Social Gaming Falls Off On Facebook

There are a number of very popular social gaming choices on Facebook. You have probably heard of at least some of them before. Consider FarmVille for example. That being said, the number of people who are playing these games is dropping off considerably. What could the problem with these games be?


Social gaming was a huge deal when it first started out. Some players would literally organize their day around being able to play their favorite games. This means that they would sometimes have to wake up in the middle of the night just to tend to their virtual crops on FarmVille. With that much popularity it might surprise some to find out the amount of people who have dropped off of social gaming. According to Business Insider, that number is 16 million daily active users compared to 32 million daily active users not that long ago.


The demise of some of these games may come down to how they promoted themselves. The idea was that they just needed to capture a small percentage of players who would pay for the added features of a game. They wanted players who were not afraid to put down the big bucks on various features within the game. However, in searching those players out they would recruit their free players to spam others on their friends list to join the games.


It looked like a great way to bring new people in and hunt down those who were willing to pay to play. However, after some time this idea became just a way to annoy people on Facebook. The free players were pumping out notifications to their friends on Facebook which those friends found annoying. As a result, many of the free players felt isolated on Facebook and may have decided to quit playing social games all together in order to avoid annoying their friends.


This was the loop that put into place the downfall of social gaming for a lot of the industry. The trend is expected to continue according to many experts. Therefore, new game development may begin to slow for those who are still enjoying them.