Buzzfeed Introduced “Social Sabotage”.

Buzzfeed recently introduced “Social Sabotage”, a card game that combines aspects of digital age social media and old-fashioned table top gaming. The gameplay is very fast paced and easy to learn with players drawing cards that instruct “what” to post and “where” to post it. Players then challenge each other by daring other players to follow out the instructions stated on the cards. For example, a player may have to post an embarrassing childhood photo (“what”) to Instagram (“where”). The goal of the game is to collect as many cards as possible with the winner having the most cards of the group. The player who risks the most dares wins the most cards. Social Sabotage even has its own social media hashtag that players can use along with screenshots to share their gameplay to their favorite social media platform. The website for the game ( features photos of actual players during gameplay.

Social Sabotage is recommended for 3 or more players ages 17 and over. The game currently contains 410 “what” cards and 90 “where” cards, and expansion packs for the game may be available in the near future. The only requirements for gameplay is 30 minutes of the player’s time and access to a smartphone. The game cost $24.97 and is available for order on or It can also be found in select Walmart ground locations.