Four of the Top UK Vintners Making Up a Bigger Part of the British Wine Industry

The United Kingdom is one of the contributors in the European wine industry. Britain is one of the smaller producers of wine and one of the leading importers internationally. In the 21st century, the United Kingdom’s wine industry has experienced rapid growth due to some factors such as the local food movement, a move by consumers to reduce the amount of food miles connected to the produce purchased.

The wine industry in the UK also received a boost from the appointment of the HRH Duchess of Cornwell as the president of the United Kingdom Vineyards Association in July of 2011, and the festival of Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee in June 2012.

Currently, the United Kingdom has an established wine industry with leading wine vintners, such as Capital Vintners, Viader Vintners, Merchant Vintners, A & B Vintners, McKinley Vintners and UKV PLC.

The Vintner is under the leadership of its founder Tom, who comes from a long line of wine merchants in the UK, the Gilbeys. The Gilbeys is a 19th-century wine company that was launched in 1856. The vintner’s mission is to make it easier for clients to select wines. They have a modernized website with a listing of their 100 wines, dessert arrays and suggestions on the best wine and food combinations.

Viader Vintners ( has a history of 15 years in Britain’s wine industry. Viader is a family operated firm that launched in 2001.The founder, Gilbert Viader is a Frenchman and restaurant specialist who has led the company to have a famous name for its quality wine and dedicated customer service for both its trade and private clients. Viader has regional offices in 18 local and worldwide locations.

John Arnold founded A & B Vintners in 1998, in the headquarters, Kent. The company offers specialized wines from Rhone, Burgundy, Oregon, Southern France, Austria, Germany, Italy and Piedmont.

John maintains a close relationship with customers by addressing their areas of concerns directly. He also works closely with their wine producers to ensure that the quality of the wines remains unique for all their white, red, rose wines and sparkling champagnes.

UKV PLC specializes in buying and selling the Investment Grand Luxury fine wines and champagnes. They partner with leading wine brands in Italy, France, and Spain. This UK Vintner ensures that customers seeking to fill up their wine cellars receive exceptional services. Some of their notable wines include the Dom Perignon 2002, Bordeaux and Burgundy.