Israel Has Never Had A Diplomat That Is Of Daniel Taub’s Mettle

Unless you are an ardent follower of the happenings in the sector of international diplomacy, you might not be aware of an Israeli diplomat to the United Kingdom called Daniel Taub. Taub’s career in international diplomacy has led to the strengthening of the ties between Israel and other nations.

Not until recently, the diplomat held the position of Ambassador of Israel in the UK. Daniel Taub leaves office having left the international ties between the UK and Israel better than he found them.

During his tenure as an ambassador, Daniel Taub spent most of his time coming up with strategies that could increase the business exchanges between the two nations.

Daniel Taub succeeded in this quest given that during his term, the amount of trade between the UK and Israel doubled. Both the UK and Israeli governments have a lot of praises for the diplomat.

Due to the good business relationship that Daniel Taub helped foster between the UK and Israel, several hundreds of companies were able to set shop in the UK and vice versa.

The Chamber of Commerce in the UK indicates that over the period of 4 years that Daniel Taub was heading the Israeli diplomatic mission in the UK, the trade between the two nations hit a new high of $5.5 billion.

Daniel Taub managed to perform excellently in his job partly because he was raised in England and understood the political landscape of the UK. The diplomat attended a University College in Oxford before joining the prestigious Harvard University.

His peers and professors couldn’t help noticing the leadership traits in Daniel Taub and knew that he was destined for greatness.

After completing his education, Daniel Taub relocated to his homeland to serve as a medical expert in the combat unit of the Israeli armed forces. Taub also served as a reserve officer in the International Law Directorate. His career hit the peak when he was appointed to serve in the ministry of Foreign Affairs. Read more: Daniel Taub | Wikipedia and Daniel Taub – Crunchbase

During Taub’s tenure as an Israeli diplomat in the UK, he was able to meet the Queen on several occasions. His devotion to the strengthening of the ties between the UK and Israel made him one of the most respected individuals in his home country.

With the constant castigation of the countries in the Middle East, Daniel Taub always strove to ensure that people got a better understanding of the Jewish nation.