How The Power Of Customer Feedback Made Fabletics Beyond Famous

Kate Hudson, the beautiful star of “Almost Famous,” has been a household name as a Hollywood star, and now, also as the co-founder of the leading athletic wear company, Fabletics. As a well-known Golden Globe winning actress, Kate Hudson has continually been in the spotlight for her lean and toned figure. Naturally, Hudson’s active lifestyle gave her ample opportunity to try out a variety of workout clothing before becoming co-founder of Fabletics.


As a public figure that embodies a fit lifestyle, Kate’s first hand experience gives her a unique advantage to the competition, because she is aware of the common issues faced by women when purchasing workout clothing– if the outfit is stylish, it’s not comfortable. If it’s comfortable, the colors may be boring or dull.


While Hudson’s personal style and active involvement with Fabletics has successfully positioned the company as a fashion-forward yet approachable alternative to overpriced athletic wear, the company’s success rests on its ability to listen to the crowd.

Fabletics heavily relies on customer feedback to plan everything from product design to inventory. Hudson’s keen ability to listen to and leverage the feedback from customers ensures that Fabletics will continue to produce high quality pieces that their customers want.


Additional data derived from Fabletics’ parent company, TechStyle Fashion Group, gave Fabletics more insight for suggestions to implement in their product offerings.

As online shopping continues to increase, consumers rely heavily on customer reviews when making their online purchase decisions. Potential customers scan other customer reviews, and then weigh the pros and cons when making their decision.


Fabletics understands the power of consumer feedback, and encourages reviews from their customers. More importantly, Hudson reviews the data and listens to the customers by implementing their suggestions, creating brand loyalty and customer retention. Consumer reviews also boost a company’s search engine ranking, resulting in higher visibility and increased sales.


Kate works closely with team at Fabletics, and helps make decisions ranging from social media strategy, design, and raw sales data to determine which pieces are bestsellers. With this data, consumers get matched with their perfect outfit after entering information about their style and preferences.


By analyzing customer feedback, Hudson and the team at Fabletics are able to determine the demand for each piece, which helps plan inventory requirements as they go from design to production.


Fabletics has experienced high levels of success because of their responsiveness to customer reviews and feedback, resulting in more reviews, and more raving fans.

Because the brand is a direct reflection of Kate’s style and vision, it is easy to picture her wearing these outfits to her workout sessions and while running errands.


More importantly, with all the styles available, you can visualize yourself in those outfits as well. Give the lifestyle quiz a try right now, and say hello to your new favorite outfits!