For Its 25th Anniversary, Magic: The Gathering Returns To Its Roots

Welcome back to Dominaria! For those who don’t know where that is, Dominaria is a fictional plane in the world of Magic: The Gathering, the most successful and popular collectible trading card game. In the lore of the game, it’s the first world where planeswalkers, who can control and shape reality using magic as well as travel to other planes, arose. The game’s fame has fueled an intense speculation among longstanding players and collectors as the new set, titled “Return to Dominaria,” is teased.

Perhaps a little too famously! The new release of cards has already been the subject of a spoiler leak online. Wizards of the Coast, creative directors of Magic, have acknowledged the leak and clarified some of the details. Basically all the leak revealed was some new game mechanics, the number of cards in the set, and other statistics. Most fans give a collective shrug to spoilers, since they’re going to find out anyway.

Having launched in 1994, the fantasy card game is nearing its 25th anniversary – and the game’s makers are planning a huge blowout celebration. Among the many special events Wizards of the Coast has planned, they’ll be releasing stories set within the game’s universe in podcast form. And in a surprise announcement, Richard Garfield, one of the game’s original creators who had since moved on to other endeavors, has agreed to come back on board with the company to guide creative direction.

“Return to Dominaria” is scheduled for release in mid-April, 2018.