Is Social Gaming Making More People Socialize?

In a time when we’re more hooked to our gadgets, it can be difficult to see the positive in a world filled with social gaming. Social gaming takes many forms, from the intense impact that World of Warcraft has had to the many downloadable apps that you can put on your phone or tablet, it’s no wonder that we’re all so stuck to our gadgets. However, there is an interesting concept that has changed the lives of many and that is to become more social through games.


People who suffer from agoraphobia or who have anti-social tendencies find that it is difficult to get out of the house and meet new people. Old friendships slowly die off and these individuals are left alone and isolated. Social gaming allows these people to open a world where they can be someone totally different. They can become the character in the game and not have to face people. This enables them to still socialize and become connected to their team mates, but it allows them to avoid the fear of socializing in a public place.


The issue that a lot of people have with social gaming is that it can sometimes have the opposite effect. For instance, a husband and wife who spend more time gaming on their computers and phones and less time with each other will eventually face marital problems. You might ignore your outside friends and constantly cancel plans because of your at-home game. It is important to find a balance between gaming and still being social in everyday life. After all, social gaming won’t heal your agoraphobic tendencies and you’ll still feel anxious any time you leave the house. Only real life exposure can help with these types of problems, so it’s crucial that you get away from the games every once in awhile to face facts.


Social games aren’t going anywhere any time soon and are instead growing into a multi-billion dollar industry across a range of consoles and platforms. They are ideal for people of all ages and of all types, since you can play a farming game just as quickly as a combat one.