Free Trial of Destiny 2 Now Available

You can now try out the extremely popular online first-person shooter “Destiny 2” for free thanks to a trial version of the game that was released yesterday by the game’s creators. The free trial is currently available to download on the PS4, Xbox One or PC.


Everyone that downloads the “Destiny 2” trial will get the chance to play the first two campaign missions. You will also be able to play the award-winning competitive multiplayer mode. While you will only be able to access the multiplayer through quickplay, that still gives you a chance to explore several of the game’s beautiful planets with your friends.


Unlike most free trials, there is absolutely no time limit for the new trial of “Destiny 2.” You will be allowed to play multiplayer matches until your character reaches level 7. While the length of time to reach this limit will ultimately be determined based on your overall skill at the game, everyone should be able to get several hours of fun social gaming out of the free “Destiny 2” trial.


A free chance to play one of the biggest games of the year is the perfect way to determine if you want to join the “Destiny” community. The newly released sequel has greatly improved nearly every aspect of the original game, so this is a great way to give the franchise another try. All of your online character and campaign progress in the free trial will transfer over if you purchase the complete game in the future.

Aristocrat Acquires U.S. Company

In the world of gaming, you often hear of companies from the U.S. and Japan acquiring others. However, this time it is a little bit different from the norm you are used to. Australian poker company Aristocrat has inked a $1.3 billion deal to buy a really popular U.S. based gaming company that will help them grow their business.

Aristocrat bought Big Fish Games, which will make it grow to double its former size. Now it is the second biggest casino gaming business in the world when taking their total revenue into account on a yearly basis.

The CEO Trevor Croker said he expects it to grow his company’s footprint tremendously. Big Fish is out of Seattle and it makes all kinds of social and mobile games, even on desktop, such as Gummy Drop and Fairway Solitaire. The move should boost their overall sales as well.

At the core of Aristrocrat’s business, they make poker machines. This is something that they have done for a while now. However, they found that with mobile technology on the rise, they needed something to boost cash flow and pay off debts so they could grow and scale quickly.

This new move to acquire a competitor should serve as a future glimpse into what is possible, said the CEO. They hope the move will consolidate their position in the industry and compete with big players like those out of Nevada.

Magic: the Gathering Artwork Taking More Progressive Turn?

The collectible trading card game Magic: The Gathering has long passed its 20th anniversary, and it’s still going strong. Over the decades, the game has woven an elaborate fantasy universe filled with everything from dragons to zombies to pirates to wizards, and everything else. But one aspect of the Magic universe has usually been consistent: the game’s fan base has traditionally been male, so the game’s artwork thus tends to favor the male gaze whenever depicting a female.

But one sharp set of eyes over at’s Motherboard has noticed something different about a female snake character: A lack of prominent female breasts. In asking why she doesn’t have mammary glands, one might be tempted to reply “Because she’s a snake, dummy!” But in the Magic universe, that never slows them down. The article goes on to show examples from the game’s artwork of everything from humanoid cats to hissing vampires, all of whom could fill out a D cup nicely.

Wizards of the Coast, makers of Magic: The Gathering, do seem to be trying to open the game’s culture up to be more inclusive. Just this last year the Magic universe introduced its first black female planeswalker, traditionally being its marquee brand of character. Recent expansion sets have also introduced a bi-racial couple and a transgender legendary commander character.

It goes to show, equal representation counts, even in the universe of a fantasy card game.

Destiny 2 Breaks Precedent With PC Version Announced

Breaking the console-only precedent set by the original Destiny for PlayStation 3, PlayStation4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One, Bungie announced a PC version of its highly-anticipated sequel, Destiny 2.


The original Destiny missing the PC platform was widely seen as something of a head-scratcher, given Bungie’s cross-generational release plan. The Massively Multiplayer Online/First-Person Shooter (MMOFPS) hybrid is known for being the first major brush with the MMO gameplay loop for many console gamers, which compounded the surprise to PC gamers who expected such a natural fit for the platform to arrive eventually.


Destiny 2 on PC will release in five editions ranging from the standard digital edition with just the base game, to the physical Limited Edition that includes: two expansions, a Limited Edition SteelBook case, a Collector’s Box, and three exclusive pieces of premium digital content.


Halo/Destiny veterans Bungie premiered their latest with an unexpectedly silly trailer, which likely focuses on moments of levity as a riposte to the lukewarm response from gamers to the deathly serious tone of the original game.


Those who pre-order Destiny 2 will gain access to a beta period, guaranteed before launch. Bungie promises to announce the dates for this early access soon. With the story reveal trailer in the bag, there will be a gameplay reveal in May, and the final run of information just before Destiny 2‘s launch in September.


Cross-play between platforms is not confirmed. While this is possible for a handful of active games like Killer Instinct, Rocket League, and Street Fighter V, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One users have yet to receive a game that allows play between the two systems. Additionally, the first-person nature of the game means mouse and keyboard users on the PC may have an unfair advantage over controller users on consoles, so cross-play between PC and just one of the two major console services is unlikely.


While the original game never did make the jump to PC, the upcoming Destiny 2 releases on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC on September 8th, 2017.