The Crew 2 – Closed Beta Review on PS4

The Crew 2 Closed Beta has finally opened its door for users to drive around the MotorNation to take to the hundreds of events scattered across the environment. Players are already begging for the opportunity to get a sneak peek at what the full game presents, even after just a few hours on the closed beta version.


The new features include the opportunity to pilot sailboats and stunt planes, in addition to already speeding across the streets in several racing disciplines. Ivory Tower, the development studio, has polished many of the best features from the original game that released several years ago. The closed beta is already receiving positive feedback, as the game apparently feels much more polished and offers users a complete racing experience.


The closed beta is just a tease of what the full game should represent, and players will have the opportunity to play the full game early if they preorder the gold or motor edition of the game. These versions come with some special in-game benefits as well as future downloadable content in the season pass.


The closed beta still has an entire weekend of opportunities to enjoy the various activities around MotorNation, although most of the premier content is locked beyond the basics. Still, exploration is a complete possibility in the beta since the entire map is open for the duration of the closed beta.


Ghostbusters Franchise to Receive It’s Own Augmented Reality Game

In recent years, there has been a wide range of mobile games that have launched to be met with a lot of success. One of the most recent mobile releases was Pokemon Go, a game that had players in an augmented reality world in which the goal was to catch Pokemon. What is notable about augmented reality games is that they allow the players to take part in an experience that most mobile games don’t offer.

That being said, fans of the Ghostbusters franchise will soon have their own chance to play within an augmented reality world. A new game called Ghostbusters World recently released a teaser trailer that is gaining a lot of buzz on Twitter. Bleeding Cool reports that this tweet was released on the official Ghostbusters World Twitter account on February 23rd.

Fans of the Ghostbusters franchise are likely to have a great time collecting monsters and ghosts that are officially licensed creatures. It also appears likely that this game will see a similar degree of popularity as the previously mentioned Pokemon Go game has received when considering the popularity of the Ghostbusters franchise.

To summarize, a recent announcement was made the features the first look at the upcoming Ghostbusters World game. This game will be released on mobile devices, allowing players to take part in an augmented reality experience. In addition, players will be able to catch monsters and ghosts that were pulled from official Ghostbusters movies, video games, and other forms of media.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Takes Place in Augmented Reality

Fans of the Harry Potter franchise have enjoyed being able to see this title character and his friends take part in a series of adventures that have spanned decades. Fortunately, it appears as if Harry Potter fans have a new game release to be excited about. This game is notable due to the fact that it is made by the same creators behind the massively popular Pokemon Go release.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is the official title of the new augmented reality game that is set to release within this year. The Daily Star reports that a number of notable features will be included within this game including the ability to cast spells, find artifacts, and take part in a unique character progression system. This game is reported to take place during the time range between the birth of Harry Potter and his enrollment within Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

To summarize, a new Harry Potter game will soon be released on mobile devices. What is notable about Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is that this game will take place within a world of augmented reality. Many franchises have experienced massive amounts of success after releasing games that are made utilizing augmented reality technology. In addition, players will be allowed to take part in classes with professors from the fictional Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Fans of the Harry Potter franchise will be happy to know that many official characters will appear in this new game.

Social Gaming Viewing App Has Been Released For iPhone

Former Apple executives have released a new app for the iPhone that is already causing a stir. They have made something they call “Caffine”. It is an app that allows users to watch some of their very favor gamers as they play the games they love to play.

The viewing of others playing games is nothing particular new. This has been a popular activity for some time. What is different is how many companies are getting involved with providing these service. They see all of those eyeballs viewing something and understand the marketing potential behind that.

These Apple executives who made the app thought that this would be a more social and safe way for people to view game play compared to “Twitch” by Amazon. They also developed it so that it is incredibly easy to use. They wanted anyone who got their app to have no difficulty at all getting to the point where they were able to view the players that they wanted to whenever they wanted to do so.

There is a “one click” easiness about this app that makes it truly desirable even for new users. That is the kind of thing that brings out big numbers when it comes to people who have subscribed to this application already. Considering that, other developers are likely to launch their own versions of this soon. Before long, we all may be looking at our smartphones not to answer texts or e-mails but to watch our favorite video games being played by experts.

Big Changes Coming To Twitch’s Terms of Service

If you’re a gamer, then there is a good chance you’re well aware of what Twitch is. A popular platform for people playing video games, they can then stream themselves and their gameplay to viewers worldwide.

However, one of the bigger issues that has been plaguing the website for years is the vagueness of rules. That plans to change soon as Twitch recently released a full list of changes coming to the Terms of Service and rules for the streaming platform.

Among these rules is a tougher crack down on harassment and bullying. Streamers using the platform to make certain types of viewers feel welcomed will receive temporary or potentially even permanent bans.

Another big change is the enforcement of stopping sexual content from appearing on the site. Not long ago, Twitch faced backlash for being an Amazon owned website yet had certain female streamers performing questionable acts on camera. However, Twitch’s new guidelines appear to try to stifle these types of streamers stating they’ll be monitoring, “stream title, camera angles, emotes, panels, attire, overlays, and chat moderation. Offering access to prohibited sexual content such as “lewds” on Twitch remains prohibited.”

These changes are planned to go into effect this March, but some that use the platform have questioned just how much the rules will be enforced as Twitch has had a vague aura around the rules in the past. Just how much these changes will effect Twitch remains to be seen, but only time will tell.

Why Has Fortnite Surpassed PUBG in Popularity?

Fortnite Battle Royale has taken the online gaming world by storm over the past few months. The third-person shooter pits 100 players against each other in a winner take all competition that sees them scavenging for weapons and supplies over a vast island in an attempt to outlast and outkill their opponents.

Fortnite was originally derided as a clone of the popular battle royale game PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds(PUBG) which debuted on PC before being ported over to the Xbox One. Since then, Fortnite has surpassed the popularity of the popular PUBG and has seen millions of gamers flocking to its strategic, intense shooter gameplay.

What sets Fornite apart from PUBG is pacing. Each game takes place on an island that players drop into where they must gather weapons and supplies in order to survive. A shrinking zone of safety throughout the match forces players into a more confined area, leading to intense gun battles. While PUBG features a much larger map and a longer period of time between shrinkages of the safety zone, Fortnite’s smaller map and quicker intervals in the reduction of the play area force players into combat much more quickly. This causes less downtime waiting around for something to happen to provide a sense of instant gratification.

This more streamlined approach, combined with Fortnite’s cartoony graphics and less emphasis on realistic physics, makes for a more friendly experience that can attract more casual gamers not looking for something overly serious and complex to play.

World of Warcraft Aims to Bring People Back in 2018.

Every serious online gamer knows the first time that they entered the World of Azeroth. Whether you ported in as a member of the Alliance or as a member of the Horde, your first foray into the game was likely magical — literally. Learning the ins and outs of MMORPGs is an important moment in the evolution of gamers everywhere. Now, the team at Blizzard is looking to reach way back in order to give gamers that dose of nostalgia once again. With the advent of World of Warcraft: Classic, we are going to see a reinvigorated Azeroth. Why should you consider coming back?

Well, there are a number of different reasons as to why World of Warcraft is once again pulling in brand-new players. As capably laid out by the team at Kotaku, the one largest reason is that the legendary title is pushing on almost 14 years of content laid out across capably constructed zones in a variety of different unique maps. The world of Azeroth is teeming with life and history and it can be absolutely enrapturing to lean back into the game and really take in all that the game has to offer. Still, why would this appeal to a veteran returning to play the game?

The big reason that retired WoW players need to return to World of Warcraft is simple: Blizzard recently added world scaling to the entire land of Azeroth. Your toon now scales to the area around you which makes the map larger than it has ever been before. Are you ready to jump back in?

A New Social Gaming App Has Big Funding Dollars Behind It

Popular social gaming apps at the moment include Twitch and YouTube Gaming. These are popular places for people to watch some of their favorite gamers in the world do what they do best.

The phenomenon of watching other people game is something that has taken off as a late. People who are in the business of making money off of new technologies have definitely paid attention to the fact that people love watching others game. A couple of former Apple executives have decided to create their own social gaming app that would rival Twitch and other industry leaders.

They call their creation “Caffeine” and it has already received $46 million in initial funding says That is huge since most start-ups are just scrapping by to have any money in their coffers at the end of the day. People realize that this one is in a particularly good business with some very smart people standing behind it. They think it is a worthwhile investment.

The app has already boasted some big numbers in terms of popularity and subscribers. It probably has to do with the fact that the app is very user-friendly and makes it easy to navigate around to find just the people that you want to follow and watch them game.

This is something that could really revolutionize the social gaming atmosphere. Making life easier and easier for those who want to watch others play games is something that will surely translate to more and more people getting involved over time.

Milestone Releases Newest Rally Racing Game

The latest offering from Italian game developer Milestone S.r.l. and Square Enix released on Tuesday. Gravel is an off-road racing game that uses a fictional racing television show to help players immerse themselves in rally racing challenges.

Japanese video game publisher Square Enix first announced the racing game in March 2017. At the time, the company planned to release Gravel in summer 2017. However, they soon pushed the release date back to 2018 to avoid competition from big racing titles like Forza Motorsport 7 and Dirt 4. The game was developed by Milestone S.r.l., the Milan-based developer known for racing games like Superbike World Championship and Ride 2. The company unveiled a preview of the game at New York Comic Con in October and allowed visitors to play a preliminary demo.

Gravel offers a single-player mode and a multi-player mode. Players can choose from over 50 rear-wheel-drive cars and trucks to compete in the in-game racing television series Offroad Masters. Each player starts as a rookie driver and must work their way up to challenge the masters of four different types of racing: point-to-point, closed track racing, rallycross and competitive event racing. Players can choose several tracks to race on, including fictional courses in the Australian Outback, Alaska, Florida and Namibia, as well as real-world circuits like the Pista Automóvel de Montalegre in Portugal.

Free Trial of Destiny 2 Now Available

You can now try out the extremely popular online first-person shooter “Destiny 2” for free thanks to a trial version of the game that was released yesterday by the game’s creators. The free trial is currently available to download on the PS4, Xbox One or PC.


Everyone that downloads the “Destiny 2” trial will get the chance to play the first two campaign missions. You will also be able to play the award-winning competitive multiplayer mode. While you will only be able to access the multiplayer through quickplay, that still gives you a chance to explore several of the game’s beautiful planets with your friends.


Unlike most free trials, there is absolutely no time limit for the new trial of “Destiny 2.” You will be allowed to play multiplayer matches until your character reaches level 7. While the length of time to reach this limit will ultimately be determined based on your overall skill at the game, everyone should be able to get several hours of fun social gaming out of the free “Destiny 2” trial.


A free chance to play one of the biggest games of the year is the perfect way to determine if you want to join the “Destiny” community. The newly released sequel has greatly improved nearly every aspect of the original game, so this is a great way to give the franchise another try. All of your online character and campaign progress in the free trial will transfer over if you purchase the complete game in the future.