End Citizens United Raises $4 Million In The First Three Months

Before 2008, James Bopp was just a lawyer with no significant influence in the American politics. However, this status changed faster than most people had anticipated. In that year, Bopp and his organization, Citizens United, filed their first case with the Supreme Court. The group was seeking the right to air a film named “Hillary: The Movie.’ Before then, it was against the law to air such content, as there was no indication of who paid for its production and airing. The movie was based on claims that Hillary Clinton was a ‘European Socialist’ and had no space in the American political scene. The court ruled in the favor of Bopp and Citizens United.

The success of the lawsuit was laughed upon, but created the ground for the lawyer to push his agenda forward. His goal was to redefine campaign finance laws in the United States. Before 2014, corporations were not allowed to contribute to political campaigns. Such money could only be derived from individuals. In that case, Bopp and his organization successfully argued against this claim noting that the laws of the United States laws recognize corporations as ‘individuals.’ The lawyer won the campaigns allowing for the formations of super PACs in the run up to last year’s presidential elections. James Bopp has been involved in significant cases such as the right-to-life case in 1982.

However, Citizens United is not enjoying an easy life despite its previous success in the courts. End Citizens United has been founded to counter the activities of this group and prevent the flow of ‘dirty’ corporate money into US politics. The group, now two years old, has been involved in active campaigns seeking to reverse the ruling passed by the Supreme Court that allowed for the creation of a super PACs. End Citizens United hopes to achieve this objective through sending friendly candidates to both the Congress and Senate. This approach saw the group launch a strong online funding drive that helped in raising over $4 million in the first three months of the campaign. End Citizens United targets to raise $35 million before the 2018-midterm elections for the congress. This money will be used to finance the campaigns of democratic candidates who are supporting their constitutional amendment goal.

End Citizens United needs the support of at least 2/3 of the both Congress and Senate to achieve this constitutional amendment that would ban corporations from financing political campaigns. Although the last constitutional amendment in the United States was conducted in the early 90s, the group is confident that it will achieve this goal. The organization’s president and executive director, Tiffany Muller, noted that many people continue to support End Citizens United's objectives. Out of 100,000 individuals who have already donated to the group this year, 40,000 are new donors. He promised donors that the money would be used strictly towards financing the group’s goal.

This information was originally mentioned on USA Today as outlined in the following link https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/onpolitics/2017/04/04/end-citizens-united-pac-raises-4-million-/100000662/