A New Social Gaming App Has Big Funding Dollars Behind It

Popular social gaming apps at the moment include Twitch and YouTube Gaming. These are popular places for people to watch some of their favorite gamers in the world do what they do best.

The phenomenon of watching other people game is something that has taken off as a late. People who are in the business of making money off of new technologies have definitely paid attention to the fact that people love watching others game. A couple of former Apple executives have decided to create their own social gaming app that would rival Twitch and other industry leaders.

They call their creation “Caffeine” and it has already received $46 million in initial funding says tubefilter.com. That is huge since most start-ups are just scrapping by to have any money in their coffers at the end of the day. People realize that this one is in a particularly good business with some very smart people standing behind it. They think it is a worthwhile investment.

The app has already boasted some big numbers in terms of popularity and subscribers. It probably has to do with the fact that the app is very user-friendly and makes it easy to navigate around to find just the people that you want to follow and watch them game.

This is something that could really revolutionize the social gaming atmosphere. Making life easier and easier for those who want to watch others play games is something that will surely translate to more and more people getting involved over time.

Milestone Releases Newest Rally Racing Game

The latest offering from Italian game developer Milestone S.r.l. and Square Enix released on Tuesday. Gravel is an off-road racing game that uses a fictional racing television show to help players immerse themselves in rally racing challenges.

Japanese video game publisher Square Enix first announced the racing game in March 2017. At the time, the company planned to release Gravel in summer 2017. However, they soon pushed the release date back to 2018 to avoid competition from big racing titles like Forza Motorsport 7 and Dirt 4. The game was developed by Milestone S.r.l., the Milan-based developer known for racing games like Superbike World Championship and Ride 2. The company unveiled a preview of the game at New York Comic Con in October and allowed visitors to play a preliminary demo.

Gravel offers a single-player mode and a multi-player mode. Players can choose from over 50 rear-wheel-drive cars and trucks to compete in the in-game racing television series Offroad Masters. Each player starts as a rookie driver and must work their way up to challenge the masters of four different types of racing: point-to-point, closed track racing, rallycross and competitive event racing. Players can choose several tracks to race on, including fictional courses in the Australian Outback, Alaska, Florida and Namibia, as well as real-world circuits like the Pista Automóvel de Montalegre in Portugal.

Buzzfeed Introduced “Social Sabotage”.

Buzzfeed recently introduced “Social Sabotage”, a card game that combines aspects of digital age social media and old-fashioned table top gaming. The gameplay is very fast paced and easy to learn with players drawing cards that instruct “what” to post and “where” to post it. Players then challenge each other by daring other players to follow out the instructions stated on the cards. For example, a player may have to post an embarrassing childhood photo (“what”) to Instagram (“where”). The goal of the game is to collect as many cards as possible with the winner having the most cards of the group. The player who risks the most dares wins the most cards. Social Sabotage even has its own social media hashtag that players can use along with screenshots to share their gameplay to their favorite social media platform. The website for the game (https://socialsabotage.com/) features photos of actual players during gameplay.

Social Sabotage is recommended for 3 or more players ages 17 and over. The game currently contains 410 “what” cards and 90 “where” cards, and expansion packs for the game may be available in the near future. The only requirements for gameplay is 30 minutes of the player’s time and access to a smartphone. The game cost $24.97 and is available for order on Jet.com or Walmart.com. It can also be found in select Walmart ground locations.

Zynga Sets Records Regardless Of Slots Play

Social slot machine gaming has declined on the Zynga platform as of late. Still, the social gaming company has been able to report record revenues. This was the first time that it has been able to turn a profit at all since 2010. Right when some people wanted to count them down and out, the company rebounded by posting great numbers.

A lot of the concern for the company stemmed from the fact that they had less than appealing numbers in terms of social slot machine games. There were fewer players on those games, and that should have been something that contributed to the general decline of revenues in general for the company many people assumed. However, that was not necessarily the case. Instead, the company was able to post the best numbers that they have ever had.

The success is being attributed to the fact that the company has always been “mobile first” oriented. In other words, they have focused on how to put their content on the smartphones of their users rather than just out on the Internet as a whole. That matters to a lot of people because many people turn to their phones well before they turn to their computers these days.

Harpan Solitare and Peak Games were two companies acquired by Zynga in the past year, and that has helped to boost those revenues as well. In short, Zynga appears healthier than ever as social gaming remains something that is here to stay for the long term.

Keeping Players Hooked On Gaming

Have you ever caught yourself saying that you are simply addicted to a particular game that you play on your phone or computer? If so, then you are like so many other players who believe that they just might not survive if they are not able to play the kind of games that they have grown so accustomed to playing at this point.

This is all by design of course. The developers of these games want you to spend as much time as possible on them. That is how they make their money. There is nothing particularly wrong with that. It is part of the agreement we make for free or inexpensive entertainment in the form of games on our phones.

A lot of this all stems back to creating a feedback loop that is hard for our brains to resist. We like to have our goals reinforced over and over again. Create little benchmarks for us to reach for, and we are all about doing just that. This is what helps to keep us playing those games. The developers of so many popular games have figured this out, and they specifically look for ways to build that kind of feedback loop into the game.

Should you immediately hide your phone away from yourself and never touch these games again? Only if you have some problem with enjoying the apps that you have downloaded. In other words, there is nothing to be afraid of when it comes to these games. You might have a lot of fun with them, but what is so wrong about that?

New Social Gaming App Is Blazing Hot With Popularity

A lot of apps that are introduced to the Apple Store are not successful. They make their debut and then are quickly shuffled down to the bottom of the list of apps that a person could potentially download. This is not the case when it comes to a little app called FriendO.

The FriendO app is something that people have gravitated to and stuck with in large part because of how fun and rewarding it is. The app makes it easy to play in head-to-head competitions with other players from around the world or with friends and family. It also has a chat function that means that players can speak to each other from time to time via text to connect even more.

After just six short months of existence, the app already boasts of 2.4 million players and hundreds of thousands of those players are active on a daily basis says businesswire.com. This gave the app the boost that it needed to be on top of the charts at the Apple Store for free apps for a time. These days it still does pretty well on those charts.

It is really something amazing to see just how people have connected with this particular app. They have not wanted to let it get out of their sight so to speak. They log in all the time and play even more games. It has been a real boon for the developers, and we are all holding our breath to see what they come up with next.

BlueBat Games To Step Up To The Plate To Develop More Games

It seems that at least one Canadian company is prepared to help create more social games for various casino properties. Their ambitions are very high, but that is why so many are excited for the possibilities that could come from these partnerships.

BlueBat Games is a Vancouver-based company that has struck deals with the Seminole and Hard Rock Casino locations in Canada to provide more social gaming for them. This could involve literally having people play over the Internet to earn coins and tokens as well as real money gambling.

There are some exciting new features that are expected to be developed by BlueBat Games according to reporting from Businesswire.com. This includes something known as the currency exchange. That is when a player exchanges coins or tokens that they win in a physical casino for the equivilent in the online casino.

Allowing players the opportunity to do that would create a seamless transfer between the real-world casinos and the properties that are hosted online. In both scenarios, the player is able to earn tokens and coins that are rewarding them for their gameplay. Essentially, everyone is a winner when it comes down to it with this.

BlueBat Games is happy to try to help push a more social aspect to casinos for their clients. That is something that casinos are increasingly having to turn to in order to attract younger clientale. The younger crowd simply does not enjoy just putting their money in a slot machine and watching it spin like older generations did. They want a more interactive experience, and that is what BlueBat Games is trying to provide to them.

Metal Gear Survive Beta Debuts

The latest offering in the successful Metal Gear franchise is set to release on February 20, but hardcore fans can download the beta and play the game ahead of release. The beta is currently available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Konami has faced a lot of pressure to put out a solid game after the departure of Hideo Kojima in 2015. Kojima, who has been involved with the franchise since the first game was released in 1987, left Konami to open his own development studio. Metal Gear Survive is the first Metal Gear game to be released since Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, which was directed, produced, designed and written by Kojima. Some fans of the series have expressed skepticism that the games will be able to replicate earlier successes without Kojima.

The action of the new game picks up where Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes left off. While Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain followed the storyline of the Big Boss, the newest installment in the series stays with the mercenary soldiers of Militaires Sans Frontières. In the game, the soldiers are transported into a parallel universe and must survive while fighting strange zombies.

Two different betas have been released recently. The first debuted on January 18 and the second beta was launched on February 16. The full game will debut on February 20 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. When the new game comes out, it will require players to maintain a constant internet connection.

Social Gaming Platform Posts Amazing Growth Numbers

There were some amazing growth numbers to behold coming out of FriendO. This is a new social gaming platform that people are quickly adopting as a fun place to meet new friends and play the kind of games that they enjoy playing.

The platform reported that in just six months of operation it already has more than 2.4 million players with accounts. The app has trended in the Apple Store and the Android Store as well. It was even the number one free app for a time.

Out of the user base that it has, there are several hundred thousand users who are active on a daily basis. That is huge because there is usually not that high of an adoption rate for a new app that has yet to prove itself to the market. That is just not the case with this one. People have gravitated to it with no problems at all.

FriendO is a fun place to play games and meet new people at the same time. Since those are two preferred activities of most people, it is not surprising that something like this would have such a fan base right off the bat.

With all of this astounding growth, a paid verison of the app is very likely in the near future. It will likely have a lot of new features that players can use and enjoy. If it is done right, there is every chance in the world that it could be one of the top apps paid or otherwise in the Apple and Android stores for a good time to come.

Social Gaming’s Twitch

In the past decade video game broadcasting has become a global phenomenon and new form of entertainment for millions of people all over the world. There’s no better evidence of this than the massive growth of the video game broadcasting website Twitch. Twitch has grown into one of the biggest online entertainment destinations in the world, giving video game fans everywhere a place to watch their favorite games and streamers. But Twitch was created to cater to more “core” gamers and wasn’t originally very concerned with its social features. Two former Apple executives saw that as an opportunity to build a product with a much more social focus.

Meet Caffeine

Caffeine, a game streaming service co-created by former Apple executive Ben Keighran, launched a new game broadcasting service that looks to battle Twitch and offer a more social, user friendly alternative to the established video game streaming service. The company hopes their platform attracts new user through it’s simplified broadcast process and ease of use, making it more appealing to content creators and viewers alike. It also features a wide range of social features, allowing viewers to interact with streamers and content in new and exciting ways. The company hopes these additional features help it compete with the massive success of Twitch and find a niche among viewers who want more social elements in their video game streaming experience.