The Reception of Nintendo Switch in the Gaming Market

Nintendo Switch has finally become the best-selling social gaming console in Nintendo’s history. Over 2.7 million pieces of the console were bought in March, which is also the first month after its launch.


The company’s profit estimate of $583.9 million for the next financial year was way below the market forecast. Nintendo has to battle the stiff competition from the evolution of smartphones as a new gaming platform.


Nintendo might be more vulnerable to the rising Smartphone trend than its competitors, Sony and Microsoft. This is because the company’s flagship sales rely solely on the games and consoles.


The Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima is, however, optimistic after having seen the great reception of the Nintendo Switch just a month after its launch. He dismissed the criticisms that said their forecast was too low by commenting that the cash spent on marketing the Switch took some part of the profit.


The company was looking to sell 10 million pieces of the gadget by the next financial year March 2018. That was prospected to be the company’s largest sale after the introduction of Nintendo Wii in November 2006.


The switch has the aesthetics of a tablet computer and has Joy-Con controllers attached to its sides. It came with a variety of games which some critics have complained to be too few.


The most popular game with the Nintendo Switch is The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It has contributed to most of the sales. The only problem experienced by the Switch is dead pixels which create rather distracting tiny patches on the screen, as witnessed by a few social gamers.


Disney Interactive Lays Off 700 Employees

Gamers often provide the most conspicuous bunch of individuals. For them, they worry not bout business but their entertainment. For this reason, you might seek more profit from them if you understand how to treat their business deals. You must also attempt to remember how you never scroll from Facebook. If you are on Facebook, you might not believe you are in a better position to determine the fate of your business. If you are also working without the social media platform, your business is at a high risk of failing to accede the better business capabilities in a manner that is not paralleled in the industry.


Many games in social media have attracted the attention of the people games such as FarmVille have brought out the true nature of these games. For those who are not intending to initiate better business capabilities, they must seek the attention of most to achieve better rule through their initial skills. As a matter of fact, no one has better information criteria to achieve better success in a manner that is not paralleled in this industry. Games such as Candy Crash are achieved through the influence generated through capability management platforms. Disney Interactive is the only company that achieved better business through the achievement of information technologies.


Disney has also decided to lay off more than 700 employees working under their online gaming platform. The company has decided to lay them off due to their impending criterion that is achieved through profitability and loss.



Is Facebook Moving Into Social Gaming?

Why is Facebook so successful? The massive social media platform truly is managed well. One sign of the solid approach to management is Facebook’s consistent efforts to stay “hip” and appealing. The company is always looking to add something new to its platform. Veering into the world of social gaming is one way Facebook seeks to do this.


A solid following for esports and game videos exist on the mega platform. Facebook has looked at social gaming and is focusing on the social part. Facebook simply wants to make esports and game videos a lot more social. Supporting such interactions could yield a host of positives.


A lot of money could end up rolling into the Facebook company accounts. Facebook is an entity that stays solvent thanks to advertising dollars. The more time people are exposed to the various pages on Facebook, the more ads they come in contact with. Keeping players more engages with Facebook does help the cause of getting more ads in front of more eyes. Hopefully, this will lead to more sales for advertisers. Everyone benefits when these results are achieved.


Instant games on Facebook absolutely are popular. About 800 million people and growing play games on Facebook. The experience is not exactly social, though. Facebook recognizes this somewhat fatal flaw.


The lonely experience of playing games on Facebook can be tweaked to be anything but lonely. Enhancing the social interaction part may be all that is required to yield nice changes. Maybe that 800 million figure will end up skyrocketing with the right social approach.


‘Angry Birds’ Founder Out as CEO Amid Profit Decline

During the past three months, Mikael Hed has had various wild rides. During that time, he was encapsulated with capabilities entitled to achieve better business through the animation of engineered capabilities. Mikael Hed is the founder of the Finland-based company by the name Rivo Entertainment. He is also one of the most proficient business entities in the country, during his time in the United States. As a student, his business profile was strengthened through innovation and capacity. He was also a technology student committed to integrity and profitability. However, these past few months have caused havoc on his business profits.


This is a different story today. The company has also announced that Hed is about to step as the CEO of the company. For him, he does not want to head a business that is falling. However, the business strategy does not involve the marketing and development of capabilities that will not achieve better business entities in the country. In January, he stepped down as the CEO of the firm to give in for more to try working with a falling company. He has also promised to join the board of directors to foresee the decisions made by the incoming CEO.


Pekka Rantala is the incoming CEO of the Rivo Entertainment. He is the former CEO of Nokia Corporation. He has also served in the company as its Chief Commercial Officer. He has gained numerous benefits from working with the company in some ways. During that time he was working in the company, he saw it succeed in business and strategy.



Scientific Studies Suggest that We Should All Play Video Games

For years, most people thought that playing video games was bad. But lately, people have changed their minds with regards to how they view video games. There is a wealth of studies demonstrating the more positive effects of playing video games.


In this post, we are going to shade some light on the benefits of social gaming.


  1. Video games help you learn


Research now shows that playing video games (at least 10 minutes daily) can actually improve our learning abilities. One of the most recent studies on the same was carried out by Dezhong Yao and a team of researchers. The study involved performing MRI scans on two groups of people (30 amateur gamers and 27 expert gamers).


When scanning the 30 amateur gamers, Yao and his team focused on networks within the insular cortex – the section of our brain that includes cognitive functioning, including perception and motor control. They discovered that the 27 expert gamers had better functional connectivity in their brain hemispheres compared to the 30 amateur gamers.


The study also revealed that expert gamers had more gray matter (a component associated with how fast our brains can process information) in their brains.


  1. A mental boost


According to studies, playing video games can improve certain skills. Such skills include perception, multitasking, and learning. This means that if you play the game that you like most, you might be boosting your mental abilities as you also have fun.


  1. Video games can improve math skills


A recent study performed by Stanford University revealed that children who played video games (for about 10 minutes daily) saw a significant improvement in their math skills. The researchers clarified that all games cannot improve math skills unless they are math games.


As you can see, we can benefit substantially from playing video games. These are just a portion of the video game benefits, read more about the benefits online.



Zynga Makes Its Biggest Buy Yet, Announces Fresh Round of Layoffs

The seven-year-old online and social gaming platform, Zynga, has announced the fresh lay off during this next month, for the company, they are always engaged in working to attain maximum profits through their impending strategic capabilities in a manner that is not predicted in the industry. Zynga is the home of FarmVile. This is one of the most prominent online gaming platforms in the United States. During this time, the company decided to engage in working capabilities that could make it adopted in a manner that is not paralleled in the industry. The company has said that it will lay off more than 314 employees due to the unpredictable market ahead of them.


Zynga has more than 1,000 employees. It is a United States-based company with many outlets in Europe and Canada. Because they have seen an impending economic crisis coupled up with a reduction in online gaming capabilities, the company will see many people engage in straight sales through their estimated responsibility. The company has also said that this layoff marks the biggest in the industry. This is because more than 15 percent of their employees will be sent home without any work misconduct. According to a recent study, the company has more than 2,100 employees.


According to the CEO, the company has also used more than $526 million of their yearly revenue to purchase NaturalMotion game. This is one of the largest acquisitions made by the company since it was founded. Because of this, their business has worked to attain maximum benefit.



The Best Social Gaming Apps Thus Far in 2017

Social gaming has come full circle in 2017 in terms of popularity and market consolidation. There is no longer any doubt as to the type of games that make up this particular segment; social gaming titles must have their own smartphone app on at least one major mobile operating system, and they must also feature social media features that allow players to connect with their friends. To this effect, here are the best social gaming apps as of April 2017 according to NewsWatch TV:


Clash of Clans


Most real-time strategy games based on fantasy realms are ruled by an energy or health bar indicator that determines how long a player can stay in the game. Clash of Clans does away with this feature and instead uses an inventory meter that displays how much magic elixir and gold players have. This game is very attractive on both iOS and Android, but it can quickly drain batteries if left running in the background,


Island Empire


This relatively new game is only available for the iPhone and the iPad, and it is actually a bit limited in terms of social media features. As its name suggests, Island Empire invites players to build settlements that have thriving maritime ports for commerce. The various game mechanisms make Island Empire a very addictive games, but players can only interact by means of chatting and getting to know each other. Strangely, Island Empire does not have a search feature to look for friends, but socializing is highly encouraged.


Mafia Wars


This classic Facebook game keeps getting better despite the financial woes of parent company Zynga. Mafia Wars is an old-school title that does not allow players to freely chat while they play; discussion of the game mostly takes place on Facebook and Facebook messenger, which is one of the objectives of the game anyway. Mafia Wars is a very polished game, but there is an issue with the in-game enhancements that must be acquired with real money: players really have to control their spending since this is a very addictive title filled with emotional rewards.

Is Social Gaming Making More People Socialize?

In a time when we’re more hooked to our gadgets, it can be difficult to see the positive in a world filled with social gaming. Social gaming takes many forms, from the intense impact that World of Warcraft has had to the many downloadable apps that you can put on your phone or tablet, it’s no wonder that we’re all so stuck to our gadgets. However, there is an interesting concept that has changed the lives of many and that is to become more social through games.


People who suffer from agoraphobia or who have anti-social tendencies find that it is difficult to get out of the house and meet new people. Old friendships slowly die off and these individuals are left alone and isolated. Social gaming allows these people to open a world where they can be someone totally different. They can become the character in the game and not have to face people. This enables them to still socialize and become connected to their team mates, but it allows them to avoid the fear of socializing in a public place.


The issue that a lot of people have with social gaming is that it can sometimes have the opposite effect. For instance, a husband and wife who spend more time gaming on their computers and phones and less time with each other will eventually face marital problems. You might ignore your outside friends and constantly cancel plans because of your at-home game. It is important to find a balance between gaming and still being social in everyday life. After all, social gaming won’t heal your agoraphobic tendencies and you’ll still feel anxious any time you leave the house. Only real life exposure can help with these types of problems, so it’s crucial that you get away from the games every once in awhile to face facts.


Social games aren’t going anywhere any time soon and are instead growing into a multi-billion dollar industry across a range of consoles and platforms. They are ideal for people of all ages and of all types, since you can play a farming game just as quickly as a combat one.


Gamee Raises New Round of Capital

As the world becomes more and more connected, the amount of people that are looking for fun ways to connect with others online is growing. One way that people now socialize like never before is through social gaming. Social gaming is essentially any video game or online game in which people participate with each other, either in the form of a team or against one another.


In recent years, many different application and video game developers have come out with new social gaming platforms. One social gaming platform that has continued to grow in popularity and size is Gamee, which is based out of Prague. A recent news story ( has reported that this company now has raised enough capital to allow it to continue to develop new games and applications.


Over the past few months, the company spent time trying to raise capital from new outside investors. The company has recently announced that it has raised about $2.15 million in a new round of funding. The investment funding round was led by venture capital firm, Initial Capital. The company also received a few different angel investments from prominent firms, such as Index Ventures.


While the company is still very young compared to its competitors, it has already made a major impact on the industry. Gamee, which was first launched in 2015, has already developed more than 60 different games. They have their own platofm, but also use a variety of other platforms including Facebook Instant Games. The company is one of the most popular gaming companies in the world as it has over 500 million different games played on a daily basis. Further, the average user spends more than 30 minutes per day playing their games, which shows a great level of user engagement.


Today, all of the games that they company makes are free to the player. The company has continued to find new revenue streams through developing brands with major sponsors, such as NASA and Coca Cola. Also, in November 2016, the company was named one of the key launch partners for the new Facebook gaming platform.


Social Gaming Falls Off On Facebook

There are a number of very popular social gaming choices on Facebook. You have probably heard of at least some of them before. Consider FarmVille for example. That being said, the number of people who are playing these games is dropping off considerably. What could the problem with these games be?


Social gaming was a huge deal when it first started out. Some players would literally organize their day around being able to play their favorite games. This means that they would sometimes have to wake up in the middle of the night just to tend to their virtual crops on FarmVille. With that much popularity it might surprise some to find out the amount of people who have dropped off of social gaming. According to Business Insider, that number is 16 million daily active users compared to 32 million daily active users not that long ago.


The demise of some of these games may come down to how they promoted themselves. The idea was that they just needed to capture a small percentage of players who would pay for the added features of a game. They wanted players who were not afraid to put down the big bucks on various features within the game. However, in searching those players out they would recruit their free players to spam others on their friends list to join the games.


It looked like a great way to bring new people in and hunt down those who were willing to pay to play. However, after some time this idea became just a way to annoy people on Facebook. The free players were pumping out notifications to their friends on Facebook which those friends found annoying. As a result, many of the free players felt isolated on Facebook and may have decided to quit playing social games all together in order to avoid annoying their friends.


This was the loop that put into place the downfall of social gaming for a lot of the industry. The trend is expected to continue according to many experts. Therefore, new game development may begin to slow for those who are still enjoying them.