Daniel Taub Shares Valuable Life Lessons

It pays to listen to the wisdom of those who have done well in life. There is a reason for their success. They understand life and how to avoid its pitfalls. It does not mean that anyone can escape trials and tribulations. It means they found a way to overcome and make an impact in spite of obstacles.


Daniel Taub served himself and the world well as an ambassador to Israel. His cultural background and education allowed him to successfully straddle both England and Israel. Taub readily admits to what he has accomplished for Israel and England. Through his efforts, the two countries were able to forge ties that have brought them as close as they have ever been. He is also a devout family man, and father of six children. Like any person of accomplishment, the reason for success usually gets into the personal details of what fuels their accomplishments.


Taub believes that a person should live their life in a way that one never looks back with regret. This means having done all that is possible within the scope of one’s talents. In reality, there will always be things left undone, but the accomplishments will stand on their own. Relationships are critically important as well. Others can help a person reach places they may not have been able to reach in life. Learn more: http://www.hampsteadshul.org.uk/event/isaiah-berlin-lecture-2017-daniel-taub/


Daniel Taub also believes that what a person reads can make a difference. Reading connects a person to others and the world about them. Daniel Taub’s own experience, and exposure to the writings and works of others has provided him with an entire reservoir of material from which to launch his own lectures.


He also feels there should be those times in life where a person should over indulge, but not in a harmful way. Fill up the pages of life and leave regrets behind. People like Taub are always on the move. Each level of accomplishment leads to the next adventure. There is a lot to examine and take away from Taub’s life. A major takeaway is the importance of a strong education. It opens doors and pathways that would never materialize otherwise.