Wild Poker Is an Innovative Social Gaming App

There has been an explosion in popularity of social gaming apps recently. App developers are realizing that there is quite a bit of money to be made it the social gaming industry. Therefore, a wide variety of apps are being released on a regular basis. One of the most exciting of those apps is called Wild Poker. It is developed by Playtrex. It is the only social gaming app that the company is responsible for creating as of yet. Playtrex got started in 2016 and it is located in Israel.

Wild Poker was able to secure an endorsement deal with Floyd Mayweather. The undefeated boxer will appear in a future version of the game as both a presenter and a playable character. This is not your standard poker app. The game is different than other poker apps because it allows you to choose different animal characters as the game progresses. Each of these animals has a different special power that you can use to get an advantage over other people who are playing against you. Once you use the animal’s power, you will need to wait several hands until you can use it again.

It is unknown when Mayweather will begin appearing in new versions of Wild Poker. His partnership with Playtrex and Wild Poker was just recently announced. Therefore, it might take a while for the designers of the game to be able to integrate him into the game. It is also not known if the game will use his real voice.