New Platform Combines Social Gaming With Real Money

After casino-style titles, classic arcade and new versions of traditional board games tend to be the most popular social gaming mobile apps. For this reason, software developer GSN Games came up with the idea of Sparcade, a mobile platform that lets players enjoy their favorite titles while they engage in a bit of online gambling.


Sparcade made its iOS debut in October 2016. This mobile app, which is free to download and install on iPads and iPhones, features games such as Bejeweled, Pac-Man, Scrabble, and Tetris. These are already social gaming favorites, but Sparcade has added a twist: players can enter skill tournaments and play against each other for cash prizes.


Thus far, the real money stakes in Sparcade are low. A Pac-Man head-to-head match can be entered for $3, but there is more fun to go against two other players for $1 each. The highest real money challenge is $5 on select games of Scrabble and Wheel of Fortune.


Players who wish to forego real money can get started with virtual tokens. Sparcade has numerous social gaming features to make things interesting. Players can chat, earn their place on leader boards, make friends, watch tournaments, and practice to sharpen their skills.


Although Sparcade is not really a gambling platform, players cannot participate in real money games in certain jurisdictions such as Florida and Montana. Deposits can be made via credit cards or PayPal, but the geolocation feature of the app will prevent money transfers from prohibited jurisdictions.


The developers of Sparcade are being careful to not mix the virtual tokens with money; this strategy has proven to be dangerous in other social gaming apps that push players into buying virtual items and spending money just to keep playing.

Sparcade brings E-sports to arcade gaming

Sparcade wants to expand the e-sports venue to include traditional arcade games. Although E-sports has no clear definition, it includes things like Fantasy Leagues, League of Legends, and even Starcraft matches. The company has offered a new twist on the standard arcade for iOS users. Fans of classic arcade games and board games can download the app, earn tokens, and even compete against other players for real money.


Sparcade has borrowed several classic games, developed some versions in-house, and licensed other items from the GSN Network. Games on the platform include Tetris, PacMan, Scrabble, Wheel of Fortune, and many other early arcade games.


Users initially earn free tokens from playing the games. Unfortunately, these tokens do not represent real money and cannot be traded in for currency. Instead, the tokens allow the user to unlock other games. At some point, the free games stop and a player must use micro transactions to fund their accounts.


Through the use of micro transactions, players can test their arcade skills against each other. Winners add money to their accounts, while loser lose the money. The site currently does not test the electric gambling laws of many states.


By playing the games and winning each player can receive fan mails that unlock additional bonuses and may at some point in the future add to the player’s winnings. Sparcade’s arcade may not be knew, but the chance to win money by playing video games may attract many users.


Playing Arcade Games For Fun Or For Cash: Sparcade Released on iOS

A smartphone app that features some of the most classic arcade games is now available for Apple products. This app, which is called Sparcade, allows users to play five very popular games either in solo mode or against friends.


GSN Games developed Sparcade in 2016. This app is totally free to download on iOS for both iPhones and iPads.


The five games available on Sparcade include Wheel of Fortune, Solitaire, Pac-Man, Scrabble, and Tetris. Sparcade plans to release a few more games in the future.


Once a person signs up for Sparcade, they will be able to choose a virtual avatar and instantly be given 10,000 “tokens” to play practice rounds in these various games.


The tokens are only used for fun in the game, but gamers can also place bets against other players with real money in certain states. The amounts acceptable for wagers range from game to game, and the Sparcade staff always takes 15 percent of the total prize money being played for.


What makes Sparcade interesting in the social gaming industry is that there’s a clear split between in-game money and real betting. Often, virtual games allow users to buy in-game “tokens” with real money. That is not so with Sparcade. In-game tokens cannot be bought with real money.


The states that do not allow betting with real money include Connecticut, Delaware, Arkansas, Arizona, Florida, Tennessee, South Dakota, South Carolina, Maryland, Montana, Louisiana, and Illinois. People can still download the game in these states, but they can only play for in-game tokens.


Canadians can also download this app and play with money in all provinces but Québec.