are also contained in the Market America products. The market has triple Enzyme 3X Laundry Detergent which removes the toughest stains. The cleaning agent is gentle on the clothes and is 3 times stronger than the common detergents. The detergent contains an enzyme which removes the layers of grime. The market also sells Dishwashing Liquid which cleans the toughest grease and grime. The detergent ensures that the skin does not dry up while cleaning. Market America products include the Home & Shop Cloth which removes the paint and rust from any material surface. Market America products guarantee modern beautification and cleanliness.