Coin-In combines social gaming with online gambling

The most popular example of such marketing is The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land mobile app. The social game increases interest in the show, and it can reach the few people who do not already know about AMC’s series. Casinos have used online gambling to increase their profits for years, but Coin-In decided to combine social gaming with online gambling.


Coin-In does not want to get people gambling with each other over the Internet, and many sites already allow this. States and countries that outlaw gambling do their best to prevent people using these sites from collecting their winnings. The mobile gaming company does not plan on offering real-world rewards. The games offer discounts and rewards that players can redeem in traditional brick and mortar casinos instead.


Despite the problems with online gambling, many states have embraced the idea of brick and mortar casinos. Several organizations push states to legalize gambling to fund education and lower property taxes.


Coin-in has partnered with several casinos, mostly in the Las Vegas and Atlantic City areas, to test its initial plan. Users can download the games from the Google Play Market or the Apple App Store. Windows users may soon be able to download such games from the Windows Store.




Coin-In uses social game rewards to get people into physical casinos



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    Pennsylvania uses the proceeds from legalized gambling to add funds to the services it provides for people who are elderly and disabled. Companies know that social gaming is a great way to increase awareness of their products. It is a very good improvement by especially in the way they have their things handled properly.

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