Latest Remote Server Gaming Technology Launch and Deployment

Spin Games announced the deployment and launch of Spin Games’ ROC™ Remote Gaming Server together with world leader in Inspired Entertainment and Virtual Sports within the iGaming market. Virtual Sports enables players to bet on Random Number Generated (RNG) animated sports events. The launch will have five distinct sports selections from Inspired games portfolio including: soccer, car racing, horse racing, motorcycle racing and dog racing



Established in 2012, Spin Games LLC is a leading global gaming company and provides disruptive gaming solutions through innovation, passion and excellence. Spin Games supplies to both land-based and interactive market sectors, concentrating on distinct game content, disruptive gaming technologies, and innovative gaming entertainment. It conveys wide-ranging industry skills – its innovations are ‘out of the box’ inventions never seen before. The company boasts of a robust intellectual property portfolio such as patents for Remote Gaming Server Multiplayer Interactive Gaming, and other captivating game concepts.



The launch is momentous for Spin Games, as it represents another deployment of the latest version of Remote Gaming Server in the company named ROC 3™. The technology also integrates Inspired’s Virtual Sports technology and game offerings. Inspired is also a global games technology company that supplies server-based gaming systems, mobile gaming, virtual sports with associated digital content and gaming terminals including betting, regulated lottery operators across the globe. Currently, Inspired operates over 30, 000 gaming terminals and provides its virtual sports products to over 34,000 venues on over 100 sites in 30 countries.