Eye Care Products Reviewed by Kim Dao

Have you ever wondered if all the hype about certain products rings true? Kim Dao who is a famous YouTube vlogger and blogger also wondered about certain beauty products. Kim swung by her local beauty supply store in Japan and picked up a few products to put to the test. One product that she purchased is the face roller. This face roller is supposed to be used on a clean face. The user is told to roll it across freshly cleansed skin for about ten minutes. Kim admits that if feels similar to a face massage that it goes between relaxing and slightly annoying. Kim Dao did not feel as though this product would really make a difference in her appearance or in relaxing her facial muscles (https://www.crunchbase.com/person/kim-dao). The next product that Kim Dao reviewed is an eye brow template. You place the template on your eyebrow and use an eye shadow brush with your desired shade of brown or black to dust product along your exposed eye brow. When Kim Dao removed the template she had a perfectly darkened and enhanced looking brow. Kim actually liked this product and felt as though it worked well. Kim admits that for people who are not great at darkening their eye brows this product works well. A third product Kim used was a double sided eye lid tape. This gets applied to the crease of the eye to help make the eyes appear larger. Kim did not like this product, she said it was rather annoying and uncomfortable and she would not use this every day. More products reviewed by Kim Dao can be viewed here.