Jason Hope Is an Entrepreneur with a Big Heart

Many as an investor, philanthropist, futuristic and entrepreneur who always strive to give back to the society know Jason Hope. He always looks for ways of ensuring that humanity benefit from the things at their disposal. In his latest eBook “Understanding the internet-of-things revolution: A quick guide for thriving in the IoT era”, Hope looks at the internet of things as something becoming increasingly interwoven in the daily lives of human beings. He acknowledges that the IoT makes work easier for people and as a result, he believes that people need to understand the technology and its influence in education, homes, and other spheres of people’s lives. Through his prediction on future technology trends, Jason Hope believes that Internet of Things would play a significant role in the modern society.

Form the perspectives of an investor and entrepreneur, Jason Hope aims to highlight some of the benefits of the IoT as well bring the attention of people to the enforcement and regulations of IoT. Jason Hope succeeds in explaining to the readers what the internet of things entails, how people can utilize the technology in more responsible ways and ways in which people could protect themselves from the issues of cybersecurity vulnerability. This eBook forms part of Jason Hope’s other texts focusing majorly on technology and helping the population understand new technologies to enable maximize benefits.

About Jason Hope

Hope hails from Scottsdale, Arizona where he runs his own business concentrating on the mobile technology. Jason Hope is a reputed and skilled futurist with a clear understanding passion for technology. He utilizes this skill to observe the market and predict future trends to enable investors and other entrepreneurs know where and when to make investments. As a philanthropist, Jason Hope has a huge passion for technology and regularly participates in activities that give back to the community.

Jason Hope earned his degree in finance from the Arizona State University. He also holds MBA from W.P Carey School of business. At the beginning of his career, Jason Hope formed a mobile communication firm before majoring in biotechnology, philanthropy, and investing in new but promising startups. Within Scottsdale, Jason Hope engages with high schools where he mentors the high school students. He also develops grant programs for other business people. Jason Hope does not only engage in the business startups and philanthropy, he also engages in politics in matters concerning business. In both the national and State level, Jason Hope is active in ensuring that the business environment is favorable and promotes new business initiatives.

Jason Hope’s Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/jason.r.hope