How Highland Capital Management Is Investing In South Korea

Highland Capital Management is a company that offers mutual funds that invest in alternative assets like emerging markets, high yield credit, real estate, and structured products. Their mutual funds are bought by those who want to diversify their portfolios like financial corporations, pension funds, and high net worth individuals. It is a company that is based in Dallas, Texas, and has additional offices overseas as well. Read this article at Dallas News.

One of Highland Capital Management’s growing markets is South Korea. They set up a subsidiary there called Highland Capital Korea Ltd. This organization set up a private equity fund that invests in the healthcare industry. As of May 2017 they had $147 million invested in the mutual fund they manage.

The first and biggest investor in Highland’s South Korean fund is that nation’s National Pension Service. This department of the South Korean government was created in 1988 and is worth almost $500 billion. In order to manage pension funds, they need to be properly diversified. The goal of those who use this fund is beyond realizing investment returns. They also want to develop co-investment opportunities in South Korea, America, and China. Learn more about Highland Capital at Affiliate Dork.

Highland Capital co-manages this fund with a South Korean venture capital company called Stonebridge Capital. It’s the first fund that Highland has created that specifically invests in healthcare in Asia. A company spokesman said that the healthcare industry makes up Highland Capital’s biggest investment in any one industry in regards to private equity. Altogether the company manages $1.5 billion in assets in this industry.

Matt Jameson works for Highland Capital as a co-head of the private equity group and as a managing director. When discussing healthcare he said that this industry, especially mid-market sized companies, represent a great opportunity for investors. He points out that the populace of the United States is getting older. He also said that in Asia more people than ever have access to healthcare services. This means that over time this sector of the economy is undoubtedly going to continue to grow.