Blizzard Entertainment Announces Starcraft II With A Few Catches

The gaming industry is changing how it distributes games and even free versions are starting to become available and not as just demos. That’s among the developments happening with the new Starcraft II from Blizzard Entertainment. This game is adding more levels of action and suspense to what was there on its first Starcraft release, and after adding a free version for that edition, Blizzard decided to do the same with number two.

Starcraft has risen up among Blizzard’s other games as one of the most popular strategy games across the social networks, and with this edition there are basically three expansions that you can get. The free version is the human one, and then Zerg and Protoss can be bought either as their own editions, or Blizzard is rolling out those two packaged in with another bonus in Terran that can all be purchased together at a discounted price.

The thrill of the game of course is unlocking a lot more levels as well as more commander modes and maps. You can get those modes if you buy the bonus pack, or you can also get them if you register online and get certain wins within basic play. The general idea of all these moves is to help the game gain the attention of newcomers who want to know about everything their Starcraft pro friends are talking about. Best of all, it can be done without having to break the bank buying the whole edition only to find you don’t believe it lives up to its billing.

StarCraft II to Become F2P November 14th

During the annual BlizzCon event, megalithic game company Blizzard announced that it would be transforming “StarCraft II” into a free-to-play experience. The change in payment model will take effect on November 14th and include “Wings of Liberty,” the single-player story mode of the game.

Beyond receiving all of the single-player content for free, players will also gain access to every co-op commander of levels one through five. Blizzard will also allow for the series’ signature online ranked multiplayer engagements to be acquired for free and for each of the game’s three factional releases: Protoss, Terrans and Zerg-provided those players achieve 10 “First Wins of the Day” in matches that are either unranked or played against a computer AI. When pushed for their reasoning, Blizzard commented that it wanted to preserve the quality and integrity of ranked play. For those players who already have access to Wings of Liberty, Blizzard will give them a voucher to purchase “Heart of the Swarm,” the Zerg campaign, free of charge.

While the news of free access to StarCraft is appealing to many, this decision is not the first time Blizzard has freely released its most well-known Real Time Strategy title: April 2017 saw the company freely offering StarCraft 1.

StarCraft II is an RTS title that pits humans, machine-like Protoss and the disgusting insectile Zerg race in a battle for resources used to produce increasingly impressive military units. The game is sometimes referred to as South Korea’s second national sport, after Tae Kwon Do.