Nick Vertucci Shares His Thoughts on Business

Nick Vertucci started in a humble way. He came from a lower-income family lost his Father while still a teen. He started his own computer accessories business, but it soon went under when the technology bubble burst. Unable to quickly rebound on his own he approached a trusted friend who steered him toward real estate and introduced him to his first real estate seminar. Nick Vertucci soaked up all the teachings he received and within ten years he had risen up the ranks and became a successful real estate millionaire. Over the years he developed a formula that works. In a recent interview he openly shared his thoughts on business.

Nick Vertucci developed the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy NVREA to share the principles of success he had accumulated over years of buying, rehabbing, renting and reselling. Nick Vertucci’s mantra for making his ideas come to life are “see it,” “believe it,” “map it,” and “execute it.” He spends his day on the critical engine that runs his business and staying in touch with the people that are highly influential in NVREA; otherwise, Nick Vertucci stays out of the limelight and loves a good cigar and some leisure in his life.

Nick says its not good enough just to have an idea, but a person has to see it fully before committing to making his idea come to life. Even seeing is not believing, since a person has to really believe in himself, with the help of his collaborators and team, that he can carry his vision out. Next, map out everything before it is executed. There is a lot of wisdom in the idea that careful planning of execution should precede his execution. There are always steps that cannot be foreseen ahead of time, so it is vital to plan ahead as much as possible. Don’t leave things to chance, but recommends deep-thinking and planning as the best commercial preventative.