US Olympic Swim Team Methodology to Remain the Same

The International Olympic Committee made headlines this past week by removing some old sports, adding some new ones, and making changes to a few other sports. One sport that saw a few different changes was the sport of Olympic swimming. While there were some changes to the sport in the Olympics, it does not appear that it will have an immediate impact on the US Olympic and International Swimming Team (


During an update by the IOC in the last week, two new events were added to the 2020 Olympic roster. The two new events were the Men’s 800 and the Women’s 1500 freestyle swims. While several nations will likely change their approach to selecting their international swim teams in the meantime, the IOC has stated that they will not be making any immediate changes. For the time being, the US team will use the same methodology. However, this could change in the coming years as the team’s try to compensate for the change in events.


Today, the US Olympic Swim Team has a pretty clear way that they prioritize members of the team. The International team, which will have 26 male and 26 female swimmers, will choose new teams and update rosters at least once per year. The way that members get added to the team is based on a priority list. The first priority for swimmers will be winners of prior Olympic medals in either relay or individual awards. The next will be based on those who were able to finish first or second in the trials for either the 100 or 200 freestyle swims.


The next priority for swimmers is to win a race at an international event, other than the Olympics. The next priority will come to those that are able to finish in a ranking position at an Olympic event, followed by those that are able to medal at an international event that is not the Olympics.