Chili’s Promotes Social Gaming At All Of Their Tables

The popular family friendly chain restaurant known as Chili’s is serving up a side of gaming with every visit that you make. They do this in the form of having a tablet like device at every table as well as a few at the bar.


The device is made by a company called Ziosk and is intended to make your dining experience more enjoyable. This is because the device not only allows you to place an order for a refill on your drinks or pay your bill right at the table, but also gives you the chance to play unlimited games from a fun collection loaded onto the tablet. There is small charge added to your bill for the games, but you enjoy as many as you want during your stay.


While some of the games are similar to what your might play alone on your phone or tablet, there are others which are designed with a more social goal in mind. These games are meant to bring people in the same restaurant together for a trivia challenge or a round of some other fun game that they might enjoy. You do not have to take part in the social aspect of this device if you don’t want to of course, but the option is always open to you.


There are plenty of games on the device to meet the preferences of just about anyone. Also, all of the games are kid-friendly as well so you don’t have to worry about anything like that. The restaurant is a family-friendly place after all.


Even if you do not use your Ziosk device to socialize with other patrons in the restaurant, you can at least use it to bring the family together. You might all compete in a trivia challenge or work on something else. This is a fun way to kill a little time while you wait on your food. You may just learn something new while you are at it as well.