New Social Gaming App for Tesla Drivers

Tesla, the American automaker that marries sustainable energy with high technology for the benefit of passionate drivers, has created a veritable ecosystem for enthusiasts who wish to improve their driving experience through modifications and mobile apps. To this effect, two electric vehicle owners have developed what seems to the first social gaming application for Tesla drivers.

According to Teslarati, a website dedicated to news, information and rumors about all things Tesla, Ben Schippers and Will Schenk are software developers and Tesla owners who have envisioned a way to marry Big Data collection with driving patterns and vehicle performance for the purpose of creating a fun social gaming app.

On the surface, the Teslab app simply collects telematics data as Tesla owners drive down the road in their beloved electric vehicles. The data gathering is made possible by the open source nature of Tesla’s API, and it is organized in a manner that is fun to parse and analyze; furthermore, the app adds a bit of gamification by means of leaderboards, awards and badges. For example, a driver who enjoys zipping down open highways in Ludicrous mode will probably get speed awards but nothing in the way of energy efficiency. The app connects to a cloud server that parses driving data, keeps a count of points earned, and publishes a leaderboard.

As can be expected, the most attractive Teslab award is the Most Efficient badge, which can be earned by crafty drivers who can log the longest driving distances on a single charge. Teslab is in beta status as of late January.