How to Get Started on Massive Multiplayer Games

Massive multiplayer online games are becoming all the rage for people who want an interactive and socially responsive game they can play in the comfort of their own home. Games like World of Warcraft, Evony and World of Tanks have catered to millions of people since their inception years ago. World of Warcraft, in particular, has grown to have over 100 million members worldwide. At any given time, there are 30 million people playing the game and interacting with others in the virtual world.


Finding a great game and getting started can be confusing because there are so many games available and many of them charge a fee to become a member. For instance, you’ll need to pay a subscription fee to WoW in order to keep your account active. Thankfully, most MMOs offer free trial versions which allow you to play the game for about a month before you make the decision to keep paying. During this initial free period, you may not have access to all features within the game, so this should be taken into consideration if you’re debating about keeping the application.


When you create an account on a brand new MMO game, you’ll be launched into the virtual world as a low level player. You will have to complete a tutorial to get started on the game and understand the controls. Once you’ve completed the tutorial, you’ll have full access to the rest of the world and be able to mingle with other players. Games like World of Warcraft prevent bullying and violence within the game itself, so these applications are great for kids and teens of all ages. Despite the fact that they cost money, massive multiplayer online games are a great way to interact with people and have access to a fully realized gaming concept.


ESC Games Revolutionizes the Social Gaming Arena

ESC Games Revolutionizes the Social Gaming Arena

Social gaming has improved in the recent past with the development of cutting edge framework from companies like ESC Games. The company spearheads top innovations in the gaming and entertainment space. It constitutes an operational product business which plays a role in conceiving and building the ESC game theater as well as the ESC game studio. The ESC social gaming platform is a combination of Movie Theater as well as a comprehensive video gaming site all in one massive screen.


You can hook up with your friends, family, colleagues and new people to enjoy a surreal gaming experience together. The theater screen size is about 11 inches tall and 30 inches wide with a high-quality sound like those used in concerts. Also, the theater has a 70 multi-color LED and strobe lights which are complimented by synchronized lighting effects as per the gameplay. The social gaming experience gets even better with a live commentary and teamwork within the gaming career. You can look up the interview with the CEO of the ESC Games, Todd Swidler online.


This setup is one of a kind and mimics a custom built small sized e-sports arena offering multiplayer video gaming on whole new level. Since the gaming platform has become quite competitive in the recent past, the ESC Games have come up with strategies to have an edge. There are short eSprots-style competitions as well as myriads of other casual video games that are unmatched. The software and the platform supporting ESC social gaming have been custom-made to feature touchscreen controllers and a first ten-game collection.


The unparalleled gaming experience accommodates the needs of all ages who’d like to engage in gaming experiences in social areas such as malls. The flagship theater at the Westfield Garden State Plaza in Paramus, New Jersey was the initial project which included the leading mall operator, Westfield Corporation, as an affiliated partner. The ESC social gaming has been well received by the audience and is looking to expand the holdings and game theater locations.


Show & Tell App Presents a Modern Twist on Charades

If you include Twitter followers and Facebook friends, the average person has more relationships today than they would had at any previous point in history. In many ways, this is a beautiful thing. Being able to easily connect with individuals all across the planet means that people have unprecedented access to a wide array of diverse narratives and opinions, as well as unrestricted platforms for sharing ideas and civil discourse.


While the sheer size of the social media landscape makes for loads of intriguing content and stimulating conversation, it can also make it hard to foster a sense of individual closeness. When everyone is concerned with keeping track of the hundreds of distant family friends, moderately friendly coworkers, and well-heeled community members that make up their social media circle, finding the time to really bond with a new person can often be surprisingly tricky.

Show & Tell is a new mobile app that is dedicated to making it easier to close the gap between acquaintanceship and friendship. It combines Instagram-style selfies with traditional charades, tasking players with an acting challenge that they must perform on camera. One person might be asked to try out a french accent, while another player tries their best to act like a snake. The video is then shared with other players within the user’s friend circle, who try to guess what concept is being conveyed.


The application taps into the same sense of candidness that has driven the popularity of nation-wide phenomenons like the Ice Bucket Challenge, which prompted thousands of social media users to douse themselves with buckets of iced water. Seeing someone do something light and silly makes it easier for other people to relate to them on a more personal level. In this way, Show & Tell shows us a future where meaningful interpersonal relationships can be built a couple of minutes at a time.


Are More Apps Becoming Pay to Play?

There are millions of downloadable apps when you’re on your device. You can browse for hours trying to find the perfect game, but this is difficult when you realize many of the games have slow game play due to the fact that they are considered pay to play. Pay to play apps are becoming increasingly popular because they ultimately bring in more money for the creator. Pay to play refers to an app that is totally free to download but has many in-app purchases available to the player.


The issue with these types of apps is that many of them are difficult to play without eventually making a purchase. Players often only have a limited amount of resources available to them before they essentially hit a wall and can’t do anything else. Creators of these types of apps are happy with this business technique because they are bringing in a lot of money over a long period of time. After all, they figure that if a player really likes their game, they will eventually buy something to improve the quality of their experience.


More apps are becoming free to download but are charging multiple fees within the games themselves. Apps that cost money to download won’t often have in-app purchases available. Unfortunately, pay to play games get negative reviews quite often because people do not like wasting time or space on their device downloading something that eventually asks them to spend money. The key to a successful game is to have a happy medium between charging customers to have a good experience and providing a rich source of play that won’t cost them anything. This encourages customers to continue playing your game and eventually, they may just make a purchase because they like the idea behind your app so much.


Finding the Perfect App to Play

You can log onto the Google Play Store and find millions of available apps at any given time. Some of these apps cost money to download, but there are tens of thousands of downloadable games that are totally free to make use of. The issue with finding games online is that it’s hard to distinguish between a good one and a bad one. If you’re spending your own money to download a game, you definitely need to know you’re getting your money’s worth.


When it comes to free downloadable games, it never hurts to try the game out. When downloading, make sure to deny any access the game wants to your bank account or device information. This prevents the chance of you accidentally spending money in a game you’re just trying out. You should also read the game’s reviews before making the decision to download it to your phone or tablet. Reviews give you insight into other people’s experiences, so you’ll essentially know what a game is like before you even have it on your phone and are playing it yourself.


Keep in mind that most free games have in-app purchases. These apps are often referred to as pay to play because it is difficult to level up in the game without eventually buying something. Games that cost money to download won’t often have in-app purchases, so you might be better off downloading one of these applications to save yourself money in the future. Free games can seem like a dream come true at first because of the fact that they don’t cost a penny, but you’ll find it frustrating to actually play because everything is limited to you. If you don’t like a game, delete it from your device and make sure to remove your cache memory so that it doesn’t take up any more of your storage space.


User Made Content is Finally Coming to Xbox One

When the Xbox One gaming console was first announced, long-time fans of the platform were excited to find out that users would have the ability to self publish games on the console’s dedicated marketplace. Many years and disappointed customers later, it looks like Microsoft is finally making good on its promise. The software giant announced last week that it will soon allow all users to sell games on the marketplace, a move that has left many people curious as to why the company is finally embracing user generated content.


Traditionally, making and selling video games has been strictly the domain of large studios and media conglomerates. It was considered common sense that video game consumers wanted flashy, gargantuan, Ziegfeld-esque productions, and the only companies that could produce the accompanying amounts of programming and marketing content had at the very least hundreds of employees at their disposal.


This game-making model has significant advantages. Creating and interweaving the assets, coding, and writing that go into big-budget games is a process that requires a lot of care and attention to detail, a requirement which is well satisfied by the many levels of oversight already built into large media companies. Large studios can also broker more advantageous contracts with distributors, which meant that they often have almost exclusive access to customers who buy their games physically, rather than online.


These factors kept large production games lucrative, even though they were massively expensive to produce. Big studios offset costs by claiming the lion’s share of the market, until small-budget indie games began to catch up. These games were less polished and more humble in scope, but could be produced quickly and therefore better matched consumer tastes upon publication.


The success and subsequently growing market share attributed to indie games have put larger game studios on the back foot. Microsoft’s latest announcement is emblematic of the efforts larger game studios are making to integrate independent game making into their media production strategies as they look toward the future of game design.

Finding a Great App to Enjoy

Whether you’re on an Android or iOS device, you’ll find that there are millions of apps to download to your device. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to find a worthwhile app that you’re sure to enjoy without it taking up a lot of space and being a waste of your time. In the app world, there is something known as a pay to play game. These pay to play games are often free to download, but in order for you to advance at all in the game, you’ll need to pay real money to convert to gems, diamonds or another type of currency the game utilizes.

These pay to play apps can be fun and you can often advance in the game without spending anything, but it’ll be a long and grueling process. When looking for a good quality app, look to see how many downloads the game has. If there are millions of downloads, there’s a pretty good chance that the game is worth your time and has some potential. This isn’t to say that brand new games with just a few downloads aren’t any good, but they may still have bugs and issues that need to be fixed within the game.

Reading reviews on any particular app is another way to find out if you should be downloading the application to your smartphone or tablet device. If you notice a lot of negative reviews on an app, there’s a decent chance that it’s not going to fit your needs and interests. Some applications have a lot of internal errors and problems, making game play almost impossible. These apps should be avoided to save you the trouble of having to download them only to find out that you can’t even play without your device freezing up every two seconds.

New Major Game Titles Incorporate Social Gaming Elements

A virtual reality football game and an intriguing future title designed by a Grand Theft Auto producer will feature social gaming elements to make them more attractive to players.

Joe Montana, a Hall of Fame athlete who is considered to be one of the greatest quarterbacks in the history of the NFL, recently announced his involvement in a project that combines football with mobile devices and virtual reality. The name of the project is Montana 17, and it consists of a seven-on-seven passing strategy that puts players in the quarterback position.

Montana 17 is not an advanced AAA title that requires powerful gaming rigs and VR headsets; it is actually a mobile app that can be played on smartphones and basic equipment such as Google Daydream or even Google Cardboard. The NFL Players Association is endorsing and licensing this game, which has social gaming features such as leaderboards, achievements, online chat, and badges.

Another major game title announced in January is being developed under the direction of Leslie Benzeis, better known as a Rockstar Games producer in charge of Grand Theft Auto. The name of this new game is Everywhere, and it is being described as the ultimate social gaming experience. According to Benzeis, players who enter the world of Everywhere will be treated to a game environment that requires social media interaction to advance the plot.

Video game journalists have asked Benzeis whether his future game will require him to create an entire social network; to this effect, his replies have been vague, although he has mentioned that there may be a social gaming concept similar to GTA Online.

Leader in Social Gaming Facing Layoffs

The world of social gaming has provided users with a way to virtually experience various innovative gaming platforms with engaging social aspects integrated into the game itself. Game Show Network (GSN) Games have been one of the most highly-recognized developers of these social games in both the online and mobile gaming industries. Unfortunately, things have not been looking very promising for GSN Games in the social gaming world as of late due to a large amount of recent lay-offs their staff have been facing.

On January 25th, the company released a statement in regards to the potential layoffs and how it will impact their company as a whole. They mentioned their need to proceed with letting some staff members go in order to spend resources more wisely and efficiently. The statement implied that it will be an essential piece in ensuring that 2017 is still a productive year for them in regards to future plans. While no company is thrilled in having to let go of beloved team members, it seems as if it was a necessary move for GSN Games in order for them to proceed to be a successful name in the world of social gaming.

The number of GSN professionals said to have been laid off rests anywhere between 15-20. GSN’s CEO David Goldhill made sure to illustrate what talented members these individuals were, and how hard it is to let them go. Goldhill stated that the layoffs will only happen in select GSN offices across the nation, but they haven’t specifically addressed which offices in which they occurred. He did, however, address that the staff members that would be let go are a part of the quality assurance team, as well as the creative department. It is of course unfortunate that GSN has to face these difficult choices in letting go such diversely talented individuals on their team, but it so far unclear on how this will impact their stance in the social gaming industry. If what Goldhill predicts is true, it will end up saving resources, allowing them to become more prominent than ever in the social gaming world.

Social Gaming May Soon Catch Up to Console Gaming

With the planned release of the Nintendo Switch gaming console, tech analysts believe that social gaming could get a major boost in 2017. In fact, some analysts believe that social gaming could soon start taking market share away from console and PC titles.

The Nintendo Switch is an intriguing move by the respected Japanese electronics giant. The hardware specs and the portability of the console do not suggest that Nintendo plans to compete directly against Sony PlayStation 4 or the upcoming Microsoft Project Scorpio, which are heavy on hardware specs and processing power.

The Switch comes across as a special tablet that has been configured to play games, but not necessarily AAA titles such as Halo, Mafia 3 or Watchdogs. The few titles that have been announced for the Nintendo Switch are multiplayer games, but they are nothing like Call of Duty; these are co-op titles that call for players to be social in the sense that they are better off sitting next to each other with controller in hand.

In essence, the Nintendo Switch is a throwback to the era when young players used to gather in each other’s living rooms to enjoy highly competitive games. Interestingly, interviews with Nintendo spokespersons indicate that social gaming features such as networking, leaderboards and badges will become standard. There may even be a new social network for Switch players who wish to link their existing Facebook or Twitter accounts.

Nintendo is betting on the power of social gaming for the success of its new, unique console. Whether the company can pull it off remains to be seen.