Susan McGalla: Women can be Successful

According to a recent survey, businesses that have gender diversity have higher chances of performing better when compared to the institutions that are only interested in employing men. These institutions are very open to new ideas from both genders, and this is one of the reasons they are performing well. When there is diversity in the workplace, it is easier to bring multiple perspectives that will change positively in the world. Although these companies understand this concept, very few have given women the top positions.

In the modern times, women are still struggling to reach to greater levels in different organizations. Things have not changed from the traditional operation. There are few individuals like Susan McGalla who have proven otherwise. Susan has been in the corporate world for some time now, and she has emerged to be one of the most influential and also successful women in the United States. Her childhood background has been instrumental in her successful career.

When Susan was born several years ago, she did not know that she was going to become so successful. Her all siblings were male, and she was the only girl in her family. Her father was a football coach, and he chose to treat her the same way, just like brothers. When growing up, Susan’s father refused to give her any special treatment from her brothers just because she was female. This lesson has taught her how to compete in the male-dominated world. The businesswoman has been doing her best to become one of the successful investors in the world.

After completing her high school education, Susan McGalla was given an opportunity to attend some of the best learning institutions in the world. After graduating from college, the young investor chose to venture into the corporate world and proved her excellent skills. She got an employment at a company known as American Eagle Outfitters, and she chose to work hard so that she could become a prominent figure. At first, the institution was dominated by men who held all the executive positions. With hard work, Susan worked hard, and she emerged as one of the most respected leaders in the institution.