‘I Did Not Always Have It Easy’ Says Nick Vertucci

Success was not handed to Nick Vertucci on a silver platter. On the contrary, he had to work his way to the top and defy all odds that said no to his success. Nick’s journey was marked with hardships, debts, doubts, and pains, but he eventually beat all of them and used his lessons to pick others up.

At the tender age of ten years, Nick Vertucci lost the father and was left in the care of the mother, who had to work very hard to provide for her children. Nick confesses that he hardly saw the mum indoors as she always came late from her job. The mother took several jobs and the last shift ended late in the night when the kids were already asleep. At the age of 18, Nick was a senior and he had to leave the mother’s house. He lived off a van; he says at that point life was very hard and low.


However, Nick’s life took a positive turn when he started selling computer parts. The business was very successful but unfortunately, Nick forgets to save for his future. At this point, he had a wife with whom he sired three pretty daughters. As technology would have it, the dot com crash brought the computer business on its knees. Since Nick Vertucci had not foreseen this, he was hit hard and was forced to close his business. Nick had no money saved and for 18 months he had no income yet he had a family to support. To salvage the situation, Nick borrowed money and sank into deep debts that he could hardly pay. He also lost most of his property and only his house remained.

Real Estate

However, Nick Vertucci took a new path in life, when his friend invited him to a real estate retreat that would take three days. Although Nick did not want to waste a whole weekend, he reluctantly went to the meeting; luckily, that changed his destiny. As the speaker taught, Nick knew that real estate would be his next venture. Although he did not understand everything that was said, he felt that this was the way out of his debts. In ten years, Nick studied a lot on real estate and then ventured into the business with the best strategy on how to make cash. Currently, Nick Vertucci is a millionaire and him alongside his staff teach people about taking a successful career in real estate.