Is Facebook Moving Into Social Gaming?

Why is Facebook so successful? The massive social media platform truly is managed well. One sign of the solid approach to management is Facebook’s consistent efforts to stay “hip” and appealing. The company is always looking to add something new to its platform. Veering into the world of social gaming is one way Facebook seeks to do this.


A solid following for esports and game videos exist on the mega platform. Facebook has looked at social gaming and is focusing on the social part. Facebook simply wants to make esports and game videos a lot more social. Supporting such interactions could yield a host of positives.


A lot of money could end up rolling into the Facebook company accounts. Facebook is an entity that stays solvent thanks to advertising dollars. The more time people are exposed to the various pages on Facebook, the more ads they come in contact with. Keeping players more engages with Facebook does help the cause of getting more ads in front of more eyes. Hopefully, this will lead to more sales for advertisers. Everyone benefits when these results are achieved.


Instant games on Facebook absolutely are popular. About 800 million people and growing play games on Facebook. The experience is not exactly social, though. Facebook recognizes this somewhat fatal flaw.


The lonely experience of playing games on Facebook can be tweaked to be anything but lonely. Enhancing the social interaction part may be all that is required to yield nice changes. Maybe that 800 million figure will end up skyrocketing with the right social approach.