News Alert–Is Pokemon Go’s Death Imminent?

According to a Huffington Post news article penned by Steven Schkolne, the demise of Pokemon GO may be imminent. Should this event become a reality, cause of death is predicted to be attributed to ARG gaming usage of a real-world platform versus holding a console and pushing buttons to play a game.


During the week following Pokemon’s initial release on July 6, 2016, an estimated 10 million app downloads occurred. Statistics reveal that not only did this beat the record for overall app downloading, but Pokemon holds the record for reaching #1 on Apps Chart sooner than any other app.


Unfortunately, by August 2016, Pokemon’s daily users had dwindled from 45 million in July to 30 million. According to Sensor Tower, Twitter, Facebook and SnapChat began to breath a sigh of relief since their statistics indicated not as many of their members were allowing social media time to be interrupted or influenced by gaming apps.


Although not overly worried, September 2016 saw Pokemon developer Niantic concentrating on the release date of new app versions for Android and iOS users along with the September 16, 2016 release of Pokemon GO +.


Pokemon’s biggest negative issue could be titled ‘Effort vs. Inertia.’ It is impossible to simultaneously be a couch potato and play Pokemon.


While Pokemon was anticipated to foster socializing in the real world versus cyberspace, no dress code is required when using X-box or PlayStation. The question yet to be answered is–Is PokemonGo a goner?


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    ARG game FourSquare only required uses to activate their fingers to check in and gain credit as opposed to the need to retrieve a specific item as proof of having physically visited a gaming point. That is the way in which has been able to arrange some of these things which is very possible for them all.

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