Pokemon Go Bringing BIG Changes to Platform.

Niantic has been as busy as anyone in the field of mobile, social gaming. In 2018 alone, Niantic has revealed a slew of new updates to their core system including a monthly Community Day event that has trainers coming back in droves. Now, Niantic is dropping some more news that will get fans back into the game and it all revolves around one of the most popular Pokemon in the universe: Mewtwo. Are you excited? You should be.

Niantic took to social media this week to reveal that they’ll be releasing a pair of patches that attempt to resolve a ton of different bugs within the system. One of the primary bugs being fixed revolves around timezones where gamers were stuck with a busted clock in their game. This patch isn’t that unique or interesting but it is definitely warranted. Outside of this patch, Niantic also made sure to announce a couple of more exciting updates.

The most exciting update for Pokemon Go fans will likely revolve around the new raids coming which will focus on Mewtwo. Mewtwo, made so popular in Pokemon: The First Movie, has been a wishlist Pokemon for a long time now for most trainers. Mewtwo EX Raid invites are being sent out throughout this week and Niantic is opening up the EX raid invite system to a new wave of trainers. Niantic has been consistently working on perfecting their EX-raid system and we’re hoping they are getting close to the finish line in terms of solidifying it.