Teslabs Makes a Social Gaming Experience out of Your Tesla

Tesla drivers have a handful of cool apps. Already in their hands have been remote control and Supercharger apps. Now, they get one that’s a little more fun and hopes to increase the Tesla driving experience by making it more fun.

New York-based HappyFunCorp, founded by two Tesla owners, has released a beta for a new app called Teslab. The idea is simple. You drive your Tesla while running the app, and you can collect awards based on how you drive and how far. Supercharger users can compete to become “mayor” of a given location, and the company even has a leaderboard to highlight the farthest-driving drivers in any 24-hour period.

They also give out efficiency awards which reward efficient driving and punish lead-footed ones. Instead, those drivers can win awards for the most Superchargers visited in one trip. Users can “follow” other users of the app to compare their stats to others and even engage in some healthy competition with their achievements.

Teslab does more than just provide fun awards. There’s also analytics providing drivers with their battery level, lock status, and charge history. The app also reportedly tries to spot phantom drain issues, issues where battery drains mysteriously while the car is powered off.

Teslab is currently in a closed beta, and the developers announce that they have plenty more features in store as development continues.