Following the Example of Dick DeVos In Order to Succeed

One thing that can be said is that there were tons of lessons to learn from the last decade. One of the lessons that have been learned is that it is best to find ways to start a business as opposed to just looking for a job. Many people have put all of their eggs in one basket. They have looked to a regular job as their hope to building their lives and retiring. Also, instead of investing, some people have played the lottery with the hopes of winning one day. This has set many people up for failure in so many different ways.


It is better to follow a different example such as Dick DeVos’s example. Dick has looked into more than just a regular job. He has looked for ways to own a business that is successful. Dick DeVos has lived as a man with dreams, aspirations and goals. His dreams, while huge, were broken down into achievable goals. He has made a ton of achievements in his lifetime. Among his achievements is the ownership of the Orlando Magic franchise. His business skills have made sure that every company that he has owned has gained value.


Dick DeVos is also a philanthropist. He and his wife do everything they can in order to help the children of their community gain the education needed to make successful business decisions. One of the reasons that Dick and Betsy are very helpful is that they look to the long term for solutions. They have a vision of where they see their community going. They make sure that everything do is working towards their vision. Learn more:


One thing that Dick DeVos and his wife understand is that one of the best things they can do is hold off on some of the short term goals if they are not helpful towards the long term goals. With a lot of careful thought, Dick and Betsy has started a foundation that has helped them inspire people to make donations to education and other important things in the lives of the residents of their hometown. They are taking one step towards rebuilding their city.