Susan McGalla’s Journey As a Leader

When one looks at business leaders, one thing that could catch their interest is the journey that the business leaders go on. This is especially the case with successful business leaders. One thing that is important to people is the values and beliefs of the business leader. For one thing, they often influence many aspects of the lives of the business leader. One example of a business leader who has gone on a journey towards success is Susan McGalla. She is someone who has made a lot of impact in the industry that she has worked in. For one thing, she has shown that she can handle all of the many different aspects of business.

Susan McGalla has worked in the fashion industry. While it may be common for women to be associated with fashion, one thing that people must realize is that every industry has been male dominated as much as 20 years ago when she was working. Among the companies that she has worked in was American Eagle Outfitters. She has come up with plenty of ideas that will help with the marketing and the sales portion of the company. These ideas have brought forth a lot of success for American Eagle. She has also helped with the growth of the company by adding new lines of clothing for women and children. She has held a few more leadership positions before starting her own company known as P3 Executive Consulting.

The best part of her journey was how she used her beliefs to influence her approach to her leadership. The lesson that she has learned growing up is that everyone is a person. She has learned not to treat people according to her gender. This has also helped her become effective as a speaker towards aspiring women. Her message focuses more on being productive and doing tons of hard work in order to achieve the level of success. She is also willing to speak on overcoming obstacles. After all, everyone that has aspirations they are working towards has to overcome obstacles that come up every now and then in their journeys.


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