Aristocrat Acquires U.S. Company

In the world of gaming, you often hear of companies from the U.S. and Japan acquiring others. However, this time it is a little bit different from the norm you are used to. Australian poker company Aristocrat has inked a $1.3 billion deal to buy a really popular U.S. based gaming company that will help them grow their business.

Aristocrat bought Big Fish Games, which will make it grow to double its former size. Now it is the second biggest casino gaming business in the world when taking their total revenue into account on a yearly basis.

The CEO Trevor Croker said he expects it to grow his company’s footprint tremendously. Big Fish is out of Seattle and it makes all kinds of social and mobile games, even on desktop, such as Gummy Drop and Fairway Solitaire. The move should boost their overall sales as well.

At the core of Aristrocrat’s business, they make poker machines. This is something that they have done for a while now. However, they found that with mobile technology on the rise, they needed something to boost cash flow and pay off debts so they could grow and scale quickly.

This new move to acquire a competitor should serve as a future glimpse into what is possible, said the CEO. They hope the move will consolidate their position in the industry and compete with big players like those out of Nevada.