World of Warcraft Makes Updates, Energizes Fanbase.

Blizzard is a pioneer in the world of gaming. The legendary company essentially invented the massively multiplayer online gaming experience that we know of today and their work with World of Warcraft will go down in gaming history. Over the past twenty years, World of Warcraft has done many great things and Blizzard has been committed to bringing consistent updates that keep their players engaged and ready to play. Now, Blizzard is making headlines thanks to a brand new update that is changing a core, if small, aspect to the game — how orcs stand.

No, we aren’t joking. One of the most iconic aspects of the World of Warcraft gaming experience is the cartoonish graphics of the primary races. The Orcs, one of the most popular Horde races, are known for their wide shoulders and slight hunch. These monstrous creatures have become fan favorites and were even the highlight of the World of Warcraft movie (that did not do well, financially speaking). Now, one of the most iconic aspects of the Orc race is going to change. News broke when data miners sifted through an upcoming World of Warcraft patch to find that Orcs are going to be losing their hunch — literally.

Blizzard has constantly been putting in the effort to adapt their game over the years and this change is just more of that concept brought to life. Orcs will be able to stand up straight for the first time ever and we have no doubt that fans are going to be vocal in their response.

World of Warcraft Aims to Bring People Back in 2018.

Every serious online gamer knows the first time that they entered the World of Azeroth. Whether you ported in as a member of the Alliance or as a member of the Horde, your first foray into the game was likely magical — literally. Learning the ins and outs of MMORPGs is an important moment in the evolution of gamers everywhere. Now, the team at Blizzard is looking to reach way back in order to give gamers that dose of nostalgia once again. With the advent of World of Warcraft: Classic, we are going to see a reinvigorated Azeroth. Why should you consider coming back?

Well, there are a number of different reasons as to why World of Warcraft is once again pulling in brand-new players. As capably laid out by the team at Kotaku, the one largest reason is that the legendary title is pushing on almost 14 years of content laid out across capably constructed zones in a variety of different unique maps. The world of Azeroth is teeming with life and history and it can be absolutely enrapturing to lean back into the game and really take in all that the game has to offer. Still, why would this appeal to a veteran returning to play the game?

The big reason that retired WoW players need to return to World of Warcraft is simple: Blizzard recently added world scaling to the entire land of Azeroth. Your toon now scales to the area around you which makes the map larger than it has ever been before. Are you ready to jump back in?

World of Warcraft Guilds Get Vicious to Make Raids

One of the most alluring aspects of online, social gaming is the ability to connect with and game alongside players around the world. When it comes to social gaming, the work that Blizzard has done with ‘World of Warcraft’ should be considered second-to-none. With that being said, sometimes the competitiveness of social gaming can go a little bit too far. According to recent news, some of the top guilds in the World of Warcraft universe actually go so far as to DDOS their opponents in order to snag their sweet raid spots.

Right now, the race is on for the top WoW guilds to make an impact by defeating the newest expansion boss, Argus the Unmaker. After more than five days of public play, the top guilds in WoW have still failed to actually down the big baddy. According to Jeathebell, an officer for the guild Limit, the guild Adois has been going to great lengths to keep their opposition from winning the race. According to Jeathebelle, a member of Adois was posting links to specific websites that would scrape IP addresses and disconnect players from the game. A little bit of research went on to show that this has actually been a common occurrence for Adois guild-members.

So far, Adois has refused to condemn the actions of their high-ranking player and it doesn’t seem like anyone is going to do anything about it. Members of Limit, however, are making sure that everyone knows about the cheating that Adois is condoning.