The Trading Wizzard-Greg Secker

Greg Secker is an English Businessman, who has been actively involved in giving back to the society. He is the founder of the Greg Secker Foundation that helps in empowering the youth, by providing quality education, and instilling life skills. Greg hopes to integrate philanthropy into business, so as to help the society.

  1. Who is Greg Secker?

Greg Secker is a 42 year old entrepreneur, philanthropist, motivational speaker, and an international trader. In addition, Secker is a writer of Financial Freedom, The Book of Success, Trading Your Way to Success, among others. Greg owns several companies such as the Capital Index, Smart Chart, Learn to Trade and The Greg Foundation. He also runs a non-governmental organization that helps improve lives among the youth. One of his philanthropic organizations is ‘Build a House’ that is based in Philippines. He is among the 200 most influential entrepreneurs and philanthropists.

  1. Greg Secker’s Professional Life

Greg was already a multi-millionaire in his twenties. His professional journey started at the Thomas Cook Financial Services. Later he became the vice president at the Mellon Financial Corporation. This position helped him to perform trades with the best traders in the world. From this experience, he started his trading floor. In addition, his experience was useful in mentoring people in trade sectors. Through this, he established the Knowledge of Action Group and The Global Success Summit.

Greg is among the most sought experts and is frequently featured in the CNBC. Together with other prominent entrepreneurs like Richard Branson, and Robert Kyosaki, he offers mentorship to the youth.

  1. Greg Interview – CEOCFO Magazine

Greg is an interesting and ambitious entrepreneur. This is seen through his interest of exploring various businesses like selling computers while still studying at the university. His interest in trying new things made him a multimillionaire in his twenties. With all this experience, he has been attending seminars, motivating the youth and other traders from the world.

From the interview on CEOCFO Magazine, he highlights that his plans for the Greg Secker Foundation is to rehabilitate the victims of typhoon in Philippines and bringing the community back on its feet. There is more to life than just making profits in business. Giving back to the society is his driving force.


How George Secker Has Succeeded In The World Of Investing

Greg Secker doesn’t like to ask why questions as he’d rather just agree to do things and then figure it out from there. It’s his philosophy that you’ve got to try new things and think creatively about solutions. He says this leads to earning money, as he puts it, anywhere, anytime, and in any place.

While Greg Secker started out studying food sciences in college he instead transitioned to finance. He made this leap after attending a job fair and talking to the person staffing the stand for Thomas Cook Financial Services. He ended up getting offered a job which he took which led to him both working on the trading floor and building a software program he called Virtual Trading Desk. This software eventually became the first online currency trading platform which enabled people to trade currency from anywhere in the world.

In addition to building his own trading company as well as his current one teaching others how to make money trading, George Secker also established the Greg Secker Foundation. This nonprofit is focused on helping young people build life skills that they can take with them into the world of education and work. He established a Youth Leadership Summit which featured several famous speakers who talked to the kids about how to build wealth and relationships as well as the importance of staying healthy and how to develop the mindset of an entrepreneur.

As a very successful English businessman, George Secker has written a number of books about how to trade successfully as well as how to build a business. He has also established a number of successful companies including Capital Index, Learn to Trade, SmartCharts Software, and FX Capital. After working on a trading floor for about a decade he retired from that in order to become a forex trader. He set up his own trading floor in his living room and made a large sum of money. He decided to teach his trading methods to others as well as sell them his software solutions so that they could find the same success in trading that he had attained.