Parents and Online Gaming for Children

Online gaming is extremely popular. Children and adults alike can join in competition with others from around the world from the comforts of home. There are some precautions that parents need to take into consideration when their children are involved in online gaming. Parents need to monitor how long their children are playing and who they are playing and communicating with.

Parents can be proactive and use parental controls that exist on the most popular gaming systems. When Playstation 4 provides its newest update, there will be a feature that allows parents to set limits on their child’s play. Parents will be able to limit the total time the child plays per day. There will also be a way to set what hours the child can play. For instance, if the parent only wants the gaming console to be on from 4pm to 7pm, the parent can set that restriction into the system.

The Xbox One is a little more difficult. In order to set up controls on the system, parents need to create an email account with Microsoft that will allow them to create a user profile. Then the parent can set restrictions.

The Nintendo Switch system has a convenience that the others do not. It has a mobile app that lets parents set restrictions on online gaming.

In addition to time restrictions, parents may also want to include restrictions such as not allowing voice chat or text chat. Parents can also restrict the system from letting the child accept friend requests.