An End to Yahoo Esports

Over the past few years, Yahoo Esports has been one of the leading sources for gaming news. As of today, they will be closing and preparing for a merge with Yahoo Sports. Travis Gafford, the Head of Esports Media, addressed fans and followers in a public statement. He thanked everybody for their continuous support and incredible number of views. The public has demonstrated a commitment to Esports that was far beyond their initial vision. In the upcoming weeks, the social media accounts of Yahoo Esports will disband. Nevertheless, Yahoo will create archives of all past articles and interviews. Future content may cease, but what remains will be treasured forever. Yahoo was one of the first companies to dive into the world of Esports, and without them, the industry would not be the same today. They were well known for quality releases that detailed the lives and accomplishments of gamers around the world. From League of Legends to CS:GO to Hearthstone, Yahoo Esports covered it all under one umbrella.


Gafford will not be without a position in the near future. He has numerous connections with Riot Games and the League Championship Series that will allow him to continue interviews and press releases. In addition, Gafford has worked with players themselves on a personal basis. His most famous interaction was with Peter “Doublelift” Peng, where he provided housing for the young prodigy before he became a superstar. Today, Gafford is a well liked figure who travels between gaming houses and facilities for the LCS. Growing up in the Esports scene, he wants to remain in this industry as long as possible. Gafford has firsthand experience with the most talented minds of this generation. While there is room to grow, his work with Yahoo Esports will remain at the top of all media.