Goettl Air Conditioning Offers its Services to the Elderly

Jean Jackson lives in Los Vegan. She is ninety four years old. Not long ago, she used to rely on two tiny window conditioners to ensure that her house was cool during the hot summer. The air conditioners currently worn out and most of the time, they do not function. She had some good air conditioners in the past, but they got old and could not be replaced. The air conditioners are no longer available in the market. She has been living in the house for over three decades, and it requires rewiring so that it can support the new air conditioning systems.

Jean depends on the Social Security for a living. Purchasing a new system in the modern times is impossible for her. For the senior people living in Las Vegas like Jean Jackson, the summer can be a dangerous time without the air conditioning system. According to CDEP, the elderly have a difficult time adjusting to the changes in temperature compared to the young. These individuals are more likely to suffer from various chronic conditions that mostly change the way the human body responses to heat.

In the past, Jean Jackson was hospitalized due to a heatstroke. When her two tiny systems collapsed and stopped functioning, paramedics in the area advised her to relocate to a nursing home to avoid the risk of getting a heatstroke. The summer heat is too hot for jean Jackson.

Not long ago, Goettl Air Conditioning partnered with its sister organization, known as The Sunny Plumber to help Jean Jackson. The company, led by Ken Goodrich, thought that it was a good idea to look after the elderly individuals in the community.

The plumbing company managed to fix the water line in Jean Jackson’s house, while Goettl Air Conditioning, helped by a company known as Daikin-Goodman Global set up a good system that is able to warm the house in winter and cool in during summer. The cost of the whole project was too high for Jackson, and she could never have afforded it on her own.

Goettl Air Conditioning was started in 1939 by Adam Goettl and Gust. The company brought its services to Les Vegas in 1986. The 2007 recession affected the company, forcing it to move to Southern Nevada. In 2015, the company returned to Les Vegas.



Goettl Air Conditioning and The Sunny Plumber: Good Deed Brings Cool Relief

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    The company is currently led by Ken Goodrich, and it has experienced a lot of success. The company offers consumers new units, repairs and maintenance of residential air conditioning systems and heat ventilation. That alone could have enabled dissertation services to get these things out of control and make sure it works really well for them.

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