OSI Industries: Leading Protein Food Product Manufacturer

OSI Industries has come a long way from just being a small meat stop. The company is now one of the leading and largest food manufacturing companies in the United States, supplying the country with high-quality protein products. They have also started exporting their products overseas, and with the opening of their overseas facilities, the OSI Industries is trying to dominate foreign markets. OSI Industries built their headquarters in Aurora, Illinois, and they also have satellite offices in 17 countries and more than 50 facilities under their direct control. OSI Industries have grown substantially since their foundation in 1909, employing over 20,000 individuals and generating billions in profits.

The company was the brainchild of Otto Kolschowsky, who is a German immigrant who decided to come into the United States during the 1900s hoping to get hold of his American dream. He brought his family with him, and because of the difficulty living as an immigrant in a foreign country, he decided to open up a small business to support their daily expenses. He named his company as Otto & Sons, and they are stationed in small open areas selling meat. They first opened their shop in 1909, and because of the quality of the meat that they sell, more people become interested in purchasing products, and Otto Kolschowsky started earning a decent amount of money. He decided to use what he made to open another shop in Maywood, Illinois, and this branch became successful as well.

Otto Kolschowsky decided to register the name Otto & Sons in 1929, two decades after its establishment. The growth of the company seems to be unstoppable, and more companies are signing deals with them for their high-quality meat products. Otto Kolschowsky never imagined that his business would be this big, but he never expected that his decision to partner up with McDonald’s Corporation in 1955 would transform his small business into a multi-billion dollar corporation. McDonald’s Corporation loved the quality of the meat from Otto & Sons, so they signed a business deal wherein Otto & Sons would be supplying them with burger patties are other protein needs. There were times when Otto & Sons thought that McDonald’s Corporation would be terminating their contract with them, especially when the meat freezing technology was first introduced, but it seems like McDonald’s Corporation have already trusted them, and the deal continued up until this day. McDonald’s Corporation and Otto & Sons, now known as OSI Industries, are still business partners today.

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