Zynga Sets Records Regardless Of Slots Play

Social slot machine gaming has declined on the Zynga platform as of late. Still, the social gaming company has been able to report record revenues. This was the first time that it has been able to turn a profit at all since 2010. Right when some people wanted to count them down and out, the company rebounded by posting great numbers.

A lot of the concern for the company stemmed from the fact that they had less than appealing numbers in terms of social slot machine games. There were fewer players on those games, and that should have been something that contributed to the general decline of revenues in general for the company many people assumed. However, that was not necessarily the case. Instead, the company was able to post the best numbers that they have ever had.

The success is being attributed to the fact that the company has always been “mobile first” oriented. In other words, they have focused on how to put their content on the smartphones of their users rather than just out on the Internet as a whole. That matters to a lot of people because many people turn to their phones well before they turn to their computers these days.

Harpan Solitare and Peak Games were two companies acquired by Zynga in the past year, and that has helped to boost those revenues as well. In short, Zynga appears healthier than ever as social gaming remains something that is here to stay for the long term.

Zynga Makes Its Biggest Buy Yet, Announces Fresh Round of Layoffs

The seven-year-old online and social gaming platform, Zynga, has announced the fresh lay off during this next month, for the company, they are always engaged in working to attain maximum profits through their impending strategic capabilities in a manner that is not predicted in the industry. Zynga is the home of FarmVile. This is one of the most prominent online gaming platforms in the United States. During this time, the company decided to engage in working capabilities that could make it adopted in a manner that is not paralleled in the industry. The company has said that it will lay off more than 314 employees due to the unpredictable market ahead of them.


Zynga has more than 1,000 employees. It is a United States-based company with many outlets in Europe and Canada. Because they have seen an impending economic crisis coupled up with a reduction in online gaming capabilities, the company will see many people engage in straight sales through their estimated responsibility. The company has also said that this layoff marks the biggest in the industry. This is because more than 15 percent of their employees will be sent home without any work misconduct. According to a recent study, the company has more than 2,100 employees.


According to the CEO, the company has also used more than $526 million of their yearly revenue to purchase NaturalMotion game. This is one of the largest acquisitions made by the company since it was founded. Because of this, their business has worked to attain maximum benefit.