Niantic Struggles With New Pokemon Go Weather System

Fans all around the world were excited to see Niantic introduce a slew of new changes to the fundamental core of the Pokemon Go experience. Among those huge changes, we saw the introduction of a weather system. The weather system introduced by Niantic was developed in order to provide variety for players while adding a dose of realism. When it rains, certain Pokemon would appear. When it snowed or was really hot, different Pokemon would appear. The system would also provide certain Pokemon with element boosts in certain weather conditions. Despite the strength of the concept, Niantic is already seeing some real problems with the system.

Augmented reality is supposed to give players the chance to live out their gaming fantasies. Unfortunately, sometimes life gets a little bit too real and as a result, Niantic has to help gamers keep themselves from getting hurt. With the new weather system in play, Niantic was rightly concerned about the potential for danger if players tried to go out and play in severe weather. That is why Niantic created a system that would prevent players from actually playing if the weather was considered severe.

The new Niantic weather system prevents players from playing when the weather is considered ‘extreme’. When the weather is considered extreme an alert will come up that stops players from going about their gaming duties. If the weather dips below freezing or if severe storms are caught in the area, there will be a stoppage of play. Is Niantic being too cautious or is this merely good business?

World of Warcraft Guilds Get Vicious to Make Raids

One of the most alluring aspects of online, social gaming is the ability to connect with and game alongside players around the world. When it comes to social gaming, the work that Blizzard has done with ‘World of Warcraft’ should be considered second-to-none. With that being said, sometimes the competitiveness of social gaming can go a little bit too far. According to recent news, some of the top guilds in the World of Warcraft universe actually go so far as to DDOS their opponents in order to snag their sweet raid spots.

Right now, the race is on for the top WoW guilds to make an impact by defeating the newest expansion boss, Argus the Unmaker. After more than five days of public play, the top guilds in WoW have still failed to actually down the big baddy. According to Jeathebell, an officer for the guild Limit, the guild Adois has been going to great lengths to keep their opposition from winning the race. According to Jeathebelle, a member of Adois was posting links to specific websites that would scrape IP addresses and disconnect players from the game. A little bit of research went on to show that this has actually been a common occurrence for Adois guild-members.

So far, Adois has refused to condemn the actions of their high-ranking player and it doesn’t seem like anyone is going to do anything about it. Members of Limit, however, are making sure that everyone knows about the cheating that Adois is condoning.

Social Gaming And Poker

There is a new place for some people who have never been introduced to the game of poker in the past to learn about it. There is a free app that people can play poker on known as Wild Poker. They put their game out there as a way to let people experience the thrill of poker without wagering any of their real money.

This company has been fortunate enough to now land the backing of boxing legend Floyd Mayweather. With his support at their back, they can now start to reach even more people than they might otherwise have been able to. Mayweather is reported to have said that he is asked to have his name associated with all kinds of products, but that when he saw what Wild Poker was all about, he could not resist this offer.

Players of this social game get points by playing poker well. They go through various missions and accomplish new goals with each level. As they climb up higher in the rankings, they unlock cool features such as new characters. It is an overall exciting and rewarding experience. Best of all, those who are not comfortable with wagering real money can still enjoy poker as it is meant to be.

This is the new age of social gaming, and many players are lining up to take their seat at the table. It is quite frankly just about the easiest way to get involved with the game. It brings a whole new group of prospective players into the game.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Blends Patience With a Social Twist.

Unless you are completely new to the world of Animal Crossing, you’ll instantly understand why Nintendo’s mobile port, ‘Pocket Camp’, is the perfect vehicle for de-stressing at the end of the day. Animal Crossing has always been about plugging yourself into a relaxing and calm world and losing an hour or two in nature, picking fruit or running errands for your selection of adorable animal neighbors. Many steadfast Animal Crossing fans feared that Nintendo was going to lose the thread of what made their legendary franchise so appreciable when the news broke that there would be a mobile phone port of the title. Fortunately for us, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is just the right dose of relaxation with just the right dose of social outreach.

What makes Pocket Camp so perfect for both mobile gamers and social gamers is that it blends the aspects we love about Animal Crossing with the kind of outreach that we expect out of mobile titles. Pocket Camp takes you away from running your own village and plops you into your own campground, where you also have a camper that you can use to drive around the map. You’ll be picking fruit, fishing or running errands when you see the avatar of other gamers in the world. You can choose to visit their camp and see exactly how they’ve decided to decorate their space.

In the world of hyper-competitive and often-times violent video games, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is a nice way to turn back the clock and relax for a little bit at a time.

Bungie in Hot Water Again for Destiny 2

We must be living through the strangest timeline for video game fans. Stalwart companies like Bungie and franchises like Star Wars are embattled by controversy due to negligent corporate decisions. While EA desperately works to repair their relationship with fans, Bungie is also once again on the apology tour. This time their apologies are for locking content behind an arbitrary paywall for their new FPS-MMO Destiny 2. Needless to say, fans aren’t happy and Bungie didn’t want to wait long before getting on the microphone to say sorry.

When fans found out that high-level content was hidden behind Destiny 2’s newest expansion, they were rightfully angry and protests began almost immediately. Bungie didn’t let the anger stew for long, learning from their most recent mistake in relation to hidden XP capping. Bungie released a statement through their development team saying, “With Curse of Osiris (the expansion) now live, it’s clear that we’ve made some mistakes with how we have handled content access.” Bungie’s quickness to the apology microphone should signal that there will be reparations in the short term, but there really is no guarantee of that.

Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris hit the market just six days ago and the studio was quickly under fire. The big reason that people were furious was that the expansion ended up gating content that had been accessible before. Giving high-level content to players and then taking it away as soon as an expansion pack was for sale was rightfully considered something of a jerk move.

Social Gaming Is Becoming More Popular in India

India has a population of over one billion people. This is surpassed only by China. The amount of smartphones that are being used in India keeps growing every day. This has made social gaming become very popular during the past year. Another reason for the increased popularity of social gaming in India is the fact that data is now easy for people to afford. Many mobile carriers are offering very cheap data plans in an effort to attract new customers. This strategy has seemingly worked very well. There are new social gaming companies that are popping up in India all the time in an effort to take advantage of this massive amount of potential customers.

India is different than many countries because of the fact that games of chance are not allowed on any social gaming services that are available in the country. Only games of skill are allowed. Poker is considered to be a game of skill by the commission that regulates the social gaming industry. There are different laws where social gaming is concerned depending on which part of India you are living in. Therefore, certain social gaming services might be available in certain parts of India and not in others. This can be a bit confusing for people who are traveling through India and want to do some social gaming.

The social gaming industry in India is only going to be getting bigger in India as more smartphones are purchased. It will be interesting to see how big it can get.

New Harry Potter Mobile Game Aims for 2018 Release

Warner Brothers announced Tuesday that developer Jam City is currently working on a new Harry Potter mobile game and plans to release the RPG in 2018. The game is called Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery and will be set at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry during the 1980s. The game play will allow players to create a student character who lives at Hogwarts and attends magical classes like Potions and Defense Against the Dark Arts. The developers stated that the game will be built around a story instead of being focused on action. Reportedly, Professor Dumbledore and Professor McGonagall will also appear in the game. The game is slated for release in spring 2018 and will be available on both Android and Apple devices.

Jam City is best known for mobile games like Panda Pop and Cookie Jam, but this is not the first time that the company has produced a tie-in game. In 2014, it also released a puzzle adventure game based on the animated film The Book of Life. The company’s Harry Potter game will be released by Portkey Games, a new label from Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment.

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery is the second Harry Potter game announced this year. In November, Niantic Labs disclosed that they are working on a Harry Potter-themed follow up to their popular Pokémon Go game entitled Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. Wizards Unite is tentatively scheduled for release in summer 2018 and will also be a location-based augmented reality game. Warner Brothers has also hinted that they will be developing Harry Potter games for consoles in the near future.

Loot Boxes Expose Thin Line Between Gaming And Gambling

“Loot Boxes” have come to dominate gaming news in 2017. These are in-game objects with a random assortment of virtual items, which can sometimes be obtained in-game but more likely have to be purchased with real-world money. And there’s some concern that this could be teaching kids to gamble.

But really, this isn’t as new as most people seem to think it is. Way back in the 1990s, collectible trading card games like Magic: the Gathering, Pokemon, and Yu-Gi-Oh were selling card “booster packs” in stores. Pop a pack, and you could pull out a $100 mythic rare – or worthless junk. Even outside of games, baseball cards were once packaged with bubble gum and about the same random odds of pulling a rare, valuable card.

But it’s only recently that video game companies have come under fire for loot box distribution, just because it’s such a transparent money-grab. Electronic Arts drew a lot of derision in the gaming community for Star Wars Battlefront II, which uses loot boxes. The issue is that it’s simply too easy to fine-tune an algorithm on a computer to reduce odds on getting anything valuable from a loot box.

The bottom line remains that any kind of legislation of loot box practices is unlikely. Gamers are more than able to vote with their wallets. In the case of EA, veteran gamers will recall The Sims franchise, which had an endless parade of expansion packs, all the price of the full game, but delivering less and less additional content. After that experience, gamers could have had some foresight about EA’s practices. Gaming companies as a whole might learn a lesson from the backlash. But when they’re not being too greedy about it, loot boxes are still fun, so nobody’s calling for them to go away completely.

Animal Crossing Now Available For Your Phone

The wildly popular Nintendo game known as Animal Crossing is now available to virtually anyone with a smartphone. It was something that one would play on a gaming console in the past, but now it is available to those who just want to play a little something on their smartphone.

The app is called “Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp”, and it is in a lot of ways the same as the beloved game from Nintendo. The major difference is that it is not necessary to have a whole gaming system to luge along with you when you want to play. Just wipe out your smartphone and start playing.

It is free to get the app and start playing in the United States and the United Kingdom. However, there are a number of in-game purchases that a player may choose to make which bring more flavor to the game and make it a lot more fun.

For someone who has never heard of this game before, think of “the Sims” but with animal characters rather than humans. There is a lot of crossover similarity to that.

In the game, you are running a campsite that you must try to fill with all of the campsite essentials. This includes things like tents and furniture. However, you mostly want to attract as many guests to your campsite as possible. That is the only way that you will know that you have been truly successful in the game. Get those guests to come in, and you will have a lot of fun playing this one.

Research Points To benefits Of Gaming With Your Kids

When parents are asked to think of wholesome activities to do with their child, they might respond with singing nursery rhymes to playing catch in the yard. But now researchers at the Arizona State University Center for Games and Impact says that some video games are actually good for developing kids’ skills – and they get even better when parents join in.

The researchers indicate that kids love to interact with parents while they play, so even if the parent doesn’t join in, they can still ask the child to explain their strategy or the rules of the game. But even better is co-operative multi-player. Minecraft is one ideal environment for parent-child gaming, since it’s a 3D environment where you can build projects together. But if your child is mature enough (or aggressive enough), plain old first-person shooters can be fun on a server when you team up as a family against online opponents.

It makes sense that gaming together would be a bonding activity important to children. Kids are the digital natives of each gaming platform, after all. Interacting with a parent in a game’s universe lets the kid handle the interaction on their own terms, in a universe where they feel capable and confident. Whether it’s two-player Mario hopping around after coins, or wizards in Warcraft slaughtering orcs, virtual universes are just one more opportunity to share a family bonding experience. And who knows, your child might even be helpful in completing that one raid boss you can’t get on your own.