How The Latest Star Wars Game Will Change Multiplayer VR

When most gamers think about what the future of virtual reality, they might imagine immersion beyond the audio-visual-based VR games we currently have. Some think the next step is to incorporate touch. Others may say there will be physical environments that change along with the game itself. Those thinking a bit outside the box could also add that specific features that add to the role playing aspect of multiplayer games through the medium. Those lukewarm about VR most likely want less disorientation in motion.

Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire at Downtown Disney’s Anaheim, CA location does exactly all of those things. Through several generations, Star Wars and Disney bring technological innovation in entertainment to the masses.

The 4-player shooter adventure begins with suiting up in the VR helmet and a vest that tracks movement and vibrates when taking damage. Players take hold of blaster shaped controllers. Seamlessly, the four are transported from Downtown Disney to a galaxy far, far away. They instantly become Rebels in Stormtrooper uniforms. The mission: infiltrate the Empire’s volcanic base on Mustafar and retrieve their data.

Most cracks where reality shines through is cleanly patched up. It’s perfect synchronicity that the vest and helmet make Disney-goers feel like they’re wearing Stormtrooper armor. The motion tracking is on point. The vibration feature and raising of the room temperature when the lava starts flowing in the game make it hyperreal. Virtual reality will change greatly the word spreads about Secrets of the Empire.