Securus Technologies’ Launches a Video Visitation Advertisement Campaign.

Securus Technologies is one of the United States’ leading companies that offer technology solutions for the correctional institutions. The firm recently informed the public on its plans to launch a campaign to display to the public the advantages of using the remote Video Visitation product. The application will be commercialized for the next one months in different parts of the United States. The chief executive officer and chairperson of the Securus Technologies, Richard A. Smith, said that the advertisement of the software is important since it will allow people to learn the advantages of using it and its efficiency in connecting people.


The company believes that its Video Visitation application is dedicated to ensuring that individuals can see their loved ones regularly, and it is not meant to change the normal face to face visitation of inmates. The program has various advantages, and they include minimizing the expenses that are incurred when traveling to the correctional facility and the time that is spent there. Various critics have been comparing the software with Skype and other video chats. It has various unique features such as automation, security, registration, organizing, and high-quality technology. Mr. Smith is aware that sheriffs and wardens have security responsibilities that are appreciated by Securus Technologies but are not recognized by many people.


The company provided data on the performance of the video visitation program in the market. It showed that approximately 178 agencies in the United States use the application. It attracts about 160,000 users per month and 2 million every year. The video visitation has also gotten a total of 232,000 and 110,000 users use the software regularly. The average charge that is paid by the users is $2.72 per visit. An individual saves more than $100 whenever he or she uses the video visitation program. The Securus Technologies’ product offers options that people can use to keep in touch with their loved ones.

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